August 2018

August 2018

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Ron wrote:

Last month I started telling of the way the Kingdom of God functions by faith. To explain all of it will take a book, but I will tell of the way it was explained to me by my brother Paul, who had no idea that he was explaining the power of the kingdom of heaven; he was simply aware of this power and used the power to live by, to give God glory.

The kingdom works with a seed of like substance. If you want maize you need to sow maize seed and so on. I do not know what your particular need is but if you want to use this principle you must ask the Holy Spirit to show you what seed you must sow.

Example, when I grew tired of being alone I asked the Lord to give me a wife and asked Him to show me the seed I must sow. It turned out that I must sow myself. I had to sow my flesh and not look at another woman until God send a woman who would repack my closet. This was to be my wife and together we practiced the principles of the Kingdom of God.

Not because we were holy but wanted to work for God and be free from the worldly way of living. The world is always holding a sword over its employers, we know God is fair and God had to be our supply. For this reason we gave everything we owned to God, that was not much but God was the boss of our lives. We worked long hours every day, doing the things our hands found to do and made sure we gave God time.

When we got up in the morning the first hour of our day belongs to God. That was the seed for the rest of the day. When God send us people to spend time with we would willingly sow that time. Everything belongs to God even time, so He can do with it what He wants. Money did not come into the equation, God will provide. When He gave us money we paid ten present of it immediately. It is the first fruit and goes for those in need; we want to be part of the way God provides for all people and not only live for ourselves. We are artists and the work we do is for God, if it sold it is good if it stayed it would be a way of spreading the good news God was teaching us from reading the Bible daily. Because we did not own land we would not rent houses but build on a farmer’s land who understood what we were doing. Farmers understand the principle of sowing and reaping and cheered us. By living the faith life with the little understanding we have of faith we managed to buy and build our own property by faith.

I will use the example of the way we build and then I believe the Holy Spirit will show you what and how you must sow in your need so the Kingdom power can multiply for you. I have explained the way to guard the heart in seventy letters that are on the Shoe ministries website. The first thing you need is sanctification, use the cross. Afterward agree on what you are going to build, down to the finest detail. We do not want conflict, we must agree! The more people agree the more power, for this reason we would ask the children if they agreed so everybody is involved in the building that will glorify God, for we have no money to build it. (Matt 18:19)We only know we need it. Once we have agreed we peg the size of the building and then we pray there in agreement. The next day God hasn’t sent a team of builders but that makes no difference I have a pick and shovel and begin to dig the foundations. Of course it has to be the hottest day of the year and the ground is rock hard but this is my seed. We have rocks to build with in our mountain and I started by laying the first rocks by faith speaking life in the boiling sun. The following day the next door Indian gave me a packet of cement. He just delivered it, it had to be God!  I made the first mix and hardly started to build when a youngster arrived asking for work. I told him I have no money but if he was willing to learn how to build I would teach him. We never stopped building from that day and we always have food. This power you see at work is the Kingdom the power and the glory of God, this is the way God wants to supply for all His sons and daughters.

I hope this encourages you to start sowing the proper seed in good soil.


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