The still and powerful Conscience

Many years ago when my wife and I came to the Ohrigstad valley in 1974, there was no electricity.

The generators were the only sound that broke the silence and night. We used to sleep outside because the houses were so hot, we had no fans. When we bought our diesel generator it would stand there shuddering belching smoke and making an earth-shattering noise. It was a blessing when we could shut it down and let the calm return at night. Later when solar panels came on the market we were amazed at how this panel would lay there in the sun producing power without a sound.

It reminded me of when I had no clue about the conscience that I was very much like that old generator—making a lot of noise trying to be a provider for my family making unnecessary mistakes, and expending too much energy to fix everything with my own power.

When I learned about the conscience I became like a solar panel. When the sun rises in the morning it soaks up the light and life of God and charges the batteries without any effort at all.

The conscience can be compared to the solar panel, always ready to energize the batteries.

As long as the panel is connected in the correct way, it will provide light. However when storm clouds appear the solar panel can not produce. This is what happens when we worry and become afraid for our children’s future in this dark country. God is like the sun shining all the time, but we cause the storms and clouds that block out His light and life.

Where do the storm clouds come from? They come out of our own deep thoughts to become clouds in our sky that block out the light. If I am not connected to God through a clear conscience there is no power to generate light, to be God’s light in this dark world. The clear conscience, when it is clear and peaceful absorbs the power of God to be God’s power in the world. It receives the Knowledge of the power we possess in Christ Jesus. Eph. 1;17. These are scriptures we should pray daily when we wake up. We should always be ready receptor to hear God and to understand when He is causing circumstances and situations that will cause us to always be in a position to bring His power into the earth.

As we are facing dark times without electricity I would like to encourage everyone to start by being a light where you are. Everything that is physical is also spiritual.  As God’s light shines in us, we become receptors that will have the knowledge to fix all problems.  The Bible teaches that nothing will be impossible for us and that God is able to supply all our needs in Christ Jesus. Obey the rules of the conscience and prepare to be amazed as God is supplying exceedingly abundantly above all that we could think or ask for: ACCORDING TO THE POWER THAT IS WITHIN US! (Eph 3:20) 

This is the last letter for 2022. Our next letter will be in January 2023. Please tell us about your year and the blessings you have experienced! We would love to hear your testimonies. You can write them in the comments below!

Until next year

The Shoe Family.