The Armour of God -August 2021

Room 6 in the Alpha Omega Cave – Children of God wearing their full Armour with Authority in the Earth.

The Armour of God

I would like to lay to rest the question of the Armour of God in Ephesians 6. How do you put it on and do you take it off?

Putting on the Armour is putting on Jesus! 

Romans 13:14: “But put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ, and make not provision for the flesh, to fulfill the lusts thereof.”

 Do I ever take off Jesus? No, most certainly not. The only reason why I keep putting on Christ daily is because I have to die daily. The war of the mind is a continuous one. Sometimes we wake up in the morning feeling strong and in contact with God then somewhere during the day you realize that someone said something and the smallest bit of fear enters to make you uncomfortable. Our closest friends are dying of Covid and we begin to ask inner questions. 

There is a vast difference between rising daily in Christ and not doing it daily. We need the mind of Christ. The Bible teaches that sin lays at the door!. The natural sinful man is fearful, proud, arrogant and powerless. Gal 5:19, Rom 1:29,30.

We cannot keep the natural man under by ourselves. Although Christ is in us and will never leave us we still have to deal with the sinful self at the cross daily.

 Jeremiah 17:9 says: The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it? 

In the next verse, the Lord searches the heart and tries the reins and gives the fruit of its doing.

This is why we have to guard the heart above all things because it is naturally wicked.

All of us want the power of Christ in us to bring forth the works of God daily. If we want to do the works Jesus did on the earth the fundamentals is a clear conscience. The way to guard the heart is to follow Jesus daily Luke 9:23; Take up your cross and do as He did. Go die to whatever made it into your mind, that was negative and crucify it, die to it and then rise in Christ. As we use communion the blood is sprinkled in the thoughts, we are cleansed from an evil conscience and washed in pure water. (Heb 10:22) Now we are saved into Christ, The sinful man is crucified and I rise in Christ. It is no longer I who lives, it is Christ who lives in me. Gal 2:20 says I am hidden in Christ. Col 3:3 says you are saved into Christ. Imagine yourself being in Christ, and He is in the Father (John 17). 

The Helmet of Salvation

We have the helmet of salvation, we have the saved mind where the Knowledge of the power we possess in Christ is in us, (Eph 1:17) as we are led to know all things by the Holy Spirit as 1 John 2:20 says we have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.  

We now continue to put on the armour which is the character of God. 

The Breastplate of righteousness

We are the righteousness of God. That means we do the works of God in the earth because Christ is in us. We have this powerful mind that lays hands on the sick and they do recover. We lay hands on ourselves and speak to all sickness, aches and pains and it must obey you. We speak to the mountain and it does obey us. (Mark 11:23) 

The Belt of Truth

We put on the belt of truth by meditating on the word of God and the power of the truth that makes me like Jesus today. John 8:32 says the truth shall make you free. To understand how to be free from the rule of the enemy in the mind is freedom indeed.

The Shoes of Peace

 I put on the shoes and meditate on the word that teaches that Jesus is the Prince of peace. Peace is upon you and your house and wherever you go today you bring peace.

The Two-edged sword of the Word of God

 As you meditate on the word continually you become the word that is the two-edged sword. You are able to answer the devil with the word of God, in the same way, Jesus did, and he must get behind you. Because we speak God’s word we speak creative words to our circumstances, we call things into being that does not even exist in the natural.

The Shield of Faith

You are also the faith of God. Do not wonder if you are able to be Christ in the earth. God has given you that measure of faith. Romans 12:3 Gal 2:16 –we are justified by the faith of Christ.

 We also live by the faith of Christ. It is only for us to know when to release our faith.

All believers can do the supernatural because we are in Christ!

A strong blood washed mind is where the river of life flows from, to do the works of God. In this way, I put on the Armour daily because it renews my mind. (Rom 2:1-2) I put on Christ and get a new understanding of who I am in Christ. In this way, I become the new creation who rules in the earth and has the dominion Adam lost.

All over the world people are suffering during this Covid pandemic. It may be that you are ill, stressed or depressed. Each one of us needs to be conformed to the image of Christ. I suggest you print this letter and on a separate page, print all the scriptures so you can read them out loud to yourself while taking communion. The word of God is life to all your flesh—Prov 4:20-23. Speak life to the death of Covid it must obey you. 

 Leave your comments or questions if you do not understand!

You can also visit our HEALTH page for me information on healing and professing the word of God.

This is a 1.2 meter high wall mountable sculpture made from Cement. It was created by Ron van Zyl. It features Jesus holding the Armour of Ephesians 6 on his chest. This sculpture is on sale from The Shoe Ministries.


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    1. Thank you for your comment Alvar
      Indeed how great is our God! I supplies all our needs…before we could even ask. We did not even know that we needed to be made righteous.
      Be blessed

  1. Thank you for the profound message hared, truly when we follow all the instructions faithfully, we will be able to stand against the wiles of the enemy, and we will have victory regardless of Satan’s strategy.

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