February 2018

February 2018

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Ron wrote:

The Husband and his role as Priest of the House

The fact that each husband should be the priest of his household seems to be widely accepted yet it seems that there are a lot of misconceptions in the implementing of this task.

Some of the guys want to lay down personal laws and expects the family to fall in line- which causes rebellion. Some people are leaving churches for instance because they do not agree with the rules. This same thing happens in families and businesses or partnerships.  The key to having successful partnerships is mutual respect and being in agreement.

Mat 18:19:  “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

In order to get the Heaven involved in the earth we need agreement.  For this reason families must sit down and agree what the rules are going to be. The best thing to do is to ask everyone what they think the rules should be. This is the way love does it. To force your will onto others causes rebellion, no one likes a law giver. If you allow the your family to say what the rules are they will end up with the rules of the civil law, the moral law the courts of each country will judge by. Every person on earth has a knowing of right or wrong. Once we have found common ground and established what the rules are we can hold each other accountable for those things we have agreed to accomplish with this power that we have in Christ.

In our country legislation allows for each religion to have their own laws or rules. If something goes wrong the judicial system will take your personal rules into account before ruling.

In this way there are international agreements on what human rights are for instance, however these agreements only benefits all parties if all have the integrity of the heart to stick to what they have agreed.  As you know these worldly agreements have little effect in the world. We however are LED by the Spirit to agree so that God’s will can come to the earth.

The point is the family must agree on the goals each individual has so that others can rally behind when the goal is challenged in the spiritual world. If that person decides to give up we can show the contract they have signed and point out that all have agreed to such and such…. The priest of the house is the chairperson and has to see to it that the rules of engagement are strictly kept. The Holy Spirit forms our spiritual character with trials. The priest of the house however has to be open for the same criticism when the others see that he is looking down. He has to be a humble man for it is hard to be taken out by your children, partners or whoever. We all partake of facing our dark sides and rely on the power of the cross to die to our weaknesses. Without agreement the family is open to chaos. We are not of this world but we are in this world, we need order. It’s crazy out there and even in our own minds; we need agreement. The result of such agreement is testimonies and unforgettable experiences that enlarge our faith and pleases the Father.

The priest of the house (male or female) should set the example by being strict with themselves first. The priest strives for excellence and the gifts of the Spirit by having discipline and self control. Even though we are still a work in progress, he or she should be a voice of reason, showing the way to the cross. As a family we have seen that the power of the flesh is a great ever present force that must be died to daily. I have asked my family to never come out of their rooms without dying to the flesh first (by using the cross daily). This is the only way we can have the power with which to guard the heart above all else; because we agree and take each other’s point of view seriously. Our family has weathered the storms for forty years and we are still together because we need each other. We know our weaknesses and wait for the Holy Spirit to point out our faults in the other before we confront that person with those things we have agreed upon. No one is greater than the other, we rather serve than be served.

In short, love rules!


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