November 2020 Healing

Ron wrote:

Having received the following analogy concerning healing I am passing it along to our readers who may be in need of it. The story was for a woman who had breast cancer.

God had given this woman a beautiful house along with the owner’s manual. It was a wonderful house with the ability to repair itself. The house had an especially lovely lounge where many people came to laugh, be nurtured and enjoy the compassion of its owner who always had a open door. Its owner also had her quiet time in this room with the Lord who had given her the home where she was always thankful.

One day however a big black ugly dog entered the house standing and growling at her in her own home. The dog had wild yellow eyes and its coat was in disrepair. Patches of hair had fallen  out and in its place were festering sores while it seemed that it was dragging a broken hind leg.   The dog was sick, it seemed to have all kinds of sicknesses. She knew if the dog bit her she would die, she knew this because of its stinking breath. While growling it stared her right in the eye and made its way over to the sofa where it dragged itself up and made itself at home in her living room. She was afraid of the dog and dared not move except it allowed her to. The dog was always on the edge of a differing emotion. Sometimes it seemed depressed and then suddenly break out in terrible rage followed by jealousy or pride. The dog had many moods. Whenever she was allowed to make food for herself the dog would eat it. Her beautiful sofa was covered in stinking rotten hair and the puce of its decaying rottenness.

 One day she manages to escape the house where she spoke with people who repair houses. She told them about her problem but they said they could only break that part of the house down and hope that the dog would not come back into the rest of the house. Better to live without that part of the house, it only meant that she had a house without a lounge but still had the rest of the house.

One morning she remembered the owner’s manual where when she read it, the dog seemed to become nervous.  She read the part where Jesus allowed the dog to attack HIM. The dog bit Him causing all its sicknesses to enter His body. She could see that Jesus did set a trap for the ferocious dog to mangle Him until He no longer looked like a man, then He took the dog into himself when He died on the cross. When He died He took the dog into hell where Jesus was resurrected by the Holy Spirit. But the dog was not resurrected. Jesus took away the keys of hell and rose in victory over the hellish animal.

The woman read that she could overcome this same animal because Jesus did it first. Jesus would not take the animal away, but she had to overcome it in His name. She could follow Jesus daily and deal with the animal the same way He did at the cross.

As this understanding arose in her she realised that the dog had no legal right in her house, Jesus did overcome the animal. As she was now in Jesus, all the authority He had over the animal was also in her.

 One morning she walked into that lounge where she with new found authority and great determination told the dog that it had to leave  because the house is the house of God from that day on and no longer the house of dogs. She told the dog to leave and never come back in Jesus name, and the dog obeyed her, dragging its tail between its broken legs. From that day she understood that she had to guard the house and seal its doors with the blood of Jesus.

(In case someone did not understand the story: The house is the woman’s body/spirit. The Dog is the Cancer and the People who work on houses are doctors.)

The Kingdom of God must be taken by force!

I had this experience, years ago we rented our previous home to people who let us know that the house needed serious repairs. With my building team we arrived at the house but the people were not home.  The house was guarded by a enormous dog that would not let us enter the premises. The dog kept on barking hysterically as I tried to phone the people. Every time I tried to enter it would charge me and I could see that this was a trained watch dog. After waiting around to no avail I was beginning to get irritated with situation and the aggression of the dog. After all the entire house is mine and not the dogs. I found a thick heavy piece of hard wood and climbed over the fence fully intending to deal with the dog but to my amazement the dog ran over to the other side of the house and pretended that we were not there. As we worked there it never once growled at us or paid us any attention.

God gave us dominion and power over all the power of the enemy!

Luke 10:19: “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you.”

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2 thoughts on “November 2020 Healing”

  1. Well just as the wife of a beautyfull home marriage and family,that dog that dark canser came into my house and stole everything from me what God gave me and that stinking dog is still in my house,But God showed me a lot of beautyfull things not to worry about it ,God showed me to be still and consitrate on Him and His work,while He is in controle of it,Im a godly women and God is busy preparing me as His bride for the big come back in it,this victory is mine and God will be praised and worshipt in this victory.All fountation has been shaking,this will be my story,that You still reigh and You Still God and I am not.

    1. Dear Yolandi. I am glad that you are positive in your fight against the bad cancer dog. I do hope that you will keep on standing against the attack of the enemy. There are many beliefs that we have about sickness that are not true. One of those is that people believe that they got sick so that they can learn something or have to suffer so that God can purge them. I urge you to please take your stand against this demon and command it to leave your body, as you have the power and authority to do it in Christ. God wants you to exceed but He is not going to fight the enemy on your behalf, Jesus already did it, He already defeated this enemy and cancer is already overcome. It is up to you to take a stand against it and command it to leave. If you are still struggling with this I urge you to please work through the links and books which I have posted on our healing page. By following the training especially that of Curry Blake you will stand in victory.
      Here is the link to the Healing page:

      In the Name of Jesus we command that sickness to leave your body and never come back again! We command Yolandi’s Body to receive complete restoration and health in the Name of Jesus!

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