November 2020 Healing

Ron wrote:

Having received the following analogy concerning healing I am passing it along to our readers who may be in need of it. The story was for a woman who had breast cancer.

God had given this woman a beautiful house along with the owner’s manual. It was a wonderful house with the ability to repair itself. The house had an especially lovely lounge where many people came to laugh, be nurtured and enjoy the compassion of its owner who always had a open door. Its owner also had her quiet time in this room with the Lord who had given her the home where she was always thankful.

One day however a big black ugly dog entered the house standing and growling at her in her own home. The dog had wild yellow eyes and its coat was in disrepair. Patches of hair had fallen  out and in its place were festering sores while it seemed that it was dragging a broken hind leg.   The dog was sick, it seemed to have all kinds of sicknesses. She knew if the dog bit her she would die, she knew this because of its stinking breath. While growling it stared her right in the eye and made its way over to the sofa where it dragged itself up and made itself at home in her living room. She was afraid of the dog and dared not move except it allowed her to. The dog was always on the edge of a differing emotion. Sometimes it seemed depressed and then suddenly break out in terrible rage followed by jealousy or pride. The dog had many moods. Whenever she was allowed to make food for herself the dog would eat it. Her beautiful sofa was covered in stinking rotten hair and the puce of its decaying rottenness.

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Health is so important, especially if you lost it. We all need our continual health or our Healing at some point in our lives.

I have seen so many Christians suffer from sickness and disease, I have seen so many die believing for healing. I myself have lost my twin babies at five months while I was believing God for a miracle.

So we started searching for the truth about healing and we believe we found it.

On this page I will list everything we have written or found about healing. If you are struggling to get your health back I am encouraging you to put the time and effort into reading and listening to all the things I am listing below. This will not only encourage and strengthen you but it will renew your mind to the point where your health will spring forth speedily! (Isa 58:8)

It is God’s will for you to be healed and live in divine health!

Ron’s Letters on healing:

This is a list of the monthly letters Ron van Zyl has written over the last year about the subject of healing. You can subscribe to our letters and receive them in your inbox or you can click on the ‘Monthly letters’ to read all of them.

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Ancestral Curses -October 2020

The knowledge of Christ – September 2020

Righteous conscience – August 2020

The Story of the house – Healing – November 2020 (New!)

I have compiled a list of healing scriptures for you. Click here to download it: Health.pdf

Curry Blake:

John G Lake Ministries is now led by Curry Blake. Curry has his own testimonies of losing a Child and then raising a second one from the dead. He is now the general overseer of John G Lake Ministries. John G Lake is now long dead but he was one of the most successful healing ministers of his time. He performed Millions of healings and even trained others to do it also. John G Lake knew the secrets to divine healing and Curry Blake is now training others to be come healing ministers. Curry has a success rate of 98% and he has built a network of people around the world. He calls his network Life Teams. You can become a part of his network by visiting their website. They also have many resources available on there.

His Website is

We have done the training by Curry and it has helped us tremendously. The Following link below will take you to a training seminar called the DHT. In the last session Curry lets the people who were at the training pray for the sick people. He teaches you in a practical way how to pray for the sick and also takes the time to get rid of the wrong concepts we have about healing.

His Divine healing technician training can be found here.

This PDF is the training manual for the Divine healing Technician training. It contains important scripture references used during the training I listed above. 

Click here to download: Divine_healing training manual

After getting all the Holy Cows out of the way you might need to understand how to fight the enemy and what your role in the Kingdom of God is.

Here is the SWAT training done by Curry Blake.

SWAT Lesson 1, SWAT Lesson 2, SWAT Lesson 3, SWAT Lesson 4, SWAT Lesson 5, SWAT Lesson 6, SWAT Lesson 7, SWAT Lesson 8, SWAT Lesson 9, SWAT Lesson 10, SWAT Lesson 11, SWAT Lesson 12, SWAT Lesson 13, SWAT Lesson 14, SWAT Lesson 15, SWAT Lesson 16, SWAT Lesson 17, SWAT Lesson 18, SWAT Lesson 19, SWAT Lesson 20.

Personally after I did the Divine healing technician training the New Man Training has meant the most to me. The New Man training gives you insight into who you are in Christ and helps you with the renewing of your Mind. At the end of the day God already knows who you are, it is our minds which needs to be renewed.

Here is the New Man Training by Curry Blake.

If you need prayer for healing you can ask for prayer here.

Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack has the Charis Bible school and he too teaches on Healing and helps us to eliminate those Holy Cows that are hindering our healing. Andrew has seen his son and his Wife raised from the dead and has been ministering healing to people for 30 years.

His Website contains a big list of free audio sets and you can find many of his books in our stores here in South Africa. He also has an office here in our county and a Bible school.

He has a training set called A BETTER WAY TO PRAY which has helped me allot. This will assist in renewing your mind and also a Audio set on GOD WANTS YOU WELL.

You can go directly to his website here.

Here you can download Andrew Wommack’s free PDF book called ‘God wants you well’.   Andrew Wommack – God Wants you well

This is a two page PDF on a quick summary about healing by Andrew Wommack. Click  here to download Andrew Wommack healing PDF

I will continually expand this list of important knowledge on how to be healed.

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If any of the links on this page does not work please send me a comment below and I will be sure to fix it. But any other comments are welcome too!

Beloved I wish that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers! 1 John 1:3

October 2020

Ron wrote:

I am still addressing the subject of healing and trying to lay bare holy cows.  This month I would like to write about ancestral curses. I have heard people say that sicknesses are inherited.  

“This person is sick because their parents or family had the same problem”.

I have heard this said of cancer for instance. As it happens we have scripture that cancels this theory out completely

(NIV)Ezekiel 18:2-4  “What do you people mean by quoting this proverb about the land of Israel: “‘The fathers eat sour grapes, and the children’s teeth are set on edge’? “As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, you will no longer quote this proverb in Israel. For every living soul belongs to me, the father as well as the son—both alike belong to me. The soul who sins is the one who will die.”

  This is saying that each person is held responsible for their personal soul.

Sayings like these cause strongholds in our minds. I have heard people say “because my Dad had it so will I…” You will most certainly have it if you believe the lie and speak it.

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July 2020 – 15 Secrets of Divine Healing

July 2020 – 15 Secrets of Divine Healing

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Ron wrote:

The past year I have been studying the work of John G. Lake as presented by Curry Blake at  Curry learnt about healing from Doctor Lester Sumrall who in turn learnt from Smith Wigglesworth. John G. Lake not only healed people in the name of Jesus but taught them how to do it. I have gleamed the following points from Curry’s work and have found  a remarkable change in my own life which I hope to pass on to our readers.

 I am writing the points down exactly the way John G. Lake did it while knowing that our readers realise the importance of having a clear conscience by the blood of Jesus before taking authority over the work of Satan.

I would suggest that you copy these 15 points below and read them over and over.

These are the 15 points that are changing our lives.


1.  Destroy sacred cows concerning traditions and religions. “By your traditions you make the word of God of none effect.” Mark 7:13  (You will know what your sacred cows are as you take each of the following points to heart)

2.  Recognize sickness, disease and aches and pains as the enemy that must be defeated. We are against these as we learn to become violent against it. 1 Pet 2:22,  Matt 8:16-17 We must eliminate these and live in divine health.

3.  Get fed up!  (I’m done with sickness! I shall never be sick another day of my life!) HATE SICKNESS, side with God against it. Command sickness to go and never beg for healing. In Christ you have authority over all sickness. You were healed. 1 Pet 2:24, Col 2:9-10

4.  Treat all sickness and disease the same. It is all the Devil, headaches and cancers are to be treated the same.

5.  Treat all sickness like a living being or entity. Talk with it with a voice of command Speak to it, it will obey!  The Devil cannot resist you!!!! Never back down.

6.  Do not pray for people, command the Devil to leave. You do not need God’s permission. God’s will is that all people be healed.

7.  Speak to the problem not to others about the problem. Tell the problem what God says about it.

8.  Speak to people like oppressed prisoners of war. Is 61:1-3 Set the captives free. Get them free then disciple them. (Jesus healed everyone)

9. Get clean and stay clean. (Guard your heart have a clear conscience so you can have confidence.)

10.  Stay out of pride. Live by the fruit of the Spirit. You are not special merely God’s tool to heal the sick. Believe the word and make the Devil mad. Now stand there don’t run after other fads. You have an anointing that abides anyone can heal the sick.

11.  Develop aggression against sin sickness and the Devil. The wages of sin is death.

12.  Be led by God’s character and nature. The sons of God are led by the Spirit of God.

13.  Accept responsibility for your fellow man. We are sent to heal.

14.  Decide to obey the Bible. We have the ministry of reconciliation. We enforce the will of God. (Let thy will be done in earth as it is in heaven.) Be obedient to lay hands on people.  Mark 16.

Do not obey feelings because feelings are subject to change.

15. Know God is with you. Emmanuel. God is for you-for the oppressed.


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