February 2019

February 2019

Ron wrote:

Last month I wrote on Feelings. 

From reactions to the last letter it seems we are all guilty of allowing feelings to rule in us one way or another. Natural man wants to be pampered to sink away into feelings. Feelings like goose bumps, floating away sensations, generally away from the realities of this world.

The idea is that we should be doing something in the earth, while most are intent on being someone in the earth measuring all and everything by material things and the way they feel.

However our purpose from the beginning has been to have dominion in the earth. In the same way we rule over animals we should rule over the fleshly state that is within. Feelings is to be ruled over.

Pampered people should measure themselves by the contrast between king Herod and John the Baptist. Herod lived by feeling himself to have great importance and lived in the lap of luxury while John lived to preach the kingdom of God without consideration for his personal life. The one reveling in fine clothes, eating delicacies and no consideration for his conscience. The other living in the wilderness eating insects and wild honey, wearing animal skins and people came to listen to him.  Although Herod build the temple, all his work was demolished, you might say rejected by God. God is pleased with us when we overcome self with its many demands of self exaltation, not just to revel around in ‘what am I feeling like?’  Living above feelings should be our goal. Feelings make us walk around in circles living for things that have no importance at all. Feelings are the lies that make fools of us. We should be ashamed when we give in to feelings of –“I don’t feel well today”,  It’s only a feeling, it’s not the truth.  “I don’t feel well I must be getting the flu”. As you begin to find constructive things to do then strangely, the feeling disappears! Feelings are cowardly and destructive. Feeling have no real life they are only imaginations yet if we allow it entry into the mind we will be exactly the way we feel.

Everything that is worth while doing, is going to be hard, but this is the way to have a testimony that touches people. A testimony has power for it shows the way we overcome feelings. Although your body hurt you got up and took authority over the feeling. That is the first step to healing. Cast those feeling of a low self worth into the pit where it comes from. Cast down feelings of worry, fear and anxiety. Some are still convinced that curses have greater power than blessings. “O thank you, I know God will bless me but I am so afraid for my child, and so on and on…”.  

No authority, no blessing!

Feeling is the curse that holds us captive.

Until next month, Ron.


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