March 2018

March 2018

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Ron wrote:

As I have been experiencing a breakthrough in my prayer life, I feel that I should share it with our readers because many are still not entering in to the presence of God. Most people don’t have the time but others are misled into other religious doctrines. I have spent a lot of time trying to understand the point of view of many well meaning teachers. The problem is that most teachers don’t understand that all things that are physical are spiritual. One fellow does not want people to anoint themselves with oil for he reckons (correctly) that the anointing must happen inside the hypothalamus. However it is the physical anointing that causes the spiritual anointing. In the same way the physical flood, flooded the world and drowned all that lived, we are flooded by inner turmoil that causes spiritual death. Jesus is our Prince of peace who gave His life on the cross so that we may live a life free from the flood the enemy causes in our heart.

 Isa 59:19: “When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.”

The way of the tabernacle is the way to enter into God’s presence. It was a physical tabernacle that God used to show how His tabernacle in the heart of people would function.

The Twelve Room Prayer takes us via the way of the tabernacle and brings great peace of mind. We are delivered from the flood to be the anointed of God.  We are to stand before the Almighty as kings and priests of this tabernacle that is within each person.

Integrity is our main aim, without the integrity of the heart we cannot stand with confidence in the presence of God to pray the prayer of faith.  To attain integrity of the heart is impossible without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit must be enthroned in the heart so that His transforming and renewing of the mind can take place daily. He enlarges and unveils the spirit of man by showing us those things that we must become a living sacrifice to. There has to be a dying of self before spirit life is increased. For this reason we are so dependent on the Holy Spirit to show us what will happen at the cross in the morning. Here in the outer court we die to self and rise in Christ. This makes us so thankful in the Holy place.  In the Holy of Hollies I used to bring the crown of life with its twelve stars before God as the elders do in Revelation. One morning the Holy Spirit told me that it is good that I place the crown of life before God for that represents all twelve parts of my life but when am I going to wear the crown…?

The order of the twelve Rooms remains as explained in the past. We go to the cross because this is where we become free as we crucify and leave all our burdens here. No other religion has this way of doing a permanent unburdening. We follow Jesus daily and do as He did, laying down our lives (problems, disappointments, hurts, illnesses and worries).  We cannot go to God with our problems. Learn to unburden and be saved. Jesus saves! Because we are saved we now wear the Armour of God (Eph 6).

We know what we have to deal with at the cross because of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. For this reason we go to the Holy Place to honour the Spirit for His indwelling work of transforming our minds, renewing us, helping us to become free from the captivity of sin. The Holy Spirit unveils our spirit gradually and enlarges our thought capacity. After this we go to Our Father in heaven to be thankful for this life in Christ. Note all the problems are in the cross no need to tell Father about them, He knows it. As our faith develops these burdens become a thing of the past. Because we need to discuss the different issues of our lives with our Father and all of heaven we now categorize different areas of our lives to different Rooms or chambers of the heart.

I pray as following concerning the matter of security.

“Our Father I enter into the security room to stand on the holy stone of a clear conscience. (The foundation of the gospel is a blood washed conscience.)  In this room I enthrone all of heaven, the Father the son, the Holy Spirit, on the mountain of Zion in the heavenly city Jerusalem in the presence of thousands of angels and the citizens of heaven. (Heb 12:22) I stand in the river of life that flows from the throne of God.  I thank you Father that all of heaven has now come to this property causing a wall of fire and a hedge between us and the darkness of the world etc.  After you have asked for instruction and wisdom concerning the way you have to contribute to the safety of your family remember to close the door and seal it with the blood of Jesus. Death cannot enter here as life increases.  The river of life from under the threshold increases in depth as faith increases with this manner of prayer.

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