Getting Answers from God

The slightest bit of sin that is not dealt with has a deadening effect on the garden of the heart. Paul’s famous words in Romans 8:6 says:  It is the flesh and it is death.

What is this death?

The death we are talking about is not a physical immediate death; it is like a garden that is being choked with thorns. The garden cannot bring forth life. Before we were born into the earth God placed a particular purpose in the hearts of all people, something that only you can do for God. I once heard the Holy Spirit say that there are things in heaven that can only come into the earth via a pure heart. He (the Holy Spirit) complained that he struggles to find a holy heart into which these plans and ideas can be sowed that the earth needs for us to keep up in an ever-changing world.

The Heart Garden

We see so many people struggle and even go to bed cold and hungry. All because the fundamental principles of the Kingdom are not kept. Jesus told many parables and all of them had something to do with a garden. His parables revealed the secrets and the rules of the Kingdom of God. He said things like a good tree can not bear bad fruit. He told the parable of the Sower where the type of soil the seed fell in determined the harvest. What you sow is what you reap. Our hearts are the soil. Good soil produces a good harvest. Thorns and rocks in the soil represent worries and fears. These worries and fears cause us to think bad thoughts and become sick and negative. This is what the Bible calls sin, or the sinful nature which produces death in our soul and our body. We are all dying slowly.

How do we clean our hearts?

The blood of Jesus is the ever-cleansing power that sanctifies us and gives us a clean heart and a clear conscience before God and Man.  By daily submitting our thoughts, mind, and body to God we can take part in the finished work of the Cross. We place all our cares and worries on the cross and abandon our own selfish, soulish nature at the cross. By hanging our cares on the cross the blood of Jesus now cleanses and seals us from an evil conscience and we are represented to the Father without spot or blemish. How to use the cross is explained in detail in our free booklet, “The Twelve Room Prayer”.

If we make it a priority to invite God to search our hearts and take all sin away, He can teach us how to guard the heart against the sin in the fleshly nature. He will teach us to transform our thoughts by becoming a living sacrifice. (Rom 12:1-2)

Getting answers from God

To do this we learn to take thoughts captive, we do introspection, and open our hearts, so God can search the heart and show us which part of our soulish natural self is causing destruction in the heart garden. We must give God time to search us. It is important to give time to God daily. To give time to God is as good as seeds that are being sown. Because the heart garden is always bringing forth what we sow in it. If you give God time, you get time. It is important to give more time so we can get to know God who is the source of all life. God wants us to know him intimately. In fact, God wants us to know all things.

1 John 2:20: “But ye have an unction from the Holy One, and ye know all things.” 

Although the Bible teaches that we can ask God for anything, very few of us get answers. This is when we give up and don’t ask anymore. All the promises of the Bible are wonderful but will only function if we guard the heart. The conscience must be clear before the Almighty God. We must keep the garden free from sin. If the conscience is clear we have confidence that God will answer our prayers. This is why we must use communion because the blood of Jesus is for the cleansing of the conscience. It seals the spirit from the soul.

In this way we can live by the spirit and not the flesh. It is the only way! This is why Jesus died on the cross so we can rule over the flesh and stay in the spirit.

The moment we allow sin in the heart is when Murphy’s law set in. This is when things begin to go wrong and we expect it, because we have a guilty conscience! In fact, we allow bad things to happen with the power of our minds in the same way Job said that the thing he feared happened to him.  The conclusion of the lesson Job learned is that he knew about God but he did not know God.

If we continually strive to keep our conscience or our heart pure, we can be confident that God will provide all our needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus!

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4 thoughts on “Getting Answers from God”

  1. Goeie dag Ron. Dankie vir die peagtige teachings. ” There is no garden without a gardener!” Jy het my geleer dat ons outoriteit oor ons lewens moet neem asook hoe ons ons tuin moet bewaak sodat daar nie onkruid( sonde )sal vestig nie. Elke dag moet ons ons tuin besoek en dit wat nie daar hoort nie, moet ons na die kruis neem en dit daar vas spyker. Die Here seën jou en jou familie Ron. Anton

  2. Baie dankie Oom Ron.ons leer elke dag soos ons ons harte bewaar.ek en Sarie mis julle.ons kom gou weer kuier..baie liefde

    1. Hi Sarie! Julle is ‘n blessing vir ons! Dankie dat julle die boodskap gevat het hoe om die hart te bewaar. Ons Glo die Christus gees werk in Julle harte elke dag. Ons sien uit om julle gou weer te sien!

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