January 2019

January 2019

Ron wrote:


About a year ago I wrote on the subject of “the wife” that has brought forth a lot of giggles, however the fact that it is our main obstacle in life still stands. Because I still do not fully understand my W.I.F.E. (Will, Intellect, Feelings and Emotions)  I was pleased when I heard a woman talk on the subject of feelings. Margret Thatcher said the following when her doctor asked her how she was “feeling”  in the movie ‘Iron Lady’.

“Don’t ask me how I am feeling, ask me what I am thinking”.

She had a big problem with feeling things, as we should have. Why do you want to tell people how you are feeling? I don’t feel comfortable, or how are you feeling? The contrast between the Lady and the government of her time was that she did not allow her feelings to pamper her. The government was so busy feeling bad, that there were no jobs, that they allowed the unions to devastate the country as everybody wallowed in feelings. This state of mind brought chaos the England at that time as rubbish piled and transport services came to a standstill because feelings ruled in the heart.

I am not taking punches at our government I am trying to show the power of feelings. Maggie knew that thought would solve their problems as she said: “We are governed by people who feel.” She called the government cowards who did not have the backbone to rise and respond with firmness to the devastation feelings were causing. Stop feeling, ask me what I am thinking! Thoughts will become words! Words become action, action becomes habits. Habits become character, your character causes your destiny. What are you thinking? Because God is able to give you exceedingly above all you could think or ask for- Eph 3:20. In Jer 29:11 God is saying: “I know the thoughts I think about you to give you an expected end.” Ps 33:11 we are encouraged to know the thoughts of God’s heart. In Pro16:3 you should  ask God to establish your thoughts.

In Ecc 8:5 feelings are reserved for feelings of guilt. “Who keeps the commandments of God will feel no evil”

Seen from this perspective we can see that feelings are responsible for problems, such as poverty, illnesses, and misconstrued sexuality. Simply because people respond to feelings, will, intellect and emotions. These four combined is responsible for chaos in the earth.

 For instance, the unions are saying: “Don’t you feel you are working too hard?  Just pay here and we will see to it that you work less for more money!”  If they thought about it they would have known this is the way to lose your job. This is manipulation that causes the down fall of an economy.  Insurance companies scandalously appeal to the feelings of people by asking how you will feel if you don’t provide for your family.  It has been proven that it is far better to look after your own savings than giving it to others who do it at your expense.  It is far better to teach your family to work hard than sitting around feeling.


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