May 2018

May 2018

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Ron wrote:

Growing in the spirit is what the gospel is all about, for Christ is the life giving Spirit. (Giving life and life abundantly in John 10:10.)  To grow in the spirit has humble beginnings which lead to more humility.  

Those who think that works make them holy have missed it. That’s the wrong path. Our purpose is to die – to the flesh. Before we can however assail such a mighty enemy as those mentioned in Gal 5:19 we have to begin with humble tasks such as making our bed and cleaning our room. Leaving a filthy bathroom for others to clean for you is not anything God will bless.

I was under the impression that the tasks I was performing was of greater importance than those humble tasks servants can perform. I thought, let me go forward. Let me do the things others can’t then they can have something to do. However, everything you do out of a unorganized and undisciplined mind will fail. I have had to learn the hard way. Never place yourself that high. Leaving things in an untidy state behind you is showing the state your mind really is in. From the moment you rise in the morning until you go to bed shows the order in your mind which results in spiritual growth.  As the physical house or job becomes orderly the spirit becomes ordered and life giving. The Bible teaches us that physical things are also spiritual.

The Old Testament teaches us about the physical, but we today are the spiritual. For instance the temple of God was physical but we are the temple of God today in Christ. We go even further for Gal 4;24 teaches us that we are to become the city of God which is Jerusalem above.   1 Cor 3:9:  “For we are labourers together with God: ye are God’s husbandry, ye are God’s building.”  This means the mind of man will look the way the heavenly city  is described in Revelation. The mind will be walled in with twelve gates that are shut so that no darkness can enter in and God will be the light of that city.

We are constantly building and I know how irritating it can be if you have to plan a new building while falling over rubble.

Irritation is the “power and ruler” of darkness that pushes forward impatiens after which anger assails the throne of the heart. How many times don’t we have to admit that we have lost it.

When doing introspection after such a day, being really honest with yourself you will know the problem really started because the mind was not ordered to begin with. God blesses orderliness; God can bless me, because irritation did not come into the mind. I exercised self-control! Fear and anger did not enter into His Holy dwelling inside me. Most of the time God cannot even enter the mind because of all the other emotions who are sitting in and making the house of God a filthy and unorganized99 mess which is right there in our minds. If you want to grow spiritually you must start with the small things for this causes order, discipline and self control in the mind. It brings humility and that we are to serve and not be served. Once the physical house is clean the spiritual house can be cleansed. We do this by taking the flesh to the cross; it’s like cleaning house or pulling up weeds in the garden. As the conscience becomes cleansed and holy the Holy Spirit sprinkles the conscience from guilt and the blood seals the conscience to be the house of God. This is the foundation of the house God is building within us.

My question is: is the house of God being built if we are still making childish mistakes like losing our phones and wallets? Do you think God can bless a loser? Where is the discipline, did Jesus not make twelve disciplines?

When I talk like this I have critics that say: “Everything has already happened at the cross, all you have to do is believe.” No matter how great your faith may be, God cannot bless the mind that is not partaking of renewal and transformation: Romans 12 says even the ungodly have faith. If you want God to bless you with big things you have to start with the small things.

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Ron van Zyl


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