The Power of Speech – July 2021

To set out and do the things your hands find to do is a great adventure if only you can keep fear or worry out of the equation. How do you keep negative thoughts at bay?

Death and life are in the power of your tongue

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We had two bikers visit us this week, two normal good Christian guys who have to survive by faith because they have no permanent job due to the current climate in South Africa. They contract their abilities and are managing to provide for their families. My heart went out to them and I told them how God taught me to talk right when I was a struggling artist with no material things.

I was surprised when I saw they did not have the understanding of speaking the things that do not exist into being. (This is Heb 11:1 of the faith chapter.)

I believe that if I had a job with a monthly income, my faith would not have developed. I do not think I would have a single testimony that glorifies God because I only have to budget with the money I have. I think that the people who have to pray and be thankful for every slice of bread are by far in a better position to please God. The Bible teaches that it is impossible to please God without faith. To set out and do the things your hands find to do is a great adventure if only you can keep fear or worry out of the equation. It is impossible to master your thoughts by yourself. It must be really hard for those people who are forced to live by faith in the present economy and political situation with covet and jealousy thrown into the mix to bring greater chaos.

It is important to check on your words

Even if you know about the power of your words it may be of value to check on your language.  Ask your friends and family to tell you when you are negative. Negative speech is thorns that are being sown in your heart and it will grow up. You will reap what you sow. The things that are happening in our country are unjust and unfair.  I would like to remind you that what happened to Jesus was unjust and unfair yet He overcame the enemy by not saying a word. The prophets said our savior would be as meek as a lamb and that He would not say a word. In this way He overcame Satan. The world says we are cowards if we walk away from a fight but a believer is an overcomer, when he walks away from a fight. What did he overcome? He overcame his natural sinful desire to react with violence and defend himself. I have experienced a tap on the shoulder from the Holy Spirit when I walked away. He said that He was proud of me and that I would have reacted differently in the past. I did not know that I was sinning when I was impatient, let alone lost my temper. I want to encourage every believer to live in self-control. God can bless you if you can remain calm. Read Galatians 5:22 and ask the Lord to help you to bring forth the fruit of the Spirit. Love, joy, peace and long-suffering brings God onto the scene in your life. God cannot bless you if worry is in your heart. Worry and fear are idols that we choose to worship in our hearts. Remember our hearts belong to God. We will love God with all our heart. To be able to keep your heart from sinning we ask Jesus to be the Lord of our thoughts. Thoughts cause bad things to happen in our lives. I have heard people say that the devil can’t hear your thoughts. That is exactly wrong, the devil is the bad thoughts! Think about it, fear is a thought and so is everything bad that is mentioned in Gal 5:19.  Proverbs 23:7 says: “As a man thinks in his heart so is he”.

Get rid of bad thoughts by meditating on the Word of God

We counter bad thoughts by meditating the word of God. Meditate the word of God day and night and you will have good success. The  word of God is life and healing to all your flesh and marrow to your bones. He who meditates the word of God is like a tree planted by water, bringing forth his fruit in season and everything he does will prosper. In the beginning was the word and the word was God and the word was with God. The word is life and the word created. ( Joshua 1:6, Prov 4:22,  Ps 1:3, John 1:1)    The word of God is the light in the darkness of dark thoughts.  We meditate on the word and we speak it. We tell the devil what the word of God says and we do not back down- it will be exactly the way we say! (Mark 11:23). In the same way Adam was created to rule, we rule over bad thoughts by the word of God. 

Tell the Devil what the Word of God says – like Jesus did.

Now tell the devil:  “WHATSOEVER I DO, I PROSPER, BECAUSE GOD SAID SO IN PSALM 1!!  And you can do nothing about it because Jesus overcame you and so do I, in His name!”


This Wild Olive sculpture by Ron van Zyl is called: Order out of Chaos.

Genesis 1 says the earth was dark, void and without form, and God spoke and created everything that is created. We too can speak order and life into our own chaotic lives. Let our thoughts be on the things above and not the things below.


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