May 2020

May 2020

Ron wrote:

The subject of last month’s Email was to enter the rest with the time we have at our disposal during lock down. Perhaps you have noticed how the mind can wonder when you read the scriptures or try to pray.  Perhaps you will agree now how important it is to know where you are in your mind at all times.

 I do not intent to teach about the twelve rooms but would like to remind you that the tabernacle is the way to enter into the presence of God.

The reason being is that we need to have the mind dealt with daily.

 Science teaches that we have a hundred billion brain cells. I want each one of my brain cells to be filled with the light and knowledge of God. This is why we take thoughts captive, pulling down strongholds, principalities and powers. We cast down wickedness in high places from our own minds. These brain cells must be sanctified with the blood of Jesus so that I can have the Christ mind. In this way we become the tabernacle of God. The house of God is to be sanctified so that the Spirit of God  can speak to us in our hearts.

With a clear focused conscience we have boldness to enter into the holy of hollies where we have the confidence that we are sons of God—all this because of Jesus Christ our Lord. He is the one who sprinkles the conscience with His blood and washes us with pure water Heb 10:22.  He is the one who gave His life willingly that we may have His mind.

Think about this! He was on earth to show us the will of God. He came to show us the character of God. Always willing to heal, always loving and kind, never judging but asking the people:  “What will you that I do for you?”  Always willing to go and heal or raise the dead. This same Spirit lives inside each reborn believer.

This knowledge should give you the rest. God simply is our provider.When the understanding of who God is, enters your heart it gives you the rest.

The Old Testament story of Abraham who was the friend of God blesses me the most. In John 15:15 we are told that we are no longer servants but the friends of God.

Abraham journeyed three days to get the Mountain of Moria to sacrifice His son Isaac to God. (that is the place where Jesus was crucified)  The Bible teaches that Abraham fully intended to sacrifice his son yet he told his servants that they should wait because they would be back.  As Abraham lifted the knife to kill his son the angel of the Lord stopped him and showed him a ram goat caught in the bushes by his horns. (The word horn always means ‘mind’ in Hebrew) Then comes this astonishing part where Abraham calls God Jehovah Jireh. The Lord is my provider. After God supplied the ram Abraham simply knew that God is the ultimate provider.   

 Stop worrying, God will provide!

 Gen 22:14:  “And Abraham called the name of that place Jehovahjireh: as it is said to this day, In the mount of the LORD it shall be seen. (This last part is translated in the Amplified as: on the mount of the Lord it will be provided.) (at the cross)

I hope that you the reader can see how God provides because of the ultimate sacrifice of His only son who was crucified. Then the angel of the Lord begins to pronouns the blessing to Abraham and his seed. (That we are the seed of Abraham because of Christ Hebrews 6) Read Genesis 22 it will give you rest.

Let us stay in the rest, keep our minds and stop worrying! God is Jehovah Jireh!


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