You’ve already got it! June 2021

June 2021 – You’ve already got it!

In Col 1:27 God had made known to us the riches of the glory the mystery of Christ in us.

The mystery of the will of God for man is that Christ should live inside people here on earth. Every time I read this verse I know that it is God’s will that Christ lives in me, yet, it is as if my natural mind does not fully comprehend it. As I read this verse continually I know that revelation comes to my soul of who I am in Christ. It as if layers of the veil have to be removed from my understanding.

Point is that if I fully understood this verse I would do the same works Jesus did in the earth. Heal the sick, raise the dead multiply food and walk on water. From reading 1 Pet 1:20 I understand that it was God’s will that Christ would be crucified before the foundations of the earth was laid so that mankind could do what Jesus did.

From Eph 1:17 It is God’s will that we have the revelation of the knowledge of the power that we possess in Christ.

From I John 2:20 it is understood that we have an unction from the Holy one to know all things.

Many more scriptures prove that God wants us to rule in the earth because we already have power over all the power of the enemy. Yet so many people I meet are still waiting for a special touch from God or at least a feeling of holiness. Some teachers take advantage of this hopelessness in us and say we must get their anointing. Others pray earnestly and say: “O God please use me, O God please fill me!” Because I am just as human as any other person on earth I would like to encourage our readers to take up the authority you have in Christ.  Do not wait for something more to happen. If you have given your heart to God you have to ask God for the baptism of the Holy Ghost then, don’t wait for feelings or a prophetic word- just do as He leads you.  I have been doing a lot of reading about the miracle of the loaves and fishes. It is plain that Jesus did not create a whole pile of loaves and fishes before distributing it to the 4000 people. As he gave the food to the disciples the food multiplied in His hands. This is the way we must live. Just begin to take authority over your circumstances if they are not ideal. Take authority over your health and finances. Base it on scripture, tell that situation what God says about it and it MUST change. It will change because you TOLD it to do so in the name of Jesus. It will be exactly the way you say. Just because it does not look like it has not manifested physically does not mean it has not begun. The thing is; WE have to do it. Don’t ask God to do it, He has already done everything when He gave us Jesus. I pray that you will be inspired to do the supernatural so that you may bring glory to God.

God blesses the things we do. If we don’t do anything He has nothing to bless.

The sculpture above was carved by Ron van Zyl. It is carved from Leadwood.

The sculpture depicts an angry faced, giant man, pointing over his shoulder.

He is asking the question: Are you looking back?

He is referring to the words of Jesus in Luke 9:62: “Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.””

It was Ron’s revelation at the time when he sculpted this sculpture, that we should not talk or refer to the past continually. By always living in the past you are not fit for the Kingdom of God.

Ron sculpts conversational pieces. His sculptures and books are full of revelations and insights we can all use to encourage or witness to others.


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3 thoughts on “You’ve already got it! June 2021”

  1. KYK NET VORENTOE SAAM MET GOD.Dit is so waar, dit help nie om terug te kyk nie jy kan nooit terug kry wat verby is nie.Maar mat GOD kan jy vooruit gaan.
    Did vir Julle.

    1. Dankie vir jou terugvoering. Ons is dankbaar vir julle almal wat so getrou ons boodskappe lees. Ons hoop julle deel die boodskappe met jul vriende! Dankie vir die gebede! Wees getrou aan die Woord van God en WEET dat God sorg vir sy kinders. – Michell

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