Meditating on the image of Christ

Colossians 1:27:  “To whom God would make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles; which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

In other translations, the secret of the gospel is Christ in you.

Christ in me is part of my daily meditation. I know that if I can fully comprehend the meaning of Christ in me, I will do what Jesus did when he was on earth.  With the Holy Spirit in him, he could turn water into wine, walk on the sea, and translate 13 people and a boat from one place to another in a flash. He healed the sick, raised the dead, and gave up his life to die on the cross so we may also have this Holy Spirit that can do anything.

The original calling of man was to have dominion on the earth and to have authority and rulership.

Adam lost this ability but Jesus came to show us how we should rule. If Adam had taken up his authority, he would have drawn the line and told Eve that they cannot sin, they must love God, obey their conscience, and live with integrity. He had no authority because when God asked him why they sinned he said it was the woman God gave him. That is the argument of a passive person. He had no authority. He is like most people today. They are afraid they hurt the feelings of other people. We should speak the word of God because the word is God-breathed and is the will of God.

Perhaps the reason why most people live without authority is because Christ has not yet been formed in them.

Gal 4:19:  “My little children, of whom I travail in birth again until Christ be formed in you.”

This is why I say that the greatest part of my daily meditation is Christ in me, it takes time for the mind to be transformed. (Rom 12: 1-2)

The way the Old Testament people went to God was via the Tabernacle. The Tabernacle was a physical way to approach God, today we approach God the same way, the only difference is we do it spiritually. We do it in the imaginations and thoughts of our hearts. (Gen 6:5)

This way of praying brings order to our thoughts and prayer life.

We first deal with sin in the outer court. In the Old Testament Tabernacle, the priest offered the sacrifice in the Outer Court. Today our First step or Room is Calvary. We follow Jesus we lay down our lives in the way he showed us. The second room is the Holy Place where we honor the Holy Spirit and in the Third Room which is the Holy of Holies, we honor our Father in heaven.  It is a place of thanksgiving because we have left our problems on the cross, we are saved from it. In the Holy of Holies, we are thankful that we have been saved—INTO CHRIST! It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me (Gal 2:20)

In the spirit, we can imagine ourselves looking like Jesus and doing what he did. I meditate on this in the Holy place. When I enter, I meet the Spirit of Jesus on the beach, because my mind garden is the seaside. Here I meditate that He is the same spirit who raised Jesus from the dead and that He quickens my mortal body. (Rom 8:11) He guides me continually and satisfies my soul that I am like a watered garden like a spring of water that never dries up. (Isa 58:11) That I have an unction from the Holy One to Know all things. (1 John 2:20) That he is the Spirit of wisdom who teaches me the power that I possess in Christ. (Ef 1:17) (Read John 14:26.)

I keep meditating on what the Word says about Christ in me and say it out loud. If I say it, I hear it. It’s in my mouth it’s in my heart. The same heart where Christ is enthroned in, the dwelling of God. I am the temple of God. As I meditate in this way, I experience the Spirit becoming stronger and rising in me, faith comes and I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth, Jesus is Lord of my life. This kind of meditation causes Christ-like authority. Now I begin to meditate on Mark 11:23-25.  That if you would say to this mountain be thou removed and thrown into the sea it will obey joy.  This scripture is saying that we have authority with Christ in us over all things. It means that nothing will be impossible for us. (Mat 17:20)

Mark 16 says we lay hands on the sick and they must heal. We have authority over our own bodies. Sickness cannot live inside us. We have authority over our finances.

Jesus spoke to the storm and it obeyed him. The disciples marveled at this and said: “What kind of person is this that the weather obeys him?” This kind of meditation will cause faith to rule over circumstances.

How to Crucify Problems

I have recently noticed how people who have been on the cave tour still do not use the cross in the correct way. Please give me the opportunity to explain it in the simplest possible way.

I have explained that the Lord taught me to see the conscience as the surface of a lake when it is wind-still and calm. The conscience, like the water surface, reflects heaven, like a mirror. All of us have been this calm many times in our lives, it is when we are in contact with God. However, the phone rings, and as the problems appear, our calmness disappears. The water surface becomes stormy and our hearts become troubled. This is a sinful heart. Jesus walked on the storm and calmed it with a spoken word. With this miracle, He showed me that he would give his life so that he could bring peace in our hearts and this is why they called Him the Prince of Peace.

Sometimes we forget that Jesus came to save us and give us peace.

He saves us from the storms so we can live in peace. Jesus gave his life on the cross so that we can be saved. There is no other religion where someone gave his life so we can live in peace in a Christ mind. Bad things have happened to all people, and we have compassion with people, but did you know you can be saved from those bad things?

Yet we still choose to look at the problem. We pray about the problems and we even try to give it to God, but after our prayer time we talk about the problem again and allow our frustrations to rule us, we have no peace. All the while Jesus died so that we can have peace, in the hearts of God’s loving children.

I use the word ‘children’ because if you are still praying this childish way it’s time to grow up and become a son and daughter of God. We are supposed to rule in the earth. We do not talk about the problem, we tell it to throw itself in the sea! We lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. We do not listen to our feelings and emotions, we tell the feelings and emotions how they feel.

So come let’s use the cross. In the morning draw a line across the middle of a page and place the cross right in the middle. Below the line, you wright down those things that must be crucified. Now enter your prayer closet and close the door behind you. Get your communion elements ready and ask the Lord to bless the bread and the wine and say: “I WILL DIE TO THE FLESH AND RISE IN THE SPIRIT IN THE SAME WAY JESUS DID.”

Inside your heart room is calvary, you can see the blood footprints of Jesus going up the hill to the top. If you look around you will see an old cross laying in your heart garden, go and pick it up and follow Jesus. We are going to Luke 9:23.

Luk 9:23:  “Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” 

The teaching is that we must lay down our life—daily! In Romans 12:2 we become a living sacrifice so that our minds must renew.

As I do introspection I know which things must be crucified. If the problem is a person, then crucify the person and name the things in the person that are offending you. If the problem is a person with an unruly tongue like a ship on the ocean without a rudder then crucify that tongue. If it is pride, then imagine what they look like when they are proud and arrogant and crucify them. If it is a sickness in the body then crucify that part of the body. Give these things a lot of thought. Let the Holy Spirit point out the things that are stealing your peace. Do this while you are eating the communion bread.

While crucifying in this way you are doing Galatians 5:25. If you struggle with the flesh crucify it!

Do not leave the cross until you experience a release in your spirit. Then drink the wine and now  (Heb 10:22)  let us draw near to God with a sincere heart and with the full assurance that faith brings, having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience and having our bodies washed with pure water.        You need this washing!

When we drink the blood of Christ we are saved from the problems. The blood is a seal for our conscience and falls on the surface of our hearts, cleansing and sealing us, causing a division between flesh and spirit. You are now saved to live in the above, in the spirit. We now live in Christ. We are saved, we have the helmet of salvation. Continue to put on the rest of the armor of Ephesians 6. You are now above the problem, in Christ. You are seated with Christ in Heavenly places (Eph 1:3) and the problems are under our feet. It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. (Gal 2:20)

All of this happened in the outer court. When you leave the outer court close the door behind you, sealing it with the blood of Jesus, just like the Israelites had to seal their doors in Egypt. The work of Calvary is sealed in your heart. The problem is crucified, God and all of heaven will sort it out. Now we enter into the Holy Place, where we stand in thanksgiving before our Father. Thank you, Father, you have saved me! You are now saved and the rest of your day is spent giving thanks to God who saves His people. YOU ARE FREE IN CHRIST!!

If it should happen that the problem comes back into your mind today then speak to it in the same way Jesus spoke to the devil. Say it is written, and in this way fill your mind with the Word of God. Find all those scriptures that give you authority over the works of the enemy and memorize it and fill your mind with life. Tomorrow morning ask the Holy Spirit to show you what you forgot to crucify.

This is the way we guard the heart. Prov 4:23

When we enter in, correctly we can stand in the presence of God every day, where we can take up our authority and speak to the mountain in every area of our lives daily. Here is the link to the Twelve Room Prayer that will guide you further into praying with authority about every area of your life.

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Until next time!

How to Guard the heart (Part 1)

Part one of How to Keep the Heart.

In Revelation 3:21 we are told that the ultimate goal that we achieve as believers are to be overcomers and to be seated with Christ in heavenly places. Most people believe this to be a future event.

In this first email of 2023, I would like to bring this overcoming in Christ into the here and now.

I believe that all people can have a heavenly mind or a hell of a mind, right here on earth. We don’t need an overcoming mind in heaven, there is nothing to overcome there. We need to learn to overcome here, on earth, daily -IN CHRIST!

This means that the troubles of the world are not our problem. Our problem is to keep our own minds and stay in the rest. This compares to having a Sunday every day.

We have authority in Christ, we can do what he did and even greater. This means that we can speak to our minds in the same way Jesus spoke to the earthly things. He walked on a physical storm and then calmed it by speaking to it. If we are in Christ we speak to the storms inside ourselves in His name. Because He did it we can do it.

Jesus is called the prince of Peace. He gave His life so that we can live in peace right here on the earth today.

Peace in the heart is God’s gift to all mankind. However, how will we keep this peace? Can anyone keep their mind free from the chaos outside there?

Firstly you must understand that God lives inside people. He lives in the heart of man along with all of heaven. The heart is the Kingdom of God. If you gave your heart to God He lives in you.

The ‘heart’ the Bible refers to, is not the physical heart in your chest, it is in the imaginations and thoughts of the heart. (Gen.6:5) The heart of man is the conscience. God comes to live in us when we give our hearts to God. That is the best day of our lives. However, we must now learn to guard the heart against sinful thoughts. God is in us, but so is our sinful nature. The sinful nature is called the ‘Flesh’ in the Bible, also carnality, the devil or Satan.  Our problem is within us! (Mark 7:21)

As we learn to get to know God with our hearts we come under greater attack from our old nature. Our feelings begin to complain and want to go back into our thoughts to occupy our minds. Negative emotions become hard to deal with along with our intellect and our will. We must learn to die to these things that are in us. The Bible points to these things as being in the body. Paul calls it the Fruit of the Flesh in Galatians 5.

This is the reason why Jesus was crucified, hands and feet. When we use communion we eat the flesh of Christ and drink His blood. He overcome all mental anguish in the garden of Gethsemane and perspired blood. He overcame all the terrible things the priests and the Roman soldiers did to Him. Everything they did to Him was so unfair yet he never complained or cursed them, in fact, he prayed for them. He said they don’t know what they are doing.

He gave His back willingly to be torn apart at the whipping post so that we never have to be sick again and then He was crucified to die a criminal’s death. He did all this so we can follow him daily. We can take those bad thoughts that came into us yesterday and we can crucify them. I use my imagination, I know what I look like when I am angry, and Jesus helps me to crucify that bad part of myself. While doing this I eat the Body of Jesus (Communion). I can crucify anything that steals my peace and the Spirit of Jesus is there to help me. When I have dealt with my flesh and know what I am saved from, I drink the blood of Jesus and then He sprinkles my thoughts from an evil conscience. (Heb.10:22)

I never miss my daily appointment to have a clear conscience, in the way described above.

In this way, we overcome the enemy and go ahead and have a great day. If your conscience is clear you can pray to God with confidence that He answers prayers. Because sin has been dealt with.

Next month we will continue with Part 2, on How to guard the heart.

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Do you pray with confidence?

Even though the life of God is within us we are still on the earth, and the things that are happening in our country get into our minds. We want to be constantly heavenly-minded, how wonderful it would have been if we could always guard the heart perfectly so that we could be continuously in touch with God and heaven.

If we read the scriptures we know that bad things happened to every generation. We also know from history that God dealt severely with the wicket at some stage. The promises of Psalm 91 always come to mind. “ A thousand will fall at your left side and ten thousand at your right hand but it will not come near you”. Promises like these are wonderful but did you know that very few people actually partake of these because they were never taught to guard the heart?

If the conscience is not perfectly clear we never have the confidence to pray the prayer of faith. For this reason, I never go without quiet time daily to take thoughts captive, do introspection and deal with wrong thoughts at the cross. God is a good God but this is the very least He requires of us. When bad things happened to us we must be saved from it! We do not carry problems with us, Jesus wants to save daily. We do this by following Him and laying down our lives, to nail the problems to the cross. Luke 9:23—Gal. 5:24.

This is the way to guard the heart, we must be saved daily to live this free life in Christ so that we can bear the fruit of the spirit. We live joyful, thankful lives by the fruit of the Spirit. Gal 5:22

I explained this lifestyle to someone who took it seriously and saw how his life changed for the better because of it. He told me later that he didn’t know what to do with all the thoughts that reminded him how bad he was. How that thoughts just came and went and he had no control over them. For this reason, he could never really pray with confidence. He would pray the prayer of a child asking God for help and hoping God heard his prayer. Sometimes it seemed as if God heard him but mostly he was not sure of it. This is not how God’s sons and daughters should function.

God is looking for people who will rule in the earth. They must do the things Jesus did. Lay hands on the sick and they will recover. They will speak to the mountain of problems and it will throw itself into the sea. If you want to live this life of the overcomer you must deal with the sinful self daily. Do it by having communion. We die to the flesh and then we rise in the spirit in the same way Jesus did at Calvary. We follow Jesus into spiritual places and then we rule in Christ.

We go into the heavens as in Heb.12;22. Because we have dealt with flesh or the sinful self we drink the blood of Jesus and He sprinkles our thoughts from an evil conscience Heb.10;22

A clear conscience has access to the heavens where we go before the Father the Son and the Holy ghost to make a decree in heavenly places before thousands and thousands of angels and the general assembly of the church. All of heaven is listening to the way you pray. Are you asking or are you commanding? Are you begging or are you ruling? In Mrk 11;23 we are told that we must speak to the mountain. Jesus said that nothing will be impossible for us.

We go into this heavenly place when we are in Christ. We no longer live, our lives are hidden in Christ. 

Col 3:3: “For ye are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God.” 

We are doing what Jesus would have done in the earth. In this way, we can remove every obstacle that presents itself in our lives. Nothing will be impossible for you!

What do you think? We love to hear your comments. Leave them below!


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March 2018

March 2018

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Ron wrote:

As I have been experiencing a breakthrough in my prayer life, I feel that I should share it with our readers because many are still not entering in to the presence of God. Most people don’t have the time but others are misled into other religious doctrines. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand the point of view of many well meaning teachers. The problem is that most teachers don’t understand that all things that are physical are spiritual. One fellow does not want people to anoint themselves with oil for he reckons (correctly) that the anointing must happen inside the hypothalamus. However it is the physical anointing that causes the spiritual anointing. In the same way the physical flood, flooded the world and drowned all that lived, we are flooded by inner turmoil that causes spiritual death. Jesus is our Prince of peace who gave His life on the cross so that we may live a life free from the flood the enemy causes in our heart.

 Isa 59:19: “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.”

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January 2018

January 2018

Ron wrote:

We wish our readers a happy new year!

Gen 1:3:  “And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.”

The word “light” is translated as ‘illumination, lightning, Happiness’ and my favourite is ‘morning sun.’

As you know by now when you draw the line across the forehead in the place you wear a crown, the upper half of the cranium is similar to the shape of a rising sun. When you visualise the thorn crown on the “line” we realise how Christ gave His life so we may have a Christ mind.

We wish all our readers absolute infilling of the Christ Spirit in this year. Greater awareness of His Spirit within us as He teaches us to be transformed and renewed in our thinking. May our spirit be enlarged as the Holy Spirit is enthroned in our hearts. May the eyes of our spirit be ever more unveiled so we may see further and continually.

Another year in which we can strive for the integrity of the heart as we learn to guard the heart against the W.I.F.E. (Will, Intellect, Feeling and Emotion) by remaining in Christ.

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DVD – The Power of the Cross

DVD 9 – The Power of the Cross (NEW!!)

Double disc: R200.00 (excl postage) (English)

The Power of the Cross features a seminar conducted by Dr Ron van Zyl, at The Shoe Ministries. In this double disc he explains how the cross becomes the division between soul and spirit, the sharp two edge sword of discernment between the Kingdoms of Light and Darkness and the discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. By understanding the cross we can now boldly enter into the presence of God with a pure heart and a clean conscience.

On the second disc he also explains the ’Twelve Room Prayer’. This very successful prayer method brings about order in our thinking and in our lives. There is also a booklet on ‘The Twelve room prayer’ method.

Duration of DVD about 2.5 hours

The Twelve Room Prayer booklet can be read for free on this site or it can be downloaded free of Charge.

Afrikaans Prayer booklet

English Prayer booklet


Twelve Room Prayer booklet

This is the entire booklet. You can read it right here or you will find a PDF download link at the bottom of this page.


If you are suffering from some illness, depression, poverty, or emotions that come and go at will, then this booklet is for you.

The following booklet is an extract from the seventh book, “The Twelfth Room”.  As you read,    you may not understand some of the statements because you might not have read all my books. All seven books were written in exactly the form I received revelation from the Lord. All the books are full of photographs of sculptures, paintings and sketches that you, the reader, will have need of, to understand the spiritual realm.

The question most asked is:   “Why does God not help us—Where is the blessing?”

Most of the prayers of Christians go unanswered. Most Christians are the broken-hearted and the captives. If you had to make a list of all the disappointments that have happened in your life it will be a long list; where are these disappointments right now? They are still in the subconscious, we were never taught to take them to the cross. You see Jesus came to save us from those thoughts out of the past that still makes it into the mind. It is the failures, embarrassing moments, hurts, and the lust of the flesh that we need to be saved from. These old thoughts are strongholds and cause sickness and poverty. This little book is designed to introduce you to the way Jesus saves us. There is a lot of information you are still in need of, but at least you can learn what sin actually is, and how to cope with it at the cross. After 40 years of personal intensive study, I have discovered that it is the state of the conscience that dictates whether God can bless us or not.

We are all born with the same conscience and realize that it functions with moral laws, which are the commandments of God. Without these laws, there is social chaos.

Luther said: “How can there be sin if there is no law”.  F.B. Meyer says: “The conscience is the most delicate instrument in the universe and the slightest speck of sin on the conscience causes it to be seared or clouded.”

I will try to explain: Most of us say that our conscience is clear, as Paul also states; but God is the judge.

The moment we give our lives to Christ Jesus the light of the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in us. Do you remember when you first gave your life to the Lord Jesus? The person, who prayed with you, led you to ask the Lord to forgive your sins and wash you with the blood of Jesus. Immediately your conscience was cleared and you felt light and release from darkness, little miracles began to happen and everything was wonderful. But it did not last long for sin, in the form of offense, worry and all the other things listed in Galatians 5 made it back onto your conscience.

God could be described as a sun who shines all the time; the moment sin comes onto the conscience, His light can no longer shine through into your being, therefore your dirty conscience causes the blessing to be cut off.

The conscience is like the surface of the sea, when the sea is stormy, dark and murky the light cannot penetrate into the deep.  We are ‘the deep’ on which the Spirit of God moves and says:  “Let there be light!” Genesis 1.

But it doesn’t stay this way for long because we allow the deep to come back on to the surface.

The word ‘deep’ is translated as ‘wicked, sorrow and ignorant’, it is the part inside of us that we are ashamed of.

This lower emotional state inside us is sometimes described by the Bible as being ‘animal, lust and jealous’.  This lower nature inside of us is the breath God blew into Adam and he became a living soul.

When these lower emotions rule in the mind; the beast is on the sea.

The twelve rooms I am about to introduce to you is proven logically in the sixth book, ‘The Spiritual Sea’, but we would much prefer if you read all the books before reading the sixth.

Because ‘The Twelve room prayer’, has helped so many people, we have decided that everybody should know about it and use it for the enlargement of their territory.

It stands to reason that the mind is very large and can be divided into twelve sectors or areas and for the purpose of my study I am referring to the mind as a twelve-room house. We are the house of God; and just like all other houses, the house is divided into different rooms. A house has an entrance hall, kitchen, bedrooms, bathroom and so on.  The arrangement of your personal house is your own choice but the first four rooms are arranged according to the route the priest had to use to enter into the tabernacle.

First: The Altar, Outer court.

The outer court is where sin in the heart was dealt with. In the New Testament, Calvary is our outer court. This is where we become a living sacrifice (Rom 12:1) as Jesus showed us to do by being crucified physically. We follow His example in the spirit.

Secondly: The Wash Basin, Outer court

Still, in the outer court, it is not really another room. We wash at the wash basin. We need to be sanctified with the blood of Jesus.

Heb 10:22:  “Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience, and our bodies washed with pure water.”

Thirdly: The Holy Place

We enter the Holy Place. This is where we honour the Holy Spirit

Fourthly: The Holy of Holies

Fourthly we enter the Holy of Holies. We can actually go to our Father in heaven if we follow the rules. The rules are don’t go to God with troubles. Crucify the things of the flesh. (Gal 5:24)

Make sure you leave all that made you tired and heavily laden in the cross. Make sure that you have forgiven and that your conscience is sanctified and blood washed. It is the Holy Spirit who shows us what to die to. When we get to the Father we are only thankful. This is the state of grace. Because of Gods merciful goodness we can die to the flesh, leave the troubles and worries in the cross. Then we go to God to be thankful. We are now on the saved side of the cross, in Christ, free, saved and above. This is where we live graciously with a thankful heart. Of course we have things we would like to discuss with our Father.  In the past we took everything to one place. We are learning that God is a God of order. God wants to create space in our thoughts; this is the territory in us that has to be enlarged.

Pro 4:23:  “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

The issues of our lives are things like our safety, relationships, our tasks, health, finances and so on.

We have to learn to guard our hearts so that our issues could be from God. We are going to create different spaces in side our thoughts where all of our issues are organised. These spaces inside us lay dormant and need to be opened and cleansed by the Holy Spirit. So the first 4 rooms are the 4 steps I just described.

The reason why I chose Finances as my fifth room initially is because the first four disciples Jesus chose were fishermen and the fifth was Mathew the tax collector. However this has changed because safety is our first consideration.

The reason for the number twelve is because it is used so frequently in the Bible; Twelve tribes, twelve disciples, twelve manner of fruit on the tree, twelve gates to the heavenly city and so forth. We also found twelve main nerves in the brain.  Once again all these are discussed in depth in ‘The Spiritual Sea’ book number six.

Do you not agree that it would be like heaven if we could keep our minds for one day?

But we are open to the sea of emotions that come and go at will into the mind.  The mind is of course the prize, and the highest place. Whoever controls the mind today is ruling and seated on our throne.

Rev 3:21:  “Unto him who overcomes I will give to sit with me on my throne.”

The holy war within us is ongoing and when we make Jesus the Lord of our lives, He is the captain of the soul.  He is the leader of the heavenly armies who fights for the blood washed conscience. The enemy is our lower emotions the will, intellect and feelings. When these win the day, the blessing is gone, but we have the cross and the blood, and tomorrow the fight goes on as we overcome and become free.  We will no longer be slaves to feelings. We become spiritual!

I have been using the following arrangement of my twelve rooms with great success and are enclosing it for your personal scrutiny and perhaps adding to your own rooms. Remember you can add rooms as your needs change.  The idea of this booklet is to give you an example on which you can build your own house. The reason why certain things are done in certain rooms is because our minds must be ordered.  God is a God of order and discipline; we need clean and orderly minds.

Doing introspection

When I wake up I might  start with Psalm 103.  In my own words:  This is the way I take thoughts captive.

2 Cor 10:5:  “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”

Bless the Lord all my soul and all that is within me!

I am commanding all that is within me to bow before the Lord God.  I am exalting God into my highest place, above all else and I think of nothing else but the fact that all the mind must humble itself before God. Even the problems must bow, every knee will bow every tongue confess Jesus Christ is Lord.  (Php 2:10)

Thank you Father I am your dwelling and your temple!

The fact that the same Creator who created all the earth and the marvels that happen in it, the sun that rises on time every morning, the babies that are  born continually with marvellous individuality, the sea that roars, the creator of all, lives inside me. My mind must look like a rising morning sun now and I imagine the sun that rises over the ocean.

Please forgive me! (v3) 

Now we consider the state of the conscience, because I have sinned. Here I begin to take all of yesterday captive, and recall if worry has made it into my mind, anger or envy, worry or fear and so on. I ask God to bring to mind sins I might have committed unknowingly. These thoughts are death thoughts, the Bible calls it carnality Rom 8:6 they cause toxic branches in the brain. It means that the beast is on the sea, and the Holy of Holies is defiled, the conscience darkened and the house does not fully belong to the Lord.  The accuser can accuse.

 Please heal me! (v3)

I am dying because toxic thoughts have made a stronghold in my mind, all sickness and poverty comes out of fear-filled thoughts; the conscience is clouded. I need to be a tree of life.

You redeem me from destruction you crown me with loving kindness and tender mercies. (v4)

You save me so I can walk above. You make my mind saved and fenced. This is a good place to put on the armour (Eph 6) and meditate the safety the thorn crown brings and makes you a sheepfold. Now we wear a crown of glory.

Who satisfies thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s. (v5)

The mind is now calmer, I begin to imagine, and I can see the cross and the Christ crucified on the brow of the hill. Jesus is also there waiting to clear the conscience; it is of utmost importance, we must take thoughts captive!

At other times I could use the Lord’s Prayer to calm my mind. The idea is to do introspection with a calm mind seeing the way your mind has worked out of a neutral perspective.

I will now walk through all the rooms with you to show you what to do in each room.

Room number 1: Calvary or The Cross

This room is about dying. 1Cor 15:31, Luke 9:23-24. Rom 8:36. Dying to the sinful nature so the life and life abundantly of John 10:10 may dwell in us.

We wake up below, even if you feel you are at peace, we still have every chance that lower emotions will take the mind today.

We go to the cross with our sins, perhaps you felt a tinge of envy or dwelt on disappointments or judged and so on. We name the sins by name. Were you offended?

I look to the hill in front of me and walk on to Jesus who is waiting there for me by the cross.  Jesus helps me to bring to the cross all my shames, sorrow, grieve, weaknesses, distress, pains, afflictions, worries, disappointments, embarrassments, irritations, hurts, the lust of the flesh… (add all yours)

Fear of lack of finances, all other fears and cravings.  I come to die! Pride must die.

Fear causes toxic thoughts, which cause death. Our minds must become a tree of life. We become a living sacrifice it is our reasonable service (Rom12:1).

We ask the Lord to bless the wine and bread and then we eat the flesh of Christ and crucify all the above, taking our time so all these hurts and sins can be crucified as they surface one by one, we are dying to self.

When we drink the wine the sea of emotions inside us becomes the Red Sea and Pharaoh and his armies drowns, and we are SAVED from the roaring of the inner sea. We are saved from ignorance and lack of knowledge, the voices and imaginations.

Take your time and experience the drowning of the problems. This is what Jesus does for us, Thank you Lord. You seal me from the below.

When Pharaoh drowned the sun came up, reminding us of what the mind must look like, the mind is the Promised Land. Imagine how the sun rises and the calmness of God fills your whole being.

Two common mistakes

No.1.Feeling bad about yourself and staying at the cross. Always follow Jesus. Yes we die but then we rise as He did and then we go to the Father. This is the truth about the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Always remember that rooms have doors.

The doors of the rooms of the heart must be sealed with the blood in the same way the Israelites had to seal the doors of their homes so death do not enter.

Gen 4:7: “…sin lays at the door”.

Ezekiel tells us that the doors of the temple are closed but the water flows from under the threshold.

New inspiration will flow from the rooms of the heart as they develop.

Room number 2:  Washing  or the Wash basin

Whenever we talk about Jesus as being Lord we are really referring to His Spirit. Who is the Holy Spirit or Christ Spirit? Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father while His Spirit is working in our hearts.

 2 Cor 3:17:  “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”

We go to the washing, Jesus is waiting and He immediately sprinkles our thoughts from an evil conscience, (Heb 10:12) the conscience is the Holy of Holies, the heart, faith and imagination. Other metaphors for the mind or the conscience is; House of God, dwelling, temple also territory. The territory is being cleansed and enlarged. Jesus is healing us and makes us the blood washed, our garments are white and our heads lack no ointment, we receive beauty for ashes, and we rise and shine because our light has come. (Is 60:1)  Joy comes in the morning (Ps 30:5), we are in the Promised Land, we walk through the trees of the mind and see how Jesus prunes and removes a toxic thought branch, we experience the breeze (Holy Spirit) in the trees who brings new knowledge so that we can grow and bring forth life—you must imagine and meditate these truths daily and add to your rooms.

In the washing we must become aware of thoughts that cause dark patches in our minds, we take strongholds to the Lord, He is the Gardener, trust Him.

When I look back, I see that old man of sin (2 Thes 2:3) crucified and dead while I am raised in Christ.

We also meditate the armour of Ephesians 6. Because our sins have been dealt with we are now the saved—the helmet of salvation, we are the righteousness of God, the truth of God, the peace of God, we are the Word of God and the faith of God.  We are new creations.

Room number 3: Praise or the Holy place

Here we do not thank God for what He did for someone else, this is the wrong room.

The Holy place is where we honour the Holy Spirit for teaching us to transform the thoughts, renew the mind and be a living sacrifice. Rom. 12:1-2

Thank you FOR SAVING ME!  I am a new creation, thanks for allowing me to experience this mountain of Zion, thank you for teaching me your Word, thank you for Jesus, and the cross.  Because of the cross I can walk on the sea with Jesus, I am now in Christ, and Christ in me, I have died and are raised in Christ.

Sing a song of praise to God, it cools the mind and the imagination as we thank God for His goodness and mercies, we worship Him, and become very cool. God spoke to Adam in the cool of the day, we are going to keep our cool all day because of the cross and blood. We are sealed with the blood of Jesus, where a king wears a crown, the mind is blood sealed, and we rule over emotions as a good king would, we deal with rebellion of emotions immediately. Thanks Father! Our territories are being enlarged daily; we have better memory and have greater selfcontrol and our peace increases daily as we grow into a better understanding of God in us.

Room number 4:  Holy of Holies

We are entering the Holy of Holies.

When we go to our Father in heaven we do as the elders did and cast down our crown. This crown is mentioned in Rev 4:10 as the elders cast their crowns before God saying: “Holy Holy is God!” The crown is also mentioned in Rev 12 where it has twelve stars which are the twelve areas of our lives that need enlightenment.  Our minds are like the present physical night sky. Mysterious and infinitely large. We need to be recreated in our minds.

Imagine all God’s throne inside your centre, we are in the Garden. Imagine the throne as Ezekiel 1 and Revelation describes it. Jesus came to take us to the Father.  God the Father, God the Son on our centre with waters flowing out of the throne breaking into four heads. (four gospels, four beasts) Surrounded by the seven Spirits.

Isaiah 11:2:  “And the spirit of the LORD shall rest upon him, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;”

All these are now at our disposal for the conscience is clear.

Is 33:21:  “The glorious Lord will be unto us a place of broad rivers and streams.”

Surrounding these are the thousands of angels and behind these the spirits of just men made perfect (Heb 12:22).  You can visualize the garden painting, God is in you, and you are standing in His river. Rest a while and sit in the throne with the Father, the Son and all of heaven; we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. (Eph 2:6)  We have died in Christ and are now risen in Christ. We have overcome. (Rev 3:21)

We have a Christ mind, ONLY when we have this Christ mind, can all the promises be ours.

Begin to imagine the river flowing into your future dreams.  I see that I am completely filled with the Spirit of God, I see the entire house filled with the Spirit, and there is no darkness in me. Our Creator is the light who created us. To be in the light is to

be enlightened in every part of our being.

We ask the Father to show us His will for our lives as we enter the other rooms by His Spirit.

Room number 5 : Security room

Whenever entering a room always make sure that you are not entering with any part of yourself. I do not want to pray to God with any part of my sinful nature. Be sure that it is not your will intellect, feelings and emotions that are praying here.

Be sure that you are in Christ and not in self.

When I enter these vast rooms I see a coffin in the shape of a cross laying there on the floor. When I look inside I see the man of sin laying there. I ask the Holy Spirit to sprinkle me with the blood. I have the confidence that I am in Christ.  I then enthrone the Father Son and Holy Spirit as I see one of the walls of that room change into the throne room. I go to stand upon the Holy stones and pray on whatever the subject of that room is.

In the past we prayed all over the place and hoped our prayers were heard.

We spoke the promises of God confidently yet the Spirit wanted more from us. He wants the gospel to happen inside us. The understanding of what happened at the cross so the flesh can be dealt with daily. In this way the Holy Spirit increases within us as we are gradually filled with the Christ Spirit. Jesus has risen, He is at the right hand of the Father but His Spirit wants to fulfil us completely. You see the Christ must come within us so we can be led by the small voice daily. He is causing the trails in our lives so we can see which part of ourselves has to become a living sacrifice so that our thoughts can be transformed into the Christ mind. The coming of Christ is not a one day far in the future event.

In the security room I confidently pray on the matter of security. I see that the heavens move on my behalf because all of heaven is there, hearing my prayer. When I walk away from the throne and seal the door of that room with the blood of Jesus I see a cross appear over that door and I am aware that power is increasing in this part of my brain as I see that water begin to flow from under the threshold.

Sealing the doors is important so the enemy cannot go back. Also if you don’t have time for the rooms the rest of the week you do not have to worry for the doors are sealed.

Room no 6 – Finances

Entering this room as shown before be sure that you are free of worry. Worry is fear and belongs in the cross. Fear is one of the seven deadly sins. If we pray our last prayers at night before we go to sleep with just the slightest bit of worry—there is no power. It means that the same throne of the heart we have given to God now belong to worry.

Mat 26:41:  “Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.”

The temptation to be in the flesh, to worry or be angry or judge others for instance.

Learn to be aware of what has happened in the thoughts. In this way we learn what our weaknesses are. Because we don’t want to go to the cross with the same sins over and over we ask the Holy Spirit to show us how irritations started and what our weaknesses are so we can walk away from those situations. Not be tempted to answer anything without thinking.

When it comes to finances its best to start with a clean slate. I asked God to take all my previous understanding away from me concerning money. He made money for His purpose, everything belongs to Him. All I have to do to make sure that this heavenly knowledge comes to me is to guard my heart. God will open and shut doors. If He should choose to take your job away when you have prayed this way, be sure He is opening new horizons.  Be careful what you pray for.

Imagine you are standing in the great river or next to it as Revelation says; begin to discuss with Father the state of your finances. In this room, all will be revealed to you; past mistakes and the way we work with money. Begin to meticulously state all financial possibilities and wait for revelation and wisdom, take your time and let the waters wash over your mind as you wait for the voice that sounds like many waters. Here I start seeing my tithes, donations, new sculptures and paintings, everything that generates money in my life.  Here heavenly ideas will flow into us; we can expect ideas that have never been seen on earth to be revealed as we get holy inspiration.  I am opening myself for ideas the earth has never seen and wait expectantly.

My conscience is clear; I have the power of a holy conscience. Let thy Kingdom come let thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven. Remember to seal the door.

Room number 7: Relationships

In this room all of heaven is still present, look carefully and you will see the people you must pray for and you will experience guidance as to how to pray. Perhaps you also have a list of dear ones, but the idea of interceding functions in this room as you perform the task of a priest and seal, pray and intercede for every person you think of. Some might be sick and you can bring them to the river along with the hurt, pain, broken heartedness and captives and so on. Here we also thank God for others and what He has done for them. List your names here…

We don’t see the problems. We do not look at the peoples shortcomings who we pray for, we look at them through the eyes of Jesus. We see them already healed, bound up and happy. The rooms are not to be used for complaining or moaning. We are in Christ, the problems were left at the cross. We walk in authority and walk and talk like Jesus.

Remember to seal the door when you leave.

Room Number 8:  Tasks

This is where we bring the day which lies ahead while mentioning all the possibilities of the day before the Lord- we imagine; Safety, laughter, peace, joy, right weather, how we will keep our cool all day, going through the familiar motions of the day, planning, knowing what to say in every situation and to always talk softly, we have wisdom, counsel, and recognize emotional manipulation and emotional rape at a glance. All of heaven is involved everywhere we go, angels go before us as we get the parking and have the wisdom and humour for all circumstances. We know that nothing is going to upset us, as we visualize being at the right place at the right time, also taking careful note of the kind of thoughts we are having. If we have not cleansed the mind completely at the cross this morning, the day will still be full of yesterday. This means we have to take the cross much more seriously. Surrounding us is a wall of peace that makes space for us wherever we go; we are self controlled! People recognize the presence of heaven in us.

We bless each other, speak calmly and experience full protection from the accuser, treachery, judgment, gossip, theft and accidents. Supernaturally we experience that we are always led to the right people at the right time and circumstances are always in our favour, we have self control and discipline. God’s will is accomplished in our life.

Room number 9: Language

Col 4:6:  “Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out.” (Message)

Col 4:6:  “Let your speech at all times be gracious (pleasant and winsome), seasoned (as it were) with salt, (so that you may never be at a loss) to know how you ought to answer anyone (who puts a question to you).” (Amplified)

Heaven is alighting on my speech like a dove; my speech is sharp, fresh and full of council wisdom and creative language.

Ps 103:5:  “You fill my mouth with good things”

I speak a heavenly language full of Word, humour, eloquence, fluency and effectiveness. Keep adding your own… purity, antiseptic, and sparkling like the Book of Proverbs, playful wit, a bright repartee…

Languages come from God. We are told not to worry about what we will say to people because the Holy Spirit will do the talking.

There are times that I struggle to find the right words. It seems as if I am stumbling over my own tongue. This is when I see how God meets me and opens that one twelfth channel in my brain where speech comes from in this room.  I can stand and speak to large crowds and be in the river where language comes from.

Make sure you seal the door.

Room number 10: Kitchen or the Health Room

This is where we bring the sick for healing.

Once we are sure that we are no longer hampered by the sinful nature we are free in Christ to pray the prayer of faith. Pray over your own body, command illness to go. Then we need wisdom to know what caused the illness. Am I tired, is it my eating habits. Find the cause and be disciplined.

My youth is restored like the eagles.

We need the heavenly wisdom in our eating habits, and greater discipline to stay healthy and do our part so the body can heal itself. We bless the water we drink and the food we eat and know we have to avoid fatty foods.  The food in restaurants is normally unhealthy and we need guidance and wisdom. As you wait here still sitting in the river, ask the Lord for revelation on your personal diet and discipline; you will receive instruction, perhaps through books, dreams or other people. Good things will come to you.

This is also the healing room. I know some people who never get their healing. Perhaps it is because they never close the door.

This is of course where we bring the sick for healing.

Room number 11: Bedroom

The house has a bedroom and even here the river of God is flowing. All those intimate details should be open to the Lord as we pray our final prayers to our Father who is in heaven as we go to sleep in the quiet rivers.  Here we also wakeup and your first morning thoughts will make it clear what is going on in the mind. Here we should wake up with: “Bless the Lord all my soul”. If we wake up with worries it will show the state of the mind that must be crucified. We already begin to take authority and cast down imaginations. F.B. Meyer says that married couples should obey the words of Deuteronomy 24:5 that he may cheer up the wife that he has taken.  It is of great consequence that love be kept up between husband and wife, and they continually agree, and that everything be very carefully avoided which might make them strangers. 

Room Number 12:  Information and Filing

This is where we file all the new knowledge of the Word we have received by spending time with God on His throne.  Here we meditate the Word and file new knowledge under divisions, making sure all new knowledge has been dissected by the two edged Sword of the Spirit.

No new revelation will come if the previous knowledge has not been filed and dissected and meditated properly, even if new information comes we will not recognize it as new, for the old has not been processed.

This is the office and needs to be especially tidy; papers lying around in an office is a sign of an untidy mind. God is a God of order and expects us to have orderly minds. When we see the state of a person’s home, we know what his mind looks like.

The orderly arrangement of the mind is a Godly principle and we must learn to copy God’s character and live tidy lives. This will lead to a soft and pure conscience where God can rest inside us, with His presence in us we are now the blessed of God. To keep a diary of your new revelation and knowledge is a good idea, by doing this you can always refer back and find out if you can still remember it, for it was given as a stepping-stone to understanding the following knowledge.


During the recent drought the level of our borehole was dropping. I found myself worrying about this in which case there is no power in my prayers. I then got the idea to make a Water room. This worked so well that the power of my prayer life increased. I am saying that rooms can be subject to change.

Perhaps you may need an Authority room. If you are a farmer you will need a Weather room.

Authority Room

The reason why Christians have to die to self is because in ourselves we have no authority, for this reason we die daily to the flesh and rise in Christ as a new creation having laid down our “life”.  We rise in Christ as in Isaiah 60.  Arise and shine thy light has come the glory of the Lord has risen upon thee. We are no longer sinners but saved and blood washed, free and the righteousness of God in Christ to take authority in the earth and say how things will be in our lives.  The reason why many Christians are powerless and always want others to pray for them is because they do not understand this work of the cross.

Many want to cry when they are in the Lord’s presence which means they feel guilty, unsaved, unhappy, unfulfilled and perhaps unorganized.  I personally know many Christians who do not understand their rights as God’s sons and being kings in the Kingdom of God.  Crying is not one of the fruits of the Spirit.  In this room we talk to the problem as in Mark 11:23; we name the problems and speak to them in authority.  We prophesy over them and see the problems resolved, removed as Ezekiel prophesied over the dead bones.  We speak life into dead works caused by the state of our conscience.  In this room, victories are seen and achieved in the Spirit as we call things which are not as though they are, and speak and call these things in the presence of all of heaven.  This is the twelfth room and our minds are organised as we know what we need to pray, and speak out boldly.

Isa 54:17: “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.”

As Joshua, we do not fear for the Lord our God is with us. (Josh 1:9)

2 Cor 10:4:  “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

Firstly there might be strongholds of fear or pride that must be dealt with in our own minds, and then we have words that are spoken against us in judgment, curses and spiritual wickedness that must be cast down and out of high places.  There are other religions who use soul power against Christians to gain world domination.  They are taking charge of world finances and want to enslave Christians by making them emotional.  We stand in righteousness against spiritual wickedness in high places in every walk of life under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  We stand against witch doctors, spells, curses, negative words and imaginations.  Some institutions keep people in darkness for the sole reason of projecting their personal spirits to manipulate them with fear.  We pray for these people by casting down this wickedness and sealing them with the blood, so that the light of God can penetrate the previous dark mind and bring life into their hearts.  In this way we are praying constructively and are not sitting in judgment.  Some are waiting for God to take authority, and I have tried this, it does not work. Christ is in us, this is the hope of glory, and the day of the Lord is here.  It is not theologies or doctrines that will make these personal, God given dreams come true.  Things happen in the spiritual realm because we say it, and look at it permanently with praise and thanksgiving for it is to the glory of God.  I have lived by faith for 35 years and nothing happens if you are waiting for God to do it.  God will not let you win the lotto, or let the ship come in.  One person looked at the way we work for a living, shook his head and said:  there must be an easier way!” I believe in heaven and angels but they did not put one stone on top of another where I built.  In actual fact if I did not guard over the stones they would disappear but when the building was finished, the glory belonged to God.  People who walk out in faith in a blood washed conscience are the bringers of testimonies.

Rev 12:11:  “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and they loved no their lives unto the death.”

The blood provides not only atonement but also the sealed condition in which we receive revelation and inspiration to know what God’s will is for us to do, and then we do it with all our might.  We can see by the way people walk and talk whether they are Spirit led and inspired.  Whether you can see the future and that of the country, and if you are getting up at night to take authority over the dark voices that say; “You will never make it!”  We do not want to achieve empty materialism but only that which the Spirit opens the door to do, and when we look back in life, we will see how His amazing plans built the impossible puzzle.  That truly brings God glory.  We are looking for the Godly people who are willing to stand up and say with authority that the impossible situation will disappear in God’s name.  We rise to the challenges.  Life would be boring without them and each mountain we climb makes us stronger.  I can never stress the fatality of sitting at the cross too much.  It sounds holy to dig around inside yourself but the devil will walk over you, for we are powerless if not rising in Christ to have authority in the earth.

I personally take thoughts captive towards the evening then I know how it will be at the cross tomorrow morning.  The Holy Spirit is a gentleman and if there are strongholds to be dealt with He will keep it at the top of the list in your mind.  If the time is right for sanctification of this area in our mind, you will think about it, then deal with what is on your mind, crucify it and go to the washing.  It is more important to deal with these strongholds that to mourn about the past.  Some who are reading this book might be severely ill, or poverty stricken, later we will be looking at this.  Illnesses and all problems are caused by the way we think and it is these thought patterns that must be dealt with by Jesus, The Gardener.  Where we used to think death we now have to work on the renewal of the mind – in Christ!  We need to be saved from the flood of old thoughts as Noah was saved from the flood in a sealed condition.

Mat 24:37:  “As were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” (Amp)

When all the mind has been dealt with and every dark nook and cranny has been aired and brought into the light of the gospel, the mind becomes the Christ mind, and looks like the morning sun.  Why, for what reason is all this necessary?  So we can take authority in the earth, for the earth is waiting for the sons of God to be revealed.  Where is the victory in waiting for one day?  Take authority over your situation, it does not matter how much you know if you’ll only implement what you know.  Every bad thing that happened to me as a Christian was in times I was passive, and tired.  But the moment I put my foot down and claimed the promises, the situation turned for the better and there was a testimony.  The work of the cross made it possible that we can talk to the future in a saved condition above the flesh and take the Promised Land into possession.  We can make a decree in the spiritual realm and God will shine a light and show us how to get there.  (Job 22:28)

And example of the authority we have in Christ is an elderly gentleman who came to the cave with arthritis in the knees.  After applying these principles, he spoke to the knees and he was healed.  My question is who spoke to the knees?  The man did, but really it is God- in the man. 

Col 1:27:  “…what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

1 Cor 2:16:  “…but we have the mind of Christ.”

Php 2:5:  “Have this mind in you, which was also in Christ Jesus…”

(Rom 12:2) John 10:34:  “Jesus answered, is it not written in your Law, I said, You are gods?”

Ps 82:6:  “I said, Ye are gods, And all of you sons of the Most High.”

Very few have the boldness to speak God’s Word in the face of apparent defeat, they always want someone else to do it.

Heb 10:22:  “…let us draw near with a true heart in fullness of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience; and having our body washed with pure water.”

John G. Lake was a man of enormous faith, he would dress well and stand in front of the mirror, pointing to his reflection he would say:  “Inside that man lives God.”

Our people are standing around in groups discussing the price of fuel, the government, rape, murder and the state of the roads.  It is understandable; they are worried about their children.  But can you see the damage done to the conscience?  How powerless we have become because we are in the flesh and not in the Spirit.  Let every person rise, hold fast to the cross, and obtain the blood washed conscience for we have to take the Promised Land into possession and slay the giants of the flesh, in Christ.

Bible history teaches us that when the people turned away from God and worshiped other gods, God would turn His face away and they would lose their land.

But we say: We do not worship other gods!

Yes we do!  We worship gods of rage, fear and pride because they are ruling on our thrones.

God will protect us, but there is the serious business of the conscience, for we have become fleshly.  Romans 8:1 makes some interesting reading.  The NIV, GW, ASV and the Message read as following:

Rom 8:1:  “Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.”

But this verse is not finished!  The King James finishes these famous words with:  “There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, But for those who are after the Spirit and not the FLESH.”

This means we are condemned for we are fleshly or emotional.

That tune we wake up with in the morning is the music in the house. Perhaps you may need a Music room.



Some days we get only as far as the cross, we humans have many ideas and wants, and as we pray for things we do not receive, our frustrations mount. We have heard how Abraham had to wait a hundred years for the fulfilling of his dream of having a son. Sometimes we will wrestle with God as Jacob did and try to force our will because of mounting frustrations. Why can those people have it, and not I?

These days will come and then we have to go to Gethsemane as Jesus did and pray: “Father take this cup away from me, never the less, let thy will be done”

Then we go to the cross, take up our cross as Jesus did and die to self. Those frustrations have to be crucified, those persisting worries and those things we seem to pray about forever and get no answer. The Fruit of the Spirit (Gal 5:22) includes longsuffering and patients. If our lives are not bringing forth the Fruit of the Spirit the beast is still on the sea. Self is still firmly entrenched in the seat of the heart.

In Christ, we overcome and go to the washing as joy comes in the morning.  

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Twaalf kamer gebeds boekie

Hier volg die hele boekie. Jy kan die boekie gratis net hier lees of onder aan is ‘n PDF aflaai opsie.


As u ly aan siekte, depressie, armoede of emosies wat kom en gaan op hul eie, is hierdie boekie vir jou. Dit is eintlik alleenlik vir mense wat die Skoen en Grot besoek het en die insig van die gewete kom leer het, saam met die kruis.

Hierdie boekie is ‘n uittreksel uit die boek:  “Die Geestelike See”. Soos u deur hierdie boekie gaan lees, mag daar dalk dele wees wat u nie verstaan nie, dit sal wees omdat u nog nie die ander boeke in die reeks gelees het nie. Daar is tans sewe boeke wat ons geskryf het, in die volgorde wat die Here dit aan my gegee het. Al die boeke bevat prentjies of foto’s van beelde of skilderye wat u nodig het om die geestelike wêreld te kan verstaan. 

Die grootste vraag wat die mens vra is: “Hoekom help God ons nie?” Meeste van die gebede wat Christene bid bly onbeantwoord, en daarom is meeste Christene hart gebroke en gevange in hulle eie probleme. Die persoon is tog goed, waarom laat God hom so ‘n verskriklike dood sterf? As ons ‘n lys moes maak van al ons teleurstellings in ons lewe, sal dit ‘n lang lys wees. Waar is daardie teleurstellings op hierdie oomblik? Hulle bly nog steeds in ons onderbewussyn. Ons was nooit geleer om hulle kruis toe te neem nie. U sien, Jesus het gekom om ons te red van die stemme en gedagtes van die verlede wat tog so graag in ons gedagtes inkom, en van emosionele toestande. Dit is juis hierdie gedagtes, verleenthede, pyn en begeertes van die vlees waarvan ons gered moet word.  Hierdie ou, slegte gedagtes is sterk vestings in ons gedagtes wat siektes en armoede veroorsaak. Ons wil in ‘n vry, geredde toestand ons aardse lewe beleef en toegang hê tot ons Vader in die hemel.  Hierdie klein boekie is ontwerp om jou voor te stel aan die manier waarop Jesus ons red.  U het nog baie inligting nodig, maar ten minste kan u gou leer wat sonde is, en hoe om daarmee af te handel by die kruis.  Na 40 jaar van persoonlike studie, het ek ontdek dat dit die toestand van die gewete is, wat bepaal of God jou sal seën of nie.  Ons is almal gebore met dieselfde gewete, en ons besef dat dit reageer op die wet van God, die Tien Gebooie. Sonder hierdie wette sal daar sosiale chaos wees.

Martin Luther het gesê: “Hoe kan daar sonde wees as daar geen wet is nie?”

F. B. Meyer het gesê: “Die gewete is die mees delikaatste instrument in die hele kosmos, die kleinste kolletjie van sonde op die gewete veroorsaak dat dit ondeurdringbaar of bewolk word.”

Ek wil dit ook anders probeer verduidelik; Meeste van ons sal sê dat ons gewete skoon is as gevolg van die bloed, Paulus het dit ook gesê, maar God bly die beoordelaar. Die oomblik wat ons, ons lewe vir Christus gegee het, het die lig van die Heilige Gees in ons kom woon. Kan u die eerste keer onthou toe u, u lewe aan die Here Jesus gegee het? Die persoon wat saam met u gebid het, het die Here gevra om u sondes te vergewe.  Onmiddellik was u gewete skoon gewas en u het lig ervaar, die donkerte het verdwyn en klein wonderwerkies het begin gebeur, en alles was wonderlik. Maar dit het nie lank gehou nie, want sonde, in die vorm van aanstoot, kwellinge en al die ander dinge wat in Galasiërs 5:19 genoem word, het op die gewete kom lê.

God kan beskryf word as ‘n son wat die hele tyd skyn, die oomblik toe sonde op die gewete kom lê, toe kon die lig van God nie langer in jou wese inskyn nie en jou vuil gewete veroorsaak toe dat die seën van God afgesny word. Die gewete is soos die oppervlak van die see, wanneer die see onstuimig, donker en vuil, is kan die lig nie die dieptes penetreer nie.  Ons is die ‘diep donkerte’ waarop die Gees van God beweeg en sê: “Laat daar lig wees!” Genesis 1.

Maar die lig bly nie lank nie, want ons laat die donkerte toe om weer op die oppervlak te kom lê.  Die woord ‘diep’ word vertaal as; “boos, bedroef en onkunde”, dit is die deel binne-in ons waarvoor ons skaam is. Dit is die donker emosionele natuur binne-in ons wat somtyds deur die Bybel beskryf word as: “dierlik, wellus en jaloesie”. Hierdie donker natuur in ons is die asem van God wat Hy in Adam ingeblaas het, en Adam het ‘n lewende siel geword.  Die woord ‘lewende siel’ word vertaal as ‘dierlik’ in Strongs se Bybelwoordeboek.  Wanneer ons donker natuur ons gedagtes regeer, sê ons die dier is op die see. Die donkerte in ons word vergelyk met die see.

Die Twaalf kamers wat ek nou aan u gaan bekend stel, word logies verduidelik in ons sesde boek, ‘The Spiritual Sea’.  Natuurlik sal ek dit verkies as u al die boeke lees voordat u sommer die sesde boek lees.  Omdat die ‘Twaalf kamers gebed’ my en ook baie ander mense gehelp het, het ons die uittreksel gemaak, want almal behoort hiervan te weet en dit te gebruik vir die vergroting van hul grondgebied.

Ons kan redeneer dat die ‘mind’ baie groot is en dat dit in twaalf dele ingedeel kan word.  Vir die duur van hierdie boekie, gaan ek verwys na die ‘mind’ as ‘n twaalf-kamer huis.  Ons is dan natuurlik die huis van die Here, en net soos ander huise, het ons verskillende kamers soos: Voorportale, kombuise, slaapkamers ensovoorts. Hoe ons, ons huis rangskik, is ons eie keuse maar die eerste vier kamers is gerangskik volgens die uitleg van die tabernakel. 

Die eerste kamer: Die offer, wat vir ons Christus gekruisig op Golgota representeer.

Die tweede kamer: Die waskom.

Die derde kamer: Is waar die drie meubelstukke vertoon word in die Heilige Plek. Die sewe kandelare is waar ons die Heilige Gees eer.

Die tafel met die twaalf toonbrode representeer die twaalf dele in ons denke. Die reukwerk altaar is ons wat ‘n wel ruikende geur vir God word soos ons gewillig is om ‘n lewendige offer te wees. (Alles is in detail beskryf in al ons boeke.)

Die vierde kamer: Is die Aller Heilige Plek. As Christene will ons graag met ons Vader in die Hemel praat soos Jesus ons leer in die ‘Onse Vader gebed’ moet ons eers vergewe en vergewe word. Dit is die rede hoekom ons eers na die kruis gaan om ons sondes neer te lê of vas tenaal aan die kruis. Dan wil die Heilige Gees ons gewete besprinkel met Jesus se bloed. Daarna eer ons die Heilige Gees want dit is Hy wat ons leer wat fout is in ons denke deur beproewinge. Daarna mag ons instap by ons Vader in die Hemel. Ons is nou skoon gewas en geheilig, gereed om by die Vader te wees.

Dis ‘n plek waar ons die Vader eer dat ons in Sy teenwoordigheid kan wees. Ons het geen laste of probleme om hier af te laai nie. Dit is alles in die kruis. Ons is net dankbaar in hierdie kamer. Hierdie dankbaarheid is die regte betekenis van genade. Goedheid en guns het ons deur die kruis gebring en nou is ons dankbaar.

Die rede waarom ek ‘finansies’ as my vyfde kamer gekies het, was omdat Mattheus die vyfde dissipel was en hy was ‘n belastinggaarder. Ek het intussen besluit dat veiligheid van groter belang is as geld en het dus die vyfde kamer my veiligheids kamer gemaak. Die dinge wat vir jou as individu belangrik is word op verdeel in die oorblywende kamers. ‘n Mens wil orde in jou denke hê. Waar ons in die verlede alles in een plek gebid het gaan die daaglikse take in een kamer met God bespreek word. Daarna gaan ons stelselmatig deur die mense verhoudings kamer. Daarna bespreek ons finansies as dit belangrik is. Ek glo alle mense gaan ‘n Gesondheids kamer nodig hê. Ek het ook ‘n Taal kamer en ‘n plek waar ek die woord leer. Alle mense rangskik kamers na hulle lewens patroon.

Die Bybel leer ons dat ons bo alles die hart moet bewaak. Spreuke 4:23:  “Bewaak jou hart meer as alles wat bewaar moet word, want daaruit is die oorspronge van die lewe.”

Die oorspronge van die lewe is die dinge wat ek sopas bo aan geraak het. God is ‘n God van orde. As ‘n mens in iemand se huis of motors  kom weet jy hoe hul denke is. Party mense is erg oor die netheid van hul huise in so ‘n mate dat dit ‘n probleem is. Dit mag dui op die feit dat die persoon graag huis wil skoon maak in die denke en dan oor-reageer in die fisiese. As ‘n mens die Twaalf kamer gebed gebruik voel dit eventueel asof jy huis skoon gemaak het, wat lei tot aardse netheid. Ons kan nou ‘n kind leer waarom hul kamers moet netjies wees want dit dui op die toestand van hul denke.

Die rede vir die getal ‘twaalf’ is omdat die getal so gereeld gebruik word in die Bybel en ook omdat daar ‘n rede moet wees vir die twaalf stamme, en twaalf dissipels, twaalf keer vrugte van die boom in Openbaring, twaalf poorte van die hemelse stad ensovoorts. Ons het ook uit gevind dat daar twaalf hoof senuwees is in die brein.  Al hierdie is bespreek in die sesde boek.

Sal u met my saamstem dat om jou kop te kan hou vir een dag sal soos hemel wees? Maar ons is oop vir die see van emosies wat kom en gaan na die ‘mind’ op eie wil. Die ‘mind’ is natuurlik die hoogste prys en die hoogste plek op aarde.  Wie ook al die ‘mind’ beheer, heers vandag en sit op die troon in ons ‘mind’.

Openbaring 3:21: “Aan hom wat oorwin, sal Ek gee om saam met My te sit op my troon.”

Daar is ‘n heilige geveg aan die gang binne-in ons en wanneer ons Jesus die koning van ons lewens maak, is hy ook die kaptein van jou siel. Hy is die leier van die hemelse magte wat baklei vir jou bloedgewaste gewete. Die vyand is die negatiewe emosies en gedagtes. Jou wil, gevoelens en intellek.  Wanneer hulle wen, dan is jou seën weg, maar ons het die bloed en die kruis, en môre gaan die geveg weer aan soos ons oorwin en vry word. Ons gaan nie meer slawe wees vir gevoel nie.  Ons word nou geestelik! Daar moet oor negatiewe emosies regeer word, want wanneer daar emosies is, is daar geen krag nie. Emosionele mense is arm en sieklik, selfbeheerste mense is suksesvol in alles wat hulle doen.

Om te regeer oor die intellek gevoelens en will kom nadat die Heilige Gees ons geleer het om met emosies te deel by die kruis.

Om uiting te gee aan emosies is nie ‘n Bybelse opdrag nie. Die opdrag is selfbeheersing volgens Galasiërs 5:22.  Lees ook Job 15.

Ek gebruik al vir ‘n geruime tyd hierdie rang-skikking van my kamers met groot sukses, ek plaas dit soos ek dit gebruik vir u persoonlike oordeel. Die idee is dat dit ‘n voorbeeld is waarop u, u eie kamers kan bou. Die rede waarom sekere dinge in sekere kamers gedoen word, is om ons gedagtes te organiseer. God is ‘n God van orde en dissipline, ons het skoon en georganiseerde gedagtes nodig voordat Hy ons kan verder vat in die plan wat Hy vir ons lewens het.

Hier volg nou ‘n uiteensetting van die manier waarop ek my Twaalf Kamers besoek en wat ek doen in elke kamer.
Die huis van die Here se 12 kamers:

Ek word wakker met Psalm 103; in my eie woorde:

Loof die Here o my siel en alles wat in my is loof Sy heilige naam!

Ek beveel alles wat in my is om te buig voor die Here my God. Ek verhef God tot my hoogste plek, bokant enigiets anders. Ek dink aan niks anders as dat die hele mensdom homself moet neerbuig voor die Here God nie. Selfs probleme moet die knie buig en elke tong bely dat Jesus Christus Here is (Fil. 2:10).  Ek mediteer die feit dat dieselfde Skepper wat die hemel en aarde gemaak het en al die wonders wat in dit gebeur, babas wat gebore word, met elkeen sy eie individualiteit, die see, die sterre, die berge, die hoogtes en die dieptes, hierdie selfde Skepper leef binne-in my. Die gemoed moet lyk soos ‘n opkomende son.  Wat het nou weer gister gebeur, of lyk jou mind regtig so?

Vergewe my asseblief.

Hier begin ons die toestand van die gewete konsidereer, want ons het gesondig. Hier begin ons gedagtes gevange te neem.  Ons neem gister in herinnering en besluit of vrees, bekommernis of enige van die emosies kom regeer het. Ook vra ons die Here of daar enigiets is wat ek onwetend gedoen het.  Die soort gedagtes is doods gedagtes en veroorsaak toksiese doringbome in die gemoeds tuin.

Rom 8:6:  “Want wat die vlees bedink, is die dood.”

Dit beteken dat die dier op die see is, die Allerheiligste plek is besoedel, die gewete is besoedel en die huis behoort nie ten volle aan die Here nie. Die aanklaer kan nou aankla.

Genees my asseblief.  Wat al jou krankhede genees.

Toksiese denke het ‘n vesting kom maak in my gedagtes. Alle siektes, negatiewe situasies, chaos en armoede kom uit negatiewe denke. Die gewete is sonder lewe en die resultaat is dat die brein soos ‘n ou doringboom lyk. Die brein moet die boom van die lewe word.

Ps 103:4:  “Wat jou lewe verlos van die verderf.”

Ps 103:4:  “Who redeems your life from the pit.” (NIV)

U red my van die bose gedagte-wêreld, U red my uit sodat ek op die see kan loop in Christus, in ‘n hoë geestestoestand, weg van die vlees.

Wat jou kroon met goedertierenheid en barmhartighede. (v4)

“Who crowneth thee with loving kindness and tender mercies.”

Daar waar Jesus die doringkroon gedra het, dra ek nou ‘n helm van verlossing. Ek is ‘getuin’ (omhein) en my tuin het ‘n heining om vir veiligheid teen die bose. Ek dra ook ‘n kroon van heerlikheid. Hier mediteer ons Sy liefdevolle teerheid en die werk van die kruis.

Ps 103:5:  “Wat jou siel versadig met die goeie; sodat jou jeug weer nuut word soos dié van ‘n arend.”

Die King James sê:  “Hy maak jou mond vol goeie dinge.” Ons getuig van die geestelike groei wat Hy in ons laat gebeur. Ons gees word vernuwe en vlieg soos ‘n arend, as ons terugkyk en sien hoe Hy ons gelei het.

Die mind is nou kalm en begin om weer te hoop vir ‘n beter toekoms. ‘n Mens sien die kruis en ‘Christus-gekruisig’ daar bo-op die Golgota-heuwel. Jesus wag ook daar om die gewete te help suiwer, en dit is baie belangrik om gedagtes gevange te neem vir die volgende stap.

Party keer gebruik ek die Onse Vader gebed om my denke kalm te maak. ‘n Mens wil introspeksie doen uit ‘n neutrale hoek. Ek moet kalm genoeg wees sodat die Gees my kan wys waarvoor ek moet sterf.  In Rom 8:36 leer ons dat ons die hele dag moet sterf. Paulus se ons is soos skape gelei om geslag te word. Die vernuwing van die denke is ‘n proses. Dit neem oefening om daagliks gedagtes gevange te neem. In die volgende vers se die Bybel dat ons nogtans meer as oorwinnaars in Christus is.

Daar is ‘n lering in party kerke wat sê dat die dinge wat ek hier vir jou noem nie nodig is nie. Hulle se die werk is een keer gedoen aan die kruis, ons moet dit net glo. My vraag is waarom wil Jesus he ons moet daagliks sterf as Hy dit dan een keer gedoen het. Dan sal ons ook al die vooraf genoemde skriftuurplase uit die Bybel moet haal.

Nee die rede hoekom Hy aan die kruis gesterf  het was om ons te wys hoe ons daagliks in die gees moet sterf vir sonde. Hy gee ons geleentheid om te sterf vir die vlees hier op aarde.

Ons gaan die probleem wat in ons self is oorwin in Christus, en God kry die eer. Ons gaan beter mense word. Waar ons in die verlede ons humeur verloor het gaan ons nou selfbeheer. Dit is nie maklik om te doen nie, dit is waarom dit ‘n lewens taak is om die denke te vernuwe. Lees Romeine 12. Dit is ook die onderwerp van Romeine 8. Paulus sê dat hy ook daagliks sterf. Ek persoonlik is oortuig dat die onderwerp van die Bybel is om te sterf vir die vlees.

Lukas 9:23-24:  “En Hy sê vir almal: As iemand agter My aan wil kom, moet hy homself verloën en sy kruis elke dag opneem en My volg. Want elkeen wat sy lewe wil red, sal dit verloor; maar elkeen wat sy lewe om My ontwil verloor, hy sal dit red.”

Hierdie woord “lewe” wat hier ter sprake is, is die verlede wat gekruisig moet word. As jy vandag met die verlede permanent kon klaar maak dan is jy gered. Die probleem is dat geen mens dit alleen kan doen nie. Nes jy dink jy het geloof dan kom die verlede en vertel jou van jou swakhede. Jesus het gekom om ons te wys hoe om te sterf vir die ou “lewe” sodat ons ‘n nuwe lewe in Hom kan hê.

Voordat ons verder gaan wil ek die leser vra om altyd alle skriftuur verwysings in konteks te lees. Lees die hele hoofstuk sodat jy kan verstaan wat die skrywer wil oordra. Mense gebruik enkele skriftuurplase om intellektueel voor te kom. Ons het nie slimmighede nodig nie. Kinders moet die evangelie kan verstaan.

Alle mense gaan eendag alleen voor God staan, ek of die mense vir wie jy geglo het gaan nie daar wees nie. Jy is verantwoordelik vir jou gewete teenoor die Skepper.

1ste Kamer – Die Kruis of Golgota

Ons word onder wakker. Al voel dit of daar vrede is en niks verkeerd sal gaan nie, het ons elke kans dat die emosionele toestand ons kan oorneem. Ons het hulp nodig.

Hy het die vloek geword en sonde geword saam met alle siektes.  Die vloek wat op die vleeslike mens, met sy innerlike dierlikheid rus, is oorwin en Sy siel uitgestort vir die sonde van die mens. (Jes. 53). Hy het die vlees oorwin en daarom eet ons Sy vlees (brood van die nagmaal) terwyl ons roem op wat Hy gedoen het. Hy het die hele bose geestelike-wêreld oorwin.  Dit is hoekom ek ook in staat is om in Christus te oorwin. Ek kan nie die vlees oorwin nie, maar in Hom is ek in staat daartoe. Nou kruisig ek alles in my wat Hy nie van hou nie. Ek kom hou dit teen die snykant van die kruis, my vrees, hoogmoed en bekommernis.  Hy help my en ons spyker die ou mens vas in ‘Christus-gekruisig’. Bo-op dit spyker ek nou nog al die ander probleme ook vas. Dinge wat hinder of seermaak soos bv. die verskriklike goed wat sogenaamde Christenmense van ons sê en wat diep seermaak. Moenie toelaat dat die seer daar bly nie, kruisig dit!

Onthou ook nou of enigeen van die verlede se verleenthede of teleurstellings jou weer kom treiter het. Hoeveel ons gefouteer het, en dan kruisig jy dit, en maak seker dit is gekruisig. As jy wegloop van die kruis af en terugkyk sien jy die man van sonde daar hang.

Volgende drink ons die bloed van Jesus (die wyn van die nagmaal).  Dis versoening vir die siel. Ons sonde is op die lam- geslag en onthou, ons noem die sonde op sy naam.  Nou drink ons die bloed en die see word Rooi en Farao verdrink.  Sien al die probleme verdrink en die lyke wat op die strand uitspoel.  Dankie vir die bloed! En dankie vir die werk van die kruis! Die gedagtes wat ons verslaaf het, is verdrink. Goliat se kop is afgekap. Die vyand is oorwin, eers in die nagmaal, en dan in die fisiese.

Ek het weer ‘n kans om die huis van die Here in my te bou. Die mure is gedurig onder aanval, maar die suiwer hoeksteen van ‘Christus-gekruisig’, maak dat die mure aanmekaar gehou word met die liefdes-sement van die werk van die kruis.  As vrees miskien ingebreek het in die huis, dan moet die mure van die huis weer gerepareer word en ek moet hom dringender kruisig, en meer tyd by Liefde spandeer.

Jes. 60:18:  “Van geweld sal in jou land nie meer gehoor word nie—van geen verwoesting of verbreking in jou grondgebied nie; maar jy sal jou mure Heil noem en jou poorte Lof.”

Ander vertalings se: Jou mure is altyd voor my, jou naam is geskryf op my handpalm. Your  walls are called salvation your gates praise.  Ons maak seker dat ons gekruisig is, saam met die probleme wat in die fisiese, sowel as in die geestelike gekom het.  Ons neem gedagtes gevange. (2 Kor. 10:5)  Stemme mag nie meer kom met hulle fluisteringe nie. Ons huis moet ‘n huis van vrede wees.  Waarvan is ons verlos? Van die verlede en innerlike stemme wat gekom en gegaan het nes hulle wou. Daar is alleenlik verlossing as die gewete gesuiwer is.  As die gewete skoon is, is daar geregtigheid, waarheid, vrede en geloof en dan verstaan ons die Woord. Hier trek ons ook ons wapenrusting aan. (Efesiërs 6) Ons word nou die verloste van God die geregtigheid van God, waarheid, vrede, geloof en woord van God.

2 de Kamer      Waskamer

Wanneer die priester klaar geoffer het, gaan hy waskom toe in die tabernakel-gebed.

Baie belangrik om op te let dat ons gesterf het en nou opstaan in Christus. Ons maak soos Hy gemaak het.

Hebreërs 10:22: “Laat ons toetree met ‘n waaragtige hart in volle geloofsversekerdheid, die Harte deur besprinkeling gereinig van ‘n slegte gewete en die liggaam gewas met rein water.”

Ons gaan nou na die waskom toe, sodat Jesus ons gewete kan besprinkel met sy bloed.

He sprinkles my thoughts from an evil conscience (Heb10:22).  Hier ervaar ons kalmte en koelte vir die mind.  Al die probleme is weggespoel, dis nie langer in die kop nie, maar in Christus en ons is vry. Farao is verdrink in die Rooi See (Gal 6:15). Ons is ‘n nuwe skepsel. “We are a new creation.”  (Kol 3:11, 2 Kor 5:17)  Jesus vergroot my grondgebied.  Ander Bybelname vir die plek waar God in ons bly, is: God se huis, tempel, woning, ook verbeelding, hart en geloof. Ons kledingstukke is nou wit en ons hoof vet met olie. As die woord verbeelding jou pla lees Genesis 6:5.

Jes 60:1:  “Staan op, word verlig; want jou lig kom, en die heerlikheid van die HERE gaan oor jou op.”

Alles in my, wat die Heilige Gees na my gedagtes toe gebring het en wat Hy nie van gehou het nie, is gekruisig in Christus.  Ek het gesterf in Christus, maar nou staan ek op in Christus. Deuteronomium 28 beskryf al die seëninge wat na die persoon toe kom wat die gebooie van God onderhou. Kyk dan ook na die vloeke wat kom, wat die gevolg is as jy dit nie doen nie. Die ou mens het geen outoriteit of geloof nie.  Hy kan nie die Here se woord onderskei nie. Hy het geen vrede en geen seën nie. Maar ons is nou vry in Christus. Die vlees is gekruisig. Daar is geen veroordeling nie, want ons is na die gees en nie die vlees nie. (Rom 8) Psalm 30:5 en 6 sê: In die môre is daar gejuig. (Joy comes in the morning) Ons is in die beloofde land. Toe Farao verdrink, kom die son op, en ons stap saam met Jesus deur die mind-tuin en geniet die plek wat Hy met Sy lewe vir ons kom oopmaak het.

Die bloedgewaste gewete is nou die Koning kryk van God. (U koninkryk, U krag, U heerlikheid) Ons is die geregtigheid van God.

Daar kom ‘n verligting oor ‘n mens en die Gees se windjie is koel. As dit nie gebeur nie, is die probleem nie regtig gekruisig nie. Jy het dan nie regtig met jou Tuinier ontmoet vir redding nie. Dis belangrik, want die volgende kamer het te doene met danksegging. Waarvoor gaan ek dankie sê as ons nie redding ervaar het nie?

3de Kamer – Dankie

Die Heilige plek is waar ons die Heilige Gees eer. Jesus is aan die regterhand van God terwyl Sy Gees in ons woon. Ons wil graag vervul wees met die Heilige Gees want dit is wat met Jesus gebeur het. Daar is drie meubels in die kamer en die meubels het te doen met die manier wat die heilige Gees ons leer om met ons sondige natuur en al sy fasette te deel en daarvoor te sterf. By die sewe kandelare kyk Hy diep in ons harte en weet wat ons swakhede is. Hy doen dit want Hy will ons help om ons denke te vernuwe Romeine 12:1-3. Die Reukwerk Altaar in die middel het te doene met die manier wat die Heilige Gees ons leer hoe om ‘n lewendige offer te word. Hy leer ons watter deel van ons moet sterf. Die tafel met toon brode het te doen met die twaalf dele van ons denke. Die toon brode is in twaalf verdeel.

Ons dank die Heilige Gees want dis Hy wat so geduldig met ons is. Dit is ook Hy wat toetse in ons lewe bring soos Hy dink ons dit nodig het.  Die Heilige Gees is ‘n persoon en Hy wil graag met jou kuier en jou voor bery om in God se teenwoordigheid te wees. Die toonbrode se betekenis is dat Hy ons ‘n vertoon stuk wil maak vir die Vader. ‘n Mens moet Hom vra om jou te help om die denke te vernuwe. Ons wil bewus wees van die klein stemmetjie. As daar toetse kom weet ons dat ons geleer word om gedissiplineer en met self beheersing op te tree. As jy die toets vaal sal Hy aan hou om jou te leer tot jy jou swakhede oorwin. Soos ons swakhede oorwin is ons meer as oorwinnaars in Christus. Dit staan in Rom 8:36. Die Christus Gees is die Heilige Gees. Soos ons leer om te sterf vir ons ou natuur neem die Heilige Gees daardie spasies in. So word ons denke vernuwe, kry ons die Christus gemoed en word vervul met die Heilige Gees. Op die manier word ons grondgebied vergroot. Dit is ons mikpunt om alleenlik met die Gees vervul te wees en nie die gees van vrees of humeur ensovoorts nie.

 4de Kamer –  Die Allerheiligste plek

Om nou voor God te verskyn is baie vêrreikend.

Nou dat ons in Christus is, gee dit ‘n mens vertroue, ons weet ons mag hier wees. Ons het nou soos die verlore seun huis toe gekom. Ons is klaar met die dinge van die wêreld en om varke te voer. Ons is nou in die Sewende dag, ons is in die rus.  Ons maak nou soos die ouderling van Openbaring en lê ons krone voor God. Ons sê soos die ouderlinge “Heilig heilig is God!” In Openbaring 12 lees ons dat die kroon het twaalf sterre. Die twaalf dele van ons ou denke lyk soos die sterre hemel in die nag. Meestal donker, geheimsinnig en vêr buite bereik. Soos ons leer om die totale huis van die Here te word verlig ons hemele en kry ons hemelse denke. Volgens die sterrekundiges is daar ‘n riem van twaalf diere in die sterre hemel. Hierdie dierlike natuur van ons gaan sterf en dan sit ons saam met Christus in hemelse plekke Efe. 2:4.Ons kry hemelse denke.

Ons Vader in die hemel is ‘n groot lig. Alles is deur Hom geskape en vir Hom. Ons staan voor die groot lig en laat die lig elke deel van ons denke deurdring. Ons het geen probleme om met Hom te bespreek nie want ons laste en probleme is vas genael aan die kruis. Alleenlik ‘n bewuswording dat jy ‘n seun of ‘n dogter van God is. Die Bybel sê dat ons mede erfgename saam met Christus is. (Rom 8:7)

‘n Mens moet ook bewus word dat God heilig is. Sonde mag nie voor Hom verskyn nie. In die kamers gaan ons elke keer verskyn voor die troon van God met die oorspronge van ons lewe.

Die kamer is ook die Liefdes kamer; in die plek is Liefde teenwoordig en ‘n mens ervaar die reënboogkleure en die warm gloed van ons Vader in die hemel.  Die kruis het dit moontlik gemaak dat ons in die kamer kan inkom waar die groot fontein van God se karakter ervaar kan word. Soos ‘n waterval in volle vloed, so is Hy. Alles is in oorvloed, alles te veel, te veel sterre om te tel, te veel blare aan ‘n boom om te tel. Onder sy groot waterval gaan staan ek en ervaar die liefdes fonteine. Ek mediteer sy oorvloedige karakter. In hoe ‘n mate kniehalter ons nie onsself met self opgelegde reëls nie? Hy wil hê dat ons deel moet wees van Sy oorvloedige denke.

Joh 3:16: “So lief het God die wêreld gehad dat Hy sy eniggebore seun gegee het.”  Ons mediteer Sy liefde. Moenie bang wees om te verbeel nie. Ons is geskape om te verbeel, met die verbeelding is ons in Sy teenwoordigheid en vloei die groot waters.

5de Kamer – Die veiligheids kamer

As ‘n mens se denke nie omhein is of geseël is nie is ons oop vir alles wat sleg is. Kyk God het mos vir Adam gesê hy moet die tuin bewaak. As ‘n mens met die geringste bietjie vrees in jou denke gaan slaap, dan is daar nie geloof in jou hart nie. Wanneer het ‘n mens geloof? Wanneer jou hart rein is! As jou gewete rein is het jy geloof. As daar vrees is in jou hart het jy geloof dat slegte dinge met jou gaan gebeur. Dit is ‘n sondige hart!

Wanneer ek my kamers binne gaan maak ek seker dat my sondige natuur dood is. In die majestueuse kamer lê daar ‘n doodskis by die ingang wat in die vorm van ‘n kruis is. As ek kyk daarin sien ek die sondige vlees daar lê. Ek wil nie in die kamer bid met enige deel van myself nie, Ek vra ook die Heilige Gees om my gedagtes met die bloed te was. Hierna troon ek die Vader die Seun en Heilige Gees in my hart. Die een muur van die reuse vertrek verander in die troon van God, die hele hemel is hier teenwoordig. Ek gaan staan op die heilige klippe voor die troon in Christus en as ek bid weet ek die hele hemel hoor my gebed om veiligheid vir my familie, vriende en ons belange.

Wanneer ek die Vader sy kop sien knik sien ek die engele beweeg na hulle poste toe. As ek klaar gebid het gaan ek uit en maak die deur toe. Die deur word nou geseël met die bloed uit ‘n pragtige kom wat daar langs elke deur staan.  Die engele gaan dit nie doen nie, jý moet. Op die manier is hierdie een twaalfde deel van my denke geheilig, bruikbaar en geseël. Dit is nou die KRAG van God. Daar is geen twyfel in my dat my gebed verhoor is nie.

Agter daardie deur vermeerder die lig en water begin onder the drumpel uit loop. Die water is die seën van die Here wat gaan vermeerder net soos Esegiël se verhaal van die tempel deure verduidelik. As ‘n mens nie die deure toemaak nie gaan die sondige natuur weer terug.

Gen. 4:7: “…die sonde lê en loer voor die deur, en sy begeerte is na jou; maar jy moet daaroor heers.”

‘n Mens seël die deure op dieselfde manier wat die Israeliete die deure van hul wonings moes seël sodat die dood nie kon inkom nie.

Soos ons weet help fisiese heinings nie regtig nie. Dit is die mind wat omhein moet wees.

6de Kamer – Daaglikse Take

Hier ontvang ons open-barings kennis van hoe om die dag te reël. Soos ons elke kamer binnegaan is ons bewus dat ons kan sien in die geestelike-wêreld want die skoon gewete kan verbeel net soos ‘n kind kan.  Die bloed-gewasde gewete is die Koninkryk van God. Wanneer ek die Koninkryk vind word alles bygevoeg.

Ons bring die dag wat voorlê na die kamer toe.  As ook al die moontlikhede en dinge wat ons wil bereik en doen, maar waarvoor ons leiding nodig het. Ons weet wat ons wil doen, maar sal dit moontlik wees? Die ideaal is dat ons hier baie stil word en wag vir ‘n woord van leiding. Elke persoon het ‘n individuele lewe en het ‘n ander lewenstyl. Die idee is dat ons daardie goeie dag wil hê waar alles in plek val. Ons begin deur veiligheid en beskerming vir almal te vra, ook vra ons vir vreugde, vrede en selfs om die regte weer te sien, terwyl ons deur die normale take van die dag gaan. Ons beplan die dag en kyk of ons die situasies kan verlig deur beter beplanning, sagter woorde en om beter wysheid en insig aan die dag te lê.  Ons wil emosionele manipulasie en verkragting onmiddellik herken en weet hoe om te reageer.

Waar ons ook al gaan, die hele hemel is betrokke want ons het ons bes gedoen om te organiseer en te beplan. Engele gaan voor ons uit en ons verwag om die parkering te kry en die regte woord vir die regte persoon op presies die regte tyd te bring, met wysheid en humor vir elke omstandigheid. Rondom ons begin ‘n muur van vrede voor ons uitbeweeg en vir ons spasie maak.  Mense begin die verandering in ons waarneem. Al is die suiwering van die gewete pynlik, sê almal dat dit die moeite werd is. Ons geniet nou volle veiligheid en verwag dat net goeie dinge na ons toe sal kom en ervaar veiligheid teen die aanklaer, oordelaar, skinderbek, diewe, ongelukke ens. Niks gaan ons ontstel nie en ons visualiseer dat ons op die regte plek op die regte tyd is, want ons is gunstelinge van die Here. Ons gaan ook versigtig aandag gee aan die soort gedagtes wat ons het, en waak en bid teen die emosionele aanvalle. Die vyand kom in soos ‘n engel van die lig en sy teiken is die troon van die hart.

 7de Kamer – Finansies

In elke kamer is die troon en Vader en Seun en die hele hemel is teenwoordig soos ons die gemoed vir die dag her organiseer en beplan. So gaan elke dag ‘n goeie dag wees.

In dié kamer kom ons as gesin byeen en bespreek met ons Vader in die hemel, die toestand van ons finansies. Hier verstaan ons die redes vir die foute wat gemaak is in die verlede, en leer ons hoe om met geld te werk. Begin om al jou finansiële moontlikhede met Vader te bespreek en wag vir openbaring en wysheid. Vat jou tyd en laat die waters oor jou gemoed was soos jy wag vir die stem wat soos baie waters klink. Hier sien ek waar om geld te saai, tiendes te betaal. Ek sien ook hoe om geld te genereer en te belê. Ek sien alles wat geld kan genereer en leer om ‘n goeie rentmeester te wees. Hier vloei hemelse idees in my in, en ek verwag om dinge te sien wat geen mens op aarde nog ooit gesien het nie. Ek verwag om deur die Heilige Gees geïnspireer te word. Ek het die krag van ‘n heilige gewete en kan God vra vir miljoene as ek dit nodig het. Maar Hy verwag nog steeds dat ons in geloof moet lewe.

8ste Kamer – Bid vir ander

In die kamer is die hemel nog steeds teenwoordig.  Hier by die groot waterval sien ek die hemelse lig daar bo en in die sagte lig hier by die voet van die waterval is ‘n groot poel kalm water. In die mis van die waterval, in die waterpoel, maak ek die gestaltes uit van persone vir wie ek moet bid. Ek ontvang ook met tye kennis van hoe om vir hulle te bid.

Miskien het jy ook ‘n gebedslys, maar die idee is dat ons hier leiding ontvang, om te weet hoe om vir ander in te tree. Ons sien mense hier in die geestes-realm, maar moet nie vergeet om blomme te saai as jy hulle in die onmiddellike sien nie. Om mooi dinge van mense te sê by hul begrafnis is te laat. Ek het ook hier ‘n groot operasietafel waar ek siekes heen bring, reg onder die groot waters, vir genesing. My eie intieme familie het ek ook ‘n plekkie voor by die waters. Party mense wil ‘n mens sommer versuip, dan noem ons dit maar doop. Ander het ons dalk te nagekom en vir hulle los ons sommer om te lê in die water, sonder bene want hulle moet maar ‘n bietjie in God se hart week. Ander se koppe wil ‘n mens was, jy mag dit hier doen. Die idee is dat die mense nie in ons koppe is nie, maar in Vader se hart. Nou kan Hy met hulle werk. Ook die geestelike gestremdes en gebondes in donker, bring ek hierheen. Hulle wat gebreekte harte het, vir wie ék dalk te na gekom het. Hier dank ons ook die Here vir wat Hy vir ander doen, ens.

9de Kamer – Taal

Kol 4:6:  “Laat julle woord altyd aangenaam wees, met sout besprinkel, sodat julle kan weet hoe julle iedereen moet antwoord.”

Mense wat twaalf georganiseerde kamers besit, praat nie baie nie, want hulle is rustend.  

Ps 103:5:  “U maak my mond vol goeie dinge.” 

Goeie dinge is vir my getuienisse. As gevolg van die toestand van die hart, so sal ‘n persoon praat. Wat die hart van vol is, loop die mond van oor.

Maar Job se raad is om in die Here verskuil te bly.

Job 5:21:  “As die tong gésel, word jy weggesteek; en jy hoef nie te vrees vir verwoesting as dit kom nie.”

Die ou predikante is heeltemal oortuig dat moderne Christene te veel praat.

1 Pet 3:10:  “Want wie die lewe wil liefhê en goeie dae wil sien, moet sy tong bewaar vir wat verkeerd is, en sy lippe dat hulle geen bedrog spreek nie.”

In ander woorde; ‘n mens praat verkeerd en dit veroorsaak dat slegte dinge kom, geloof kom deur die gehoor.  Byvoorbeeld ons praat onsself in vrees in.

Spreuke 10:31:  “Die mond van die regverdige laat wysheid uitspruit, maar die valse tong word uitgeroei.”

Wanneer mense so op mekaar skree, is daar geen lewe nie. Dit het buitendien nie goeie gevolge nie en ‘n mens voel sleg daarna. Dit is natuurlik die gewete, want daar was nie selfbeheersing nie. Die frustrasies wat geuiter is moes gekruisig gewees het, dan kon almal op ‘n sagte toon die saak bespreek het en die oplossing gekry het. Gebruik die gesinsvergadering!

Sp 12:18:  “Daar is een wat onverskillig woorde uitspreek soos swaardsteke, maar die tong van die wyse is genesing.”

Ek wil graag hemelse wyshede vloeiend praat en ander positief beïnvloed. Daar moet suiwerheid wees en sprankeling. ‘n Mens wil soos ‘n fontein van lewende water wees, ‘n fontein wat nie opdroog nie. (Hooglied 4:15)

Jak 3:6:  “Die tong is ook ‘n vuur, die wêreld van ongeregtigheid. Net so ‘n plek neem die tong onder ons lede in; dit besmet die hele liggaam en steek die hele lewensloop aan die brand en word uit die hel aangesteek.”

Om met mense te praat oor probleme, is nie kruis toe gaan nie.

Jessi Penn Lewis sê:  “Meeste ly aan ‘n onderdrukte gees, net soos die liggaam ly as dit nie oefening  kry nie.”  Die gees wat geoefen is om gelei te word deur die Heilige Gees, sal nie ‘n praatsiek persoon wees nie, dit is vleeslik. Wanneer ons gees daagliks gelei word soos ons gehoor gee aan die Gees, in stilte, ontvang ons hemelse kennis. Wanneer ons die kennis deel, dan maai ons kennis. Wanneer die Christen in geestelike konflik verkeer, dan word hy stiller, want die oorwinning word dikwels behaal deur ‘n stil eenvoudige woord.

Johannes 7:38:  “Hy wat in My glo, soos die Skrif sê: Strome van lewende water sal uit sy binneste vloei.” 

Die woord binneste word vertaal as ‘uit die maag’. Maar partykeer is dit die ‘hart’ en ‘gewete’.

Sp 25:11:  “Goue appels op versierde silwerborde, so is ‘n woord op sy tyd gespreek.”

10de Kamer – Die Kombuis

My jeug is vernuwe soos dié van ‘n arend. In die kamer ontvang ‘n mens insig en kennis oor eetgewoontes. Dit is verseker bewys dat vegetariërs meer onmiddellike krag uit hul kos put. Volgens opgrawing en studie van beenstruktuur het die Romeine dit selfs geweet en hul grootste sportmanne was met heel koring en bone gevoer.  Die Here het in elk geval gesê dat Hy die sade van die veld vir ons gegee het om te eet.  Paulus sê ons moet eet soos ons weet ons moet, maar moet nie die vegetariërs te na kom nie. Ons wil niemand affronteer nie want dit sal die toestand van hul gewete belemmer.  They will take offence, and we did cause offence. Dit word behandel in die Onse Vader.

In die kamer wil ons hemelse insig kry oor wat se soort kos ons moet eet. Die uiteet-kos is gewoonlik ongesond want dit mòèt mos lekker wees, ons betaal mos baie daarvoor. Dis eintlik ‘n bederf, maar die kos is nie goed vir ons nie. Terwyl ons hier by die rivier sit, sal ons hemelse instruksie ontvang en dan meer gedissiplineerd wees as die Here wys wat reg is. Ons ontvang miskien kennis deur boeke, drome en ander mense. Ek het byvoorbeeld in ‘n droom, ‘n sak koffiebone gesien met ‘n rooi kruis daaroor en dit het my koffie-probleem opgelos.

11de Kamer – Slaapkamer

Alle huise het ‘n slaapkamer en ‘n mens spandeer die helfte van jou lewe hier. Die rivier van God vloei ook hier. Nee, daar is nêrens ‘n plek waar ‘n mens kan wegvlug vir die Here nie en ons kan maar net sowel die lig ook hier toelaat.  Die diep geheimenisse is nie meer geheim nie, want Hy het alles gemaak, ons kan Hom nie skok nie. Nee Ron, nou gaan jy darem te vêr! Alles moet in die lig van die kruis kom, ons kan. My persoonlike ondervinding is dat die dinge wat jy in die donker doen, sal in die lig kom. Alles wat ‘n mens hier voor die lig van die Here, in die groot rivier bring, sal Hy op verbeter. Dit is omdat ons sekere dinge privaat wil hou dat die Here ons nie kan help nie. Hier word ons ook wakker met: LOOF DIE HERE O MY SIEL EN ALLES WAT IN MY IS! As ons hier wakker word met bekommernis dan wys dit die toestand van die gemoed wat gekruisig moet word. Ons begin alreeds (2 Kor 10:5)  “terwyl ons planne verbreek en elke skans wat opgewerp word teen die kennis van God, en elke gedagte gevange neem tot die gehoorsaamheid aan Christus.”

Baie mense is geneig om aan te neem dat jou lewensmaat jou moet vervul. Eva was nie vir die rede vir Adam gegee nie maar as ‘n hulp.

Gen 2:18:  “Ons is ‘n hulp vir mekaar om die gewete te bewaak en onderhou.”

Om te sê dat die persoon het jou hart gebreek, is dan ‘n verkeerde persepsie want die hart behoort aan God.

F.B. Meyer sê dat getroude paartjies, die woorde in Deut 24:5 moet gehoorsaam.  As ‘n man pas getroud is, hoef hy nie op kommando uit te trek nie, en hulle moet hom in geen enkele opsig iets oplê nie; een jaar lank moet hy vry wees vir sy huis en aan sy vrou wat hy geneem het, vreugde verskaf.  Dit is van allergrootste belang dat liefde tussen ‘n man en vrou moet heers en dat hulle te alle tye saamstem want hulle is die fondasie waarop die gesin gevestig word. Die gesin gaan die hele gemeenskap beïnvloed, miskien nog die land.  Die man is die priester van die huis en moet sy verpligtinge nakom om te alle tye, die vrede te bewaar.  Ek vereis vrede in my huis! Alle probleme word bespreek voor slapenstyd sodat die Here dit vir ons veilig kan hou as ons slaap. M Hendry sê:  “The dirty conscience is a bad bed fellow.”

Ons gaan slaap nie met die probleem nie, maar sien dit asof dit, in danksegging, reeds opgelos is.

12de Kamer – Kantoor

Kennis moet geliasseer word, voor nuwe kennis kan inkom. Om kennis by die Here te kry moet ons tyd gee.

Louis Malherbe se wenk was om die wekker te stel om op te staan vir gebed en Bybelstudie. Dit help nie jy wil agter Ma sê rug inkruip en dink jy gaan sommer in die kooi stiltetyd hou nie. Sy raad was:  “Staan op, maak klaar met die nag, trek aan, was en gaan na jou binnekamer.” In die beginjare het dit gevoel of die nagte van by die Here sit, niks ingebring het nie, maar dis nou makliker met die twaalf kamers. Ons identifiseer vyandige gedagtes, kruisig hulle en die kanale gaan oop na die Here toe. In die begin neem dit baie lank om die kamers te skep en meeste mense vorder in die begin, net tot by die waskamer. Met oefening stap jy later gemaklik deur die georganiseerde huis.  Kennis van die twee-snydende swaard skei tussen vlees en gees en gepaardgaande, met die ordelike mind vloei kennis omtrent aanhoudend in. Jy sal kennis ontvang in ooreenstemming met die tye wat jy saai. Dit is belangrik om die Bybel te lees, selfs die stukke wat nie nou sin maak nie, sal uiteindelik, maar dit moet gelees, en geliasseer word. Later sal die Heilige Gees verwysings maak, en kan jy daarmee assosieer, want jy het dit mos reeds in jou.

Party wonderlike mense kom vir ‘n paar dae hulself afsonder by die Here. Vir mense wat uit die stad se gejaag kom is dit baie moeilik om denke so te verander en hulle probeer baie hard om by die Here te sit. Maar as ek hulle die beginsels van die twaalf kamers wys en verduidelik, verander dit dadelik en die antwoorde kom sommer, want die gemoed is georganiseer. Dan gaan die geestelike kanale oop.

Mens maak kamers soos jou behoeftes verander. Het jy ‘n outoriteit kamer nodig?

Outoriteits kamer

Die rede hoekom ‘n mens daagliks moet sterf, is sodat hy in Christus kan opstaan en outoriteit oor die aarde kan neem.  Baie Christene wil huil as hulle by die Here is, maar huil is nie deel van die vrug van die Gees nie.  Hier praat ons met die Berg (Markus 11:23)  Noem die probleme op hul naam en spreek hulle met outoriteit aan.  Profeteer oor dit en sien dit as reeds opgelos.  Sien die probleem verwyder uit jou lewe. Hier behaal ons oorwinnings in die teenwoordigheid van die hele hemelse troon.  Geen wapen wat teen ons gesmee is, sal voorspoedig wees nie.  Net soos Joshua nie moes vrees nie (Jos 1:9) Want die Here God is met jou, so gebruik ons 2 Kor 10:5  “terwyl ons planne verbreek en elke skans wat opgewerp word teen die kennis van God, en elke gedagte gevange neem tot die gehoorsaamheid aan Christus”. In ons eie minds is daar vestings van vrees, wat hanteer moet word en dan is daar nog die werke van die boosheid in ander mense waarteen ons te staan kom.  Daar word dinge teen ons gesê, ander gelowe span saam om sielskrag aan te wend teen ons om Westerlinge en kerke te ondermyn.  Hulle neem beheer oor ons finansies en wil ons slawe maak van ‘n wêreldstelsel.  Ons staan in geregtigheid teen die werke van die bose, op elke gebied onder leiding van die Heilige Gees. Ons staan teen toordokters, die woorde wat teen ons gespreek word in heksery, begoëlings en vervloekings wat uitgespreek word. Daar is instansies wat mense in die donker aanhou om hul geeste te projekteer vir bose redes. Ons regering is nog nie Christene nie en ons moet vir hulle bid. Ons bind die werke van die bose, bestraf dit in die mense en seël hulle met die bloed sodat die lig van God kan inkom en hul harte aanspreek.

Jes 54:17:  “Elke wapen wat teen jou gesmee word, sal niks uitrig nie; en elke tong wat teen jou opstaan in die gereg, sal jy weerlê. Dit is die erfdeel van die knegte van die HERE.”

Party mense wag vir die Here om outoriteit te neem, Christus is reeds in ons. Die dag van die Here is hier. Dis nie ‘n teologie of doktrine wat hierdie persoonlike droom van ons sal laat gebeur nie. Dinge gebeur in die geestelike realm, omdat ons dit sê, en permanent daarna kyk in danksegging. Ek weet dat die hemel en engele die waarheid is. Maar hulle het nie een klip opmekaar gesit waar ek gebou het nie. Ek moes dit doen!  Maar die eer behoort aan die Here. Mense wat uitstap met ‘n heilige gewete is die getuienis-bringers, deur die bloed van die Lam. (Open 12:11) Die bloed is die geseëlde toestand waarin ons inspirasie kry om te weet wat om te doen. Dan doen ons dit met al ons mag. Ek merk aan jou stap en praat, of jy in oorwinning jou toekoms sien, en of jy opstaan in die nag en outoriteit neem oor die bose fluisteringe wat sê jy sal dit nooit bereik nie. Mense wat ewe skielik geld kry is nie gelukkige mense nie. Ons wil die dinge self bereik en ‘n getuienis hê. Ons soek die persoon wat gewillig is om op te staan, en te sê dat die onmoontlike omstandighede gaan verdwyn, want ek sê dit in die Naam van die Here. Moet nooit so pap word soos ek en lang ure by die kruis, in selfondersoek, spandeer en nie deur die kruis stap in outoriteit nie. Deur elke dag se oppervlakte te ondersoek en gedagtes gevange te neem, is genoeg. Gaan kruisig dit, dan gaan was jy en staan op in Christus en stap deur al jou kamers en kyk hoe lyk jou toekoms. Moet nie ophou tot dit gebeur het nie. Dan gee jy die Here die eer! Die dag van die Here is hier. Net soos dit was in die dae van Noag.  (Mat 24:37)  En net soos die dae van Noag was, so sal ook die koms van die Seun van die mens wees.

Noag is in die geseëlde ark gered van die vloed (vlees), net so is ons gered uit die vlees om in Christus te wees. Ons kan nie langer wag vir eendag, as die Here kom, om ons dan te help nie. Ons kan nou opstaan, opkyk en praat met die toekoms sonder die vlees se inmenging en die beloofde land in besit neem.

‘n Voorbeeld van outoriteit is ‘n oom wat onlangs deur die Grot gegaan het, met sy gesin. Toe hy klaar geluister het, vertel hy ons van hoe sy knieë hom slapelose nagte gegee het. Hy sê dat die dokters hom vertel het, dat dit van ouderdom en artritis was. Maar die oomhet met die knieë gepraat!  Hy het die dag gemaklik deur die grot geloop, sonder enige teken van artritis. Dan moet ek hier byvoeg dat hy die resep van die kruis lankal gebruik het, sonder dat hy daarvan bewus was. Hy is ‘n oop persoon wat opreg met almal om hom, in selfbeheersing lewe.  My vraag is: Het God met die knieë gepraat, of het die oom?

Eintlik is dit God in die man. (Kol 1:27,1 Kor 2:16, Fil 2:5, Rom 12:2)

Joh 10:34:  “Jesus answered, Is it not written in your Law, I said, You are gods?” (Ps. 82:6.)

John G. Lake het in die spieël gekyk, sy vinger na sy beeld gewys en gesê:  “Binne-in die man leef God.”

Ons mense staan in hopies en praat oor die verskrikking in ons land. Daar is geen krag nie want dit is emosie. Laat elke persoon opstaan en homself rig vir die toekoms. Want met ‘n skoon gewete, is ons die geregtigheid van God. Bid nou met vasberade vertroue en sien hoe God die gebed van die geregtigde beantwoord. Daar is beslis ‘n toekoms vir ons kinders en hulle kinders, want ons het uitgevind die gewete is God se woning, in ons.

Daar moet dissipline wees om die waarhede aan te wend.

Die Bybelgeskiedenis leer ons dat wanneer die mense afvallig geword het, het hulle hul land verloor, ander gode aanbid.  Maar ons sê ons aanbid nie ander gode nie! Ja, ons doen! Woede, vrees en hoogmoed regeer op ons troon. God sal ons beskerm, maar daar is reëls. Ons is veroordeel, want ons is na die vlees (Rom 8:1)

Ons leef nie lank op die aarde nie en terwyl ons hier is moet ons heers. Ons moet soos Jesus wees, Hy het gepraat met die storm. Hy het nie op en af gespring en geskree op die see nie, maar duidelik gesê:  “Vrede”, en toe is die storm stil. Die see het na hom geluister want hy het nie gesondig nie, en sy gewete was heilig, waar Hy permanent in kontak was met ons Vader.  

Ek skep kamers soos ek dit nodig het. Ek het gedurende die droogte bekommerd geword oor ons boorgat se water vlak en toe het ek ‘n Water Kamer gemaak. Daar kon ek sien hoe God voorsien as daar orde in jou denke is. ‘n Boer sal miskien ‘n Weer Kamer hê. Dalk het jy ‘n musiek kamer nodig as jy wil vorder in jou musiek. Musiek kom tog van God af. Enige deel in jou lewe waar jy probleme het kan jy ‘n aparte kamer maak.

‘n Woord van Waarskuwing

Sodra ‘n persoon besluit om te onderskei tussen siel en gees is die HEILIGE GEVEG aan die gang!

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How to pray – Practical lesson on how to pray


The Previous lesson was about spending time with God. How to spend time with God by seeking Him and being disciplined. Read lesson 1 first here.

By now we have established that you are earnest about seeking God and that you have started giving Him your time.  The problem is that now you are sitting there and you are giving God an hour every morning but it feels like you don’t know what to do, your mind keeps running away with you and you sit there staring at the Bible but you are not getting anything from it. We are going to look at how to pray. How to spend time with God. Once again I am sharing with you our own personal experience.

How to Pray

I usually start with Communion. I get a cracker and a little juice. Then I start by imagining. Using your imagination is very important. We are to take every thought captive. Seeing in your imagination while you pray is the best way of keeping your thoughts captivated.

Sometimes I imagine the crucifixion as we saw it in the movie The Passion, sometimes I see how Jesus served communion to his disciples on the last evening before he was crucified.

I see how I lay my life down with Jesus. As I eat his flesh, I lay down my sin, problems, heart aches and sickness. I see how my flesh is consumed by his flesh. Then I drink the blood of Jesus and I start to think about all the scriptures I have on the blood of Jesus.

I pray this: Thank you Lord for your blood that you shed for me. Your blood is for the forgiveness of my sin, it is for my salvation. You saved me, washed me with your blood. You also healed me, you redeemed my life and made me righteous. Your blood brings peace! The Spirit of Christ is within me and the peace of God which fills my heart and mind and soul is within me.

I see how I am now clothed with the risen Christ Jesus. I am seated with him in heavenly places, my mind is the Kingdom of God, I am the temple of God and I am righteous before God. Righteousness means I am in right standing with God and I get to stand in the presence of God without feeling ashamed or guilty.

I believe that I am now a new creation and that I am completely saved. Now I must also believe that I am like Christ.

1 John 4:17: “Herein is our love made perfect, that we may have boldness in the day of judgment: because as he is, so are we in this world.”

So what should my prayers sound like if I am like Christ?

‘O dear God thank you for clothes and food and please give me a job…?’

No that is not the kind of prayer Jesus would pray. There is no mention that Jesus ever asked God for food or clothes. In facet Jesus said that we are not to worry about what we should eat or wear as our heavenly Father knows what we need. (Matt 6:25) There is also no mention that Jesus ever Asked God to heal any of the people Jesus healed. Jesus simply spoke to the sickness or the evil spirit and commanded it to leave. He never once prayed and asked God to heal the people. He is the Son of God, He did not need permission from his Father to heal and he did not need God to do it for him. He was God in the flesh and the Holy Spirit was upon him. As Jesus was in the earth so ARE WE!

We also have the Holy Spirit and the Power of God is also in us! We can just speak to our problems and command them to leave. That is how we should pray.

My prayer is: Thank you Lord that I have all the power over the enemy. Thank you that your Word is true and thank you that you accomplish every Word You have ever spoken. So now by the Power of the Spirit of Christ in me I command sickness to go! I command my body to receive healing!

So I continue. I keep on telling every one of my problems to leave and I call every good thing and every blessing of God into my life. I also pray out loud and I pray in tongues while I concentrate or imagine how the problem leaves and how the blessings of God arrive. This is how you pray with power and in the Spirit.

The Spirit of God in us can only accomplish the things of God when we move and when we speak. We must break through being ashamed of the things of God and we should start to accomplish the things of God.

Yes we should read the Bible and we should study the scriptures but we should also worship God in Spirit and in Truth.

I also recommend that you listen to some of the training supplied by John G Lake Ministries. They are based in the USA and the chair person is Curry Blake. He teaches people how to minister healing to others. I found a website who lists all his seminars for free. You can click here to go to that website.

Let’s Recap – Why pray like this?

So I started with Communion. Why?

Because I am a fleshly person who needs to get my mind into the spirit. I use communion because it reminds me of who I am supposed to be in Christ and it helps me to ‘Enter in’ to the presence of God. The Blood of Jesus washes me and it helps me to KNOW that I am righteous. No I did not loose my righteousness in the night and the Holy Spirit did not leave me every time I sin, but committing sin causes me to feel removed from God. Another way to say it is that your conscience is not clear towards God and you feel condemned. By using the communion daily helps me to move into my righteous position where I can not be condemned because I am in Christ. I actually need to convince my fleshly mind that I am no longer a person after the flesh but that I am in Christ and I am after the Spirit!

If your mind has not been renewed to this way of thinking you might need to spend more time reminding yourself that God is on your side! You can do that by praying the Word. For example I would pray Psalm 23 like this:

Thank you Lord that you are my Shepherd and I shall not want! You lay me down beside quiet waters where you give me rest. You restore my soul and you guide me in paths of righteousness for Your name sake! Even when I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will not fear evil, For You are with me! Your rod and Your staff comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies and you anoint my head with oil and my cup overflows! Surely goodness and mercy shall folow me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever!

You can also pray Psalm 103 and Psalm 91 like this and keep on reciting and praying the Word until you believe it. It can only come to pass if you believe! Unbelief and doubt are the only things that can keep prayers from being answered. Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes by the Word of God! Romans 10:17

Then once you believe we go over into action and then we start commanding and saying how things should be. We speak in tongues because it builds us up in our most holy faith! (Jude 1:20)

Please comment and reply. Feel free to email me if you have questions.

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How to have Quiet Time – Practical Lessons on how to spend time with God

Ron van Zyl has over 40 years of intensive experience in hearing the voice of God. He has built many things under guidance of the Holy Spirit and he has learned many things firsthand. Up until now he has written a dozen books in which he tells of his revelations he had had directly from God. As his daughter, I have been involved in the Ministry with him from the age of 14. Our whole family have been growing in the Lord together and we share our knowledge with you in a practical way.

Ron, Yvonne, Michell and Aldo van Zyl

I am setting out to create a training program in which I will guide you through the practical experiences we have had ourselves. I want to share our lives with you and I want to share the things that God has accomplished in us.

I am going to start at the beginning and share with you everything we have learned. I don’t know how many training classes there will be. I guess it might never stop as we are still learning and growing in the Lord daily.

We will start with the foundation stuff and if you are willing to follow along you too will be able to experience what I have experienced by working side by side with my dad. I have gone and dug up all my old diaries and I will share with you the road on which God has taken us, the narrow road on which we still tread carefully today…

Remember to post your comments at the end. I love to hear from you.

Lesson 1

Spending time with God

One of the first things we learned was to spend time with God daily, to have discipline and get up earlier in the morning and spend a set time with God.

I want to challenge you to spend a daily set time with God. Louis Malherbe wrote a book in which he said: Get up, finish with the night, wash, dress and go and spend time with God. Resist the urge to stay in bed a bit longer. If you are serious about God and go out to meet Him, He will meet with you.

If you are seeking God with all your heart and if your heart desire is to have a real relationship with God then you have to make a decision. You have to choose to seek God with all your heart and you have to choose to spend time with God daily. Choose the amount of time you are going to spend and choose your daily time and let this be your offer to God. By offering your time to God, you are giving him a small portion of your day. We are strong believers of Tithes and if you think about it a tenth of your day is actually about 2 hours and 24 minutes. No one has that much time a day unless you are at home all day and besides that it is very difficult to spend that much time with God and stay focused on Him. We have to train our spirit to spend time with God. It does not come naturally for we are naturally dark. By choosing to spend time with God we are training our spirit to be obedient and to stay tuned into the Spirit of God longer and longer every day. So by sowing time with God you will also start to reap time.

The Bible says if we Seek God we will find Him and if we knock the door will be opened.

In Genesis 19:27 Abraham rose early in the morning to go to the place where he met with God, from here he could see Sodom and Gomorrah burn. The Hebrew word for ‘early’ is H7925 shâkam. It means to literally pick up your load, to rest your load on the shoulder. It reminds me of Jesus saying if any man wish to follow him, they should pick up their cross and follow him. (Luke 14:27).

Here are some examples of people who rose early in the morning to be with God:

Pro 8:17:  “I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.”

Mark 16:2:  “And very early in the morning the first day of the week, they came unto the sepulchre at the rising of the sun.”

Mark 16:9:  “Now when Jesus was risen early the first day of the week, he appeared first to Mary Magdalene, out of whom he had cast seven devils.”

Luke 21:38:  “And all the people came early in the morning to him in the temple, for to hear him.”

John 20:1: “The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark, unto the sepulchre, and seeth the stone taken away from the sepulchre.”

Revelation 22:16 Jesus is the bright and morning star

Jesus was up before the sun even came up, He too had to spend time with his Father. He had to give up sleep and walk away from the people to go and find solitude. From personal experience I know that if you have made this decision to spend time with God every day you will sometimes get into situations where you have to take a stand and tell your sleep over friends to give you your time. This has not made me popular and people could interpret this as you being a selfish person. Even in our Guest house we have denied giving breakfast because we are giving our early morning hours to God. We provide people with continental breakfast in their rooms, to which they help themselves.

When you make this decision to give your time to God you might need to make a few changes to your life. I promise you that you will reap the fruit of this decision in no time.

My Dad has carved many statues with a clock in them. He loves teaching people that you can also sow time with God and sow time with people. Ecclesiastics says there is a time for everything.

A time to be young and a time to be Old. Lead wood carved by Ron van Zyl

We always recommend that people should spend time with God in the morning because our minds are fresh and sharp. We can quickly subdue our thoughts before the troubles of the day comes into our minds.

Go into your closet

Mat 6:6:  “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly.” 

Obviously now that you have made a decision on spending time with God you also need to find a place where you can do it. I have an office where I go but you can go anywhere you like. So go today and prepare your ‘inner room’ as the Bible says. We are to go into our ‘closet’ or ‘inner room’ or even ‘upper room’ to spend time with God.