Do you know God’s desire for you?

As a child, I gave my heart to God as my mother told me Bible stories. I remember how boring it was when the Israelites did not trust God. God did all these incredible miracles that we long to see with our eyes! yet they just could not believe. The miracle of the opening of the Red Sea, a Pillar of fire at night, and a cloud overshadowing them at day physically indicating to them that God was present. Manna fell out of heaven and birds came to them to be eaten, water came out of a rock. They saw the presence of God at Mount Sinai yet they worshiped a golden calf.

However since I have learned about the sinful carnal mind that is present in all people I know that we do the exact same things those people did. We say we do not worship idols yet we allow the idol of fear to live in our hearts in the form of worry. We allow irritability into our hearts. This causes impatience and impatience leads to anger and rage. We still see the miracles of God’s presence daily, as the sun rises, the rain comes in season, and as we eat our daily bread. We live in houses and sleep in comfortable beds. We are partaking of God’s miraculous supply as it sometimes seems as if we cannot pay all the bills this month and yet we always do. God’s supply is still miraculous! We always make it, God supplies wonderfully.

I know from experience that He loves us more than we will ever realize.

Then we grow one step higher in our spiritual growth, we start to desire to please God by living by faith. God has given us an opportunity to live on the earth for a short while so we could learn to do things with our faith in the same way Jesus did. (We are supposed to be like Jesus)

Hebrews 11 is the Faith chapter of the Bible which says: “By faith, we understand that the entire universe was formed at God’s command. That which we now see did not come from anything that can be seen.”

If you want to please God you must live by faith.

To make it easier God placed a purpose inside each one of us, a divine destiny. There is something that each one of us has to do for God. You know what it is, it is something that only you can do with your particular background and talents. It is something that comes naturally to you. If you are one of those people who are still struggling to find out what it is you have to do, then learn to guard your heart. You must have a clear conscience and then learn to die to self. I have written about this in the previous two letters of this year. (Click here to go to this year’s list of letters)

Pride must be done away with. The first thing we do for God is to become a living sacrifice as Romans 12:2 says. We are required to die to self and place God at our very highest, the forefront of our mind. We are to love God with all our heart. Social Media is not our first priority. God is number one. Get up early in the morning and honor God by spending time with Him. Read the Word and speak His Word. Begin to look at things that are not seen. God has given us great promises in the Bible, but they will never be yours- if God is not first in your life!

Let God’s desire become your desire!

In this way the desire of your heart will begin to align with God’s desire for you, and you will be filled with your calling and you will start to pursue it with all your might. Your mind must be single as you look only at what you must do for God. This will produce God’s blessings in your life.  God will bless the things you do, as you do them for Him.

The Key is to do something! You have to do something so God can bless it! Now that you are living by faith you are pleasing God.


4 thoughts on “Do you know God’s desire for you?”

  1. More Oom Ron
    ..dankie vir die belangrike lesse in ons lewens.Ons Pas dit toe en hoe nader ons aan Jesus kom kan ons Hom net dankie se en Dankbaar wees.Hy sorg elke dag vir ons.
    Baie Liefde

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