Health is so important, especially if you lost it. We all need our continual health or our Healing at some point in our lives.

I have seen so many Christians suffer from sickness and disease, I have seen so many die believing for healing. I myself, have lost my twin babies at five months while I was believing God for a miracle.

So we started searching for the truth about healing and we believe we found it.

On this page I will list everything we have written or found about healing. If you are struggling to get your health back I am encouraging you to put the time and effort into reading and listening to all the things I am listing below. This will not only encourage and strengthen you but it will renew your mind to the point where your health will spring forth speedily! (Isa 58:8)

It is God’s will for you to be healed and live in divine health!

Ron’s Letters on Healing:

This is a list of the monthly letters Ron van Zyl has written over the last year about the subject of healing. You can subscribe to our letters and receive them in your inbox or you can click on the ‘Monthly letters’ to read all of them.

15 Secrets to Divine Healing – July 2020

Ancestral Curses -October 2020

The Knowledge of Christ – September 2020

Righteous Conscience – August 2020

The Story of the House – Healing – November 2020 (New!)

PDF Downloads:

I have compiled a list of healing scriptures for you. Click here to download it: Health.pdf

Here is Kenneth Copeland’s List of 101 Healing scriptures. I have copied it from their website.  I encourage you to also visit his website and get all the free resources they have available. 

Curry Blake:

John G Lake Ministries is now led by Curry Blake. Curry has his own testimonies of losing a Child and then raising a second one from the dead. He is now the general overseer of John G Lake Ministries. John G Lake is now long dead but he was one of the most successful healing ministers of his time. He performed Millions of healings and even trained others to do it also. John G Lake knew the secrets to divine healing and Curry Blake is now training others to become healing ministers. Curry has a success rate of 98% and he has built a network of people around the world. He calls his network Life Teams. You can become a part of his network by visiting their website. They also have many resources available there.

His Website is

We have done the training by Curry and it has helped us tremendously. The following link below will take you to a training seminar called the DHT. In the last session, Curry lets the people who were at the training pray for the sick people. He teaches you practically how to pray for the sick and also takes the time to get rid of the wrong concepts we have about healing.

His Divine healing technician training can be found here.

This PDF is the training manual for the Divine Healing Technician training. It contains important scripture references used during the training I listed above. 

Click here to download: Divine_healing training manual

After getting all the Holy Cows out of the way you might need to understand how to fight the enemy and what your role in the Kingdom of God is.

Here is the SWAT training done by Curry Blake.

SWAT Lesson 1, SWAT Lesson 2, SWAT Lesson 3, SWAT Lesson 4, SWAT Lesson 5, SWAT Lesson 6, SWAT Lesson 7, SWAT Lesson 8, SWAT Lesson 9, SWAT Lesson 10, SWAT Lesson 11, SWAT Lesson 12, SWAT Lesson 13, SWAT Lesson 14, SWAT Lesson 15, SWAT Lesson 16, SWAT Lesson 17, SWAT Lesson 18, SWAT Lesson 19, SWAT Lesson 20.

Personally, after I did the Divine healing technician training the New Man Training has meant the most to me. The New Man training gives you insight into who you are in Christ and helps you with the renewing of your Mind. At the end of the day God already knows who you are, it is our minds that need to be renewed.

Here is the New Man Training by Curry Blake.

If you need prayer for healing you can ask for prayer here.

Andrew Wommack

Andrew Wommack has the Charis Bible school and he too teaches on Healing and helps us to eliminate those Holy Cows that are hindering our healing. Andrew has seen his son and his Wife raised from the dead and has been ministering healing to people for 30 years.

His Website contains a big list of free audio sets and you can find many of his books in our stores here in South Africa. He also has an office here in our county and a Bible school.

He has a training set called A BETTER WAY TO PRAY which has helped me a lot. This will assist in renewing your mind and also an Audio set on GOD WANTS YOU WELL.

You can go directly to his website here.

Here you can download Andrew Wommack’s free PDF book called ‘God Wants You Well’.   Andrew Wommack – God Wants you well

This is a two-page PDF on a quick summary of healing by Andrew Wommack. Click  here to download Andrew Wommack healing PDF

I will continually expand this list of important knowledge on how to be healed.

Be sure to check back here or sign up to be alerted when this page gets updated.

If any of the links on this page does not work please send me a comment below and I will be sure to fix it. But any other comments are welcome too!

Beloved I wish that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers! 1 John 1:3

5 thoughts on “Health!”

  1. Un grand MERCI pour votre disponibilité et de serner pour nous un bon résumé de l’essentiel sur la guérison.

    1. Thank you for your comment Maloum.
      Yes, I am sorry that language can be a barrier for us. But thank God for Google translate! Else I would not be able to reply to your message! Learning English is an essential part of our modern-day lives and we encourage all our children to be fluent in English.
      I am sure you can contact each of the ministries mentioned in the post and ask them for their French audio teachings. Andrew Wommack will most surely have them and I am also sure that Curry Blake will have French teachings for you too as he does go all over the world.
      God Bless and thank you!

  2. Un grand MERCI pour votre disponibilité et de serner pour nous un bon résumé de l’essentiel sur la guérison .
    Malheureusement presque tout le matériel est en anglais ! et moi je suis francophone !?

  3. Hello,
    Thank you for the above artcle.

    Please I believe in divine healing and I am interested in people who are actually successful at what they are teaching.

    Please, how did you arrive at the figure of 98 percent success rate for Curry Blake. I am just so impressed by that figure

    1. Good day Segun
      We have listened to just about every teaching we could find of Curry Blake and that is what he says. I do believe him and as far as I know he is the only preacher who actually teaches how to do divine healing. I do suggest that you listen to all the teachings you can find of him. Go to his website as it was listed in this post and get the manual and practice the teachings. We are also very impressed by him and his boldness he has towards sickness and disease. God has definitely chosen him to teach this. Curry Blake helped us allot and we now know how to get our bodies healed.
      Blessings to you! Michell

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