Welcome to The Shoe Ministries

Welcome to The Shoe Ministries. We are located at The Shoe, in South Africa, Limpopo, on the beautiful scenic route called the Panorama Route, home to the Blyde River Canyon and many other beautiful nature scenes.

Here on the R36 Main Route to Kruger Park, Artist Ron van Zyl has built a Shoe! This Shoe was once just a curio shop but today it is so much more…


The Shoe is the face of our Ministry. It was built by Dr Ron van Zyl in 1990. Ron is an artist who has a unique gift to create inspired artworks based on Godly inspired dreams and visions. His artworks is the result of The Shoe Ministries. In a practical and easily understandable way, we can teach anyone how to live above the problems of everyday life.
Through using the divine revelation called ‘THE LINE’ we are now all able to divide between the power of self (Soul) and the power of God (Spirit) in our lives. With the use of Ron’s unique artistic tools we can teach everyone how to pray and be in contact with our Father in Heaven.

We offer all-inclusive seminars and Teaching Materials.

Visit our Official Website to learn more about us, our products and our place: www.theshoe.org


We care about people. We care about who you are and who you want to be but more importantly we care about your emotional, spiritual and physical well-being. Our goal is to help every person to ‘prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers’. (1John1:3)

We believe that our physical lives is a representation of our mentality and the way that we think. Every person is capable of change, if they would only know how and where to begin.

We believe that we are in possession of truths that every person needs in order to live a holistic prosperous life. We wish to make our material available to everyone. Too few people know that God loves them and too few people really understand what Jesus Christ came to do for us. By using our materials you can be enlightened and encouraged. We aim to pick you up! We aim to help you live above the drag of your own feelings and most of all we aim to help you understand what it means to be SAVED!

We love you and we wish that you will find something that will help you. Join the discussion and leave a reply! We love to hear from you!

Yours truely

Michell Botha (The Daughter of Ron van Zyl)

The Shoe Ministries


2 thoughts on “Welcome to The Shoe Ministries”

  1. Thanks for the book the line . I read it was powerful and the art pictures was amazing I understand the book thru pictures

    1. Hi Shylet
      I am so pleased that you read the book The Line. Yes, the pictures in the books are the way to understand spiritual things. All the books have lots of pictures to make them easy and understandable. Feel free to order the other books and continue your growth process in the Lord. Up to this point, we have 9 books in the series. I also have an online shop where you can get the books as PDF downloads. Visit https://theshoeonline.siterubix.com/
      Thank you for your comments we love to hear from you!
      Be blessed

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