Become the Kingdom of God

Luke 21:32 says that it is the pleasure of the Father to give you the kingdom. It is the easiest thing to become part of the Kingdom of God just by giving our hearts to Jesus. He does the rest. He fills us with His Spirit and begins to teach and guide us into all knowledge as He satisfies our souls and makes us like watered gardens, (Isa 58:11) like springs of water that never dry up. He gives us His peace. The Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds but becomes the biggest of all the herb-bearing trees.

The Kingdom of God is within the heart of man. To have the Kingdom within is wonderful but it must grow as we grow in the knowledge of the power we possess in Christ Jesus, Eph1:17.

To be a Kingdom is to be the king of that kingdom with the authority that we have in Christ. The purpose of Jesus coming to earth was to bring the Kingdom into the earth through us. The same Spirit who rose Christ from the grave is now in us and quickens our mortal bodies. With Christ in us, we no longer live, Christ lives in us. [Gal 2:20] This is the message of the Bible.

Why is all this so important to God that He gave His only begotten son to be crucified and rise again to sit at His right hand?

Acts 2:34: “The Lord said to my Lord, Sit at My right hand and share My throne, until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet. (Ps 110:1)

See Jesus is no longer healing the sick but we do it in His name. Jesus is the Word but He is no longer speaking it. We are the ones who are speaking the written Word, the same power that was in the Word when He created the universe is still in that Word. If we speak that Word of God it is in our mouth and then it is in our heart. The heart is the Kingdom of God and we speak God’s Word from out of the Kingdom in the heart; believing that those things which we say will come to pass and be exactly as we say. (Mark 11:23)

Jesus is waiting for us to make His enemies His footstool. The enemy is our unbelief. Pride is the original sin and pride does not only exalt itself against God it can also be our false humility. We do not believe we can do what Jesus did. We do not believe that we can be Godly because of our humanity. God has gone to a lot of trouble to place Christ in us. God’s enemies are the wickedness we see in the world. If we are not going to take up the authority God has given us in Christ the wickedness in the world will never be dealt with. We have the authority to bind the pride and arrogance in ungodly people.

Mat 18:18:  “Verily I say unto you, Whatsoever ye shall bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever ye shall loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.”

If we do not speak the Word of God the power of God in the Word cannot bring forth life. It is our duty to speak God’s Word and believe that we shall have whatever we say. I know there are people reading this letter with personal problems caused by the pride and arrogance of accusation, judgment, and criticism of other people. Bind the works of Satan in those people. You have the authority. Make sure that your conscience is clear by using communion. If you have anything against anyone, go fix it and then crucify that wicked arrogant spirit. See that wicked thing that God hates, hanging there on the cross. Claim that soul for Christ and speak life to the person but crucify the wicked spirit. When the problem comes back into your mind, bind that wickedness in the name of Jesus Christ and apply the blood of Jesus against it, and cast that thing under the feet of Christ who is waiting for the enemy to be under His feet. Do not stop! Do this until you have your breakthrough and it will bring glory to God when that soul bows its knees and acknowledges that Jesus Christ is Lord.

 As I said, God is not going to do it, if we don’t do it that person will never change. Perhaps it is a physical problem in your body. Speak to it, tell it what the Word of God says about it. These things are from the enemy and it must obey you because Christ is in you.

So let your New Year’s resolution be to take up the Authority you have in Christ Jesus and bring His Will and His Word into being in the earth. Let us decide to speak the Word of God into every situation and get victory over it.

You’ve already got it! June 2021

June 2021 – You’ve already got it!

In Col 1:27 God had made known to us the riches of the glory the mystery of Christ in us.

The mystery of the will of God for man is that Christ should live inside people here on earth. Every time I read this verse I know that it is God’s will that Christ lives in me, yet, it is as if my natural mind does not fully comprehend it. As I read this verse continually I know that revelation comes to my soul of who I am in Christ. It as if layers of the veil have to be removed from my understanding.

Point is that if I fully understood this verse I would do the same works Jesus did in the earth. Heal the sick, raise the dead multiply food and walk on water. From reading 1 Pet 1:20 I understand that it was God’s will that Christ would be crucified before the foundations of the earth was laid so that mankind could do what Jesus did.

From Eph 1:17 It is God’s will that we have the revelation of the knowledge of the power that we possess in Christ.

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January 2021

The Kingdom of God is within

A New year letter from the Shoe Ministries.

The great commission to all believers is to preach the Kingdom of God.

 It has come to my attention that most people don’t know where the Kingdom of God is. “The Kingdom of God is within”. Jesus stood on earth and said he was in heaven. 

Ephesians 2:4 says we are seated with Christ in heavenly places. In Hebrews 12:22 “We are citizens of heaven”. Just to name a few scriptural examples. How can this be? Some say heaven is to the north of the earth and others that we will someday live in heaven but we are in hell right now. So many traditions and religions that make the word of God of none effect.

“But the kingdom of God belongs to children” (Luke 18:16).  

When God came to earth in Genesis 65, He saw that the imaginations and thoughts of men’s hearts were continually evil.. For this same reason, He gave Noah the task of building the ark so that only he and his family would be saved as the flood commenced and wiped out the entire population of the earth. These three words describe that most important part of man where God should live, inside man. In the imaginations (1) and thoughts(2) of the heart(3). This shows that the physical heart is only a pump while the heart is where imaginations and thoughts abide that are of such importance to God.

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October 2018

October 2018

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Ron wrote:

From the last Email it must sound like very hard work to live this Kingdom of God  life.

However the rewards are high. We are not only promised everlasting life but peace and joy in the Holy Ghost. Rom 14:17:  “For the kingdom of God is not meat and drink; but righteousness, and peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost.”

The promise of peace and joy in this life is not a small matter. The people of this world go to extreme lengths to have peace and joy. Most think they will be happy if they have material things. While they are struggling to get the money they have to use drugs, sex or gambling to find some peace in the mind while they are waiting for their ship to come in.

I know Christians that are struggling with illnesses, deep regret, broken hearts, fears and even superstitions. We are not being spiritual if we think the devil is hidden somewhere in a physical object. We already have enough trouble with the lusts of the flesh to go and give Satan other powers he does not possess. In the words of Martin Luther: “We have enough to do all our life long in taming the body, slaying its lusts and compelling its members to obey the Spirit and not the lusts”.

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September 2018

September 2018

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Ron wrote:

Some of our readers are still struggling to understand the practicality of the kingdom of God.

Is it really the way God supplies all our needs?

As explained many times before the natural man is a carnal man driven by the fruits of the flesh, living by pride or for itself. This natural state in the heart of man is as Genesis 6:5 describes.

Gen 6:5:  “And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.”

God caused the flood because of this heart that is wicket, ignorant and evil and chaotic. This is described as being the kingdom of darkness, deep and dark. Some people choose to give their kingdom of the mind to the beasts of Revelation 17:17. If the Holy Spirit chooses, He moves upon the face of our deep and calls light into being. This is when we give our hearts to God. Gradually we grow into being the Kingdom of God. Revelation 12:10 and the old kingdom which is called Babylon (Rev 17:5) begins to fall. Slowly the Holy Spirit finds more and more room in our hearts until the imaginations and thoughts of the heart becomes the dwelling of the Holy Spirit.

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