May 2018

May 2018

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Ron wrote:

Growing in the spirit is what the gospel is all about, for Christ is the life giving Spirit. (Giving life and life abundantly in John 10:10.)  To grow in the spirit has humble beginnings which lead to more humility.  

Those who think that works make them holy have missed it. That’s the wrong path. Our purpose is to die – to the flesh. Before we can however assail such a mighty enemy as those mentioned in Gal 5:19 we have to begin with humble tasks such as making our bed and cleaning our room. Leaving a filthy bathroom for others to clean for you is not anything God will bless.

I was under the impression that the tasks I was performing was of greater importance than those humble tasks servants can perform. I thought, let me go forward. Let me do the things others can’t then they can have something to do. However, everything you do out of a unorganized and undisciplined mind will fail. I have had to learn the hard way. Never place yourself that high. Leaving things in an untidy state behind you is showing the state your mind really is in. From the moment you rise in the morning until you go to bed shows the order in your mind which results in spiritual growth.  As the physical house or job becomes orderly the spirit becomes ordered and life giving. The Bible teaches us that physical things are also spiritual.

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