The Holiness of the Most Holy

Many years ago when the Holy Spirit started teaching me about the conscience I was completely awed, I did not know that the heart is the conscience. I did not know or understand the flesh, but the Lord taught us these things by the Line that we found in the cave as we learned about the cross, spiritual things started to make sense.

During this time I had an experience that taught me about the Holiness of God.

It was while the Holy Spirit was talking about the conscience that it seemed that I was given a window into the Most Holy Place, I have never seen. It was during the day in bright sunshine that suddenly I was looking into a very powerful Holy Place. It seemed as if two angels have opened a door for me by parting the sky before me with their wings. The Most Holy Place I saw was pure white, far brighter than the sun, the air of it was full of power. I understood that nothing physical can go in there. If a tiny feather would drift in there it would explode like an atomic bomb. The very Holiness of that place made my knees buckle and I was made aware that the conscience of man, must be the dwelling of this mighty power. This place is the Kingdom of God within us.

Jerusalem within. Painted by Ron van Zyl.

During the earthly ministry of Jesus, He said that it would be far better if He goes to be with the Father, and then the Holy Spirit would dwell in each one of us who accepted Christ as our saviour. This Holy Spirit is the same one who came upon Jesus in the form of a dove. The same one who multiplied food, healed people, rose the dead and did many wonders. This same Spirit now lives in us. He looks like Jesus, He is the Spirit of Christ, who was crucified so that many sons may come into glory. That we should be like Jesus was on earth. When we give our hearts to Jesus we ask Him for the baptism of the Holy Spirit who comes into us speaking in a heavenly language. He prays inside us and we can repeat what He is saying. He prays directly into this Holy Place I was trying to explain. His presence in us makes us citizens of heaven. (Heb.12)

The voice of the Spirit is very small. It is up to us to guard our hearts against sin so that we may stay in touch with the small voice that is very powerful. “Search my heart O God, take all my sin away”. The subject of Romans 1 is that we all have a knowing of right and wrong (Conscience). If we do not attend to the small voice the heart begins to harden, and this is when God gives us over to our earthly sinful desires. This is when we are no longer aware that God is Holy. But if we attend to the voice of God’s Word His power lives in us and we can partake of it as our minds are transformed and we learn to become a living sacrifice as we follow Jesus daily. We lay down our lives and partake of God’s life inside us.


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