September 2018

September 2018

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Ron wrote:

Some of our readers are still struggling to understand the practicality of the kingdom of God.

Is it really the way God supplies all our needs?

As explained many times before the natural man is a carnal man driven by the fruits of the flesh, living by pride or for itself. This natural state in the heart of man is as Genesis 6:5 describes.

Gen 6:5:  “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

God caused the flood because of this heart that is wicket, ignorant and evil and chaotic. This is described as being the kingdom of darkness, deep and dark. Some people choose to give their kingdom of the mind to the beasts of Revelation 17:17. If the Holy Spirit chooses, He moves upon the face of our deep and calls light into being. This is when we give our hearts to God. Gradually we grow into being the Kingdom of God. Revelation 12:10 and the old kingdom which is called Babylon (Rev 17:5) begins to fall. Slowly the Holy Spirit finds more and more room in our hearts until the imaginations and thoughts of the heart becomes the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Col 1:13:  “Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:”

He becomes Lord of the heart as we learn to discern His voice daily from among all the other voices that are still trying to win back the heart. The imaginations (2 Cor 10:5) do not give up easily but they are what we have to overcome. Revelation 3:21. God does not take the deep dark away from us but He gives us the Holy Spirit who teaches us to walk on the deep. We rule over it in Christ.

We learn to overcome the flesh daily by laying down our lives as Jesus showed us at the cross Luke 9:23. We learn through (Rom 8:35) trials and persecutions (1 Pet 2:18) how to stay focused on the Holy Spirit and He in turn teaches us to have transformed minds and shows the things we must die to by becoming a daily living sacrifice. (Rom 12)  Gradually the kingdom of God is established in the heart and imaginations of man with great and high walls of fire and secure gates built on twelve foundations of the understanding which the word of God brings to the heart of man. Paul calls it the circumcision of the heart. (Deut 10:16, Rom 2:29)

As you can see the Holy Spirit goes to a lot of trouble to teach us to be a life giving kingdom of God for the reason of bearing good fruit.

The events described above happens in the same way a farmer would prepare soil for planting. First however there is a question of ownership. To whom does the soil belong, to who does the heart belong? “Thy Kingdom thy power”  Note this “power.”

Then the farmer prepares to use the power of the soil to bring forth a harvest. The farmer cannot sow until the soil has been prepared by plowing and then analyse whether the soil is fruitful enough to produce a crop. Once this has been determined the type of seed is sown that will grow in these conditions. After this follows diligent removal of weeds and thistles in the same way we have to guard the heart against the flesh. He speaks the word and the word brings forth the faith as he waters the crop. The farmer watches over his crop and does everything in his power to ensure a good crop while the power of the soil is faithful to make everything that is sown into it to grow miraculously. The farmer knows how to watch over his seed because he was taught by his parents to do this instinctively. In this same way the Holy Spirit teaches us to guard over the crop we sow in the Kingdom of God. The farmer needs a lot of patience and the righteousness of the heart must remain intact all the time. He is going to need all the fruit of the spirit because life is going to happen. It will seem as if he will never make the harvest. However our God will fight for us and he will provide a harvest and the glory will be His. In this same way the Kingdom of God brings forth the things we sow into it. This, the gospel of the Kingdom we should be preaching.


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