May 2019

May 2019

Ron wrote:

About 10 days ago we drove to the coast on a prepared holiday, a place where I had a very personal encounter with the Lord.  I received knowledge that made no sense making public.  I’m not going to spend a lot of time on details. The Lord took me to a place from where we could see the glory of God.  Anyone could see, all the power of God was there, it was in the shape of a rising sun, positively brimming with power. Then the Lord pointed to one particular shape in the clouds that was in the shape of a line. Inside this line the face of a man then formed and the line was drawn exactly where we draw the line of the crown, forming a rising or morning sun in the mind of that person’s face.  Then the Lord stepped forward and asked what did I not understand, can’t you see the same light that is in God is also inside the mind of that man.

For days after this encounter with the Lord I was left in tears, but tragically no further explanation.  I have been praying about having a healing anointing but as I have never had experienced illness it seemed strange that people don’t just go to the Lord as we did with these things.  After a few days a bowl problem became more severe in my body and I started drawing closer to the cross; but the Lord was not responding.  Instead of it getting better it rather grew worse.  Eight months ago it was diagnosed as Gallstones. No doctors, no I said! The Lord will do this, we all agreed.  Sharpening our two edged swords we settled into the Word, however in these eight months I did not eat a proper meal for one day and eventually became a bag of bones. 

Eventually we go to the South coast, it became plain I would not be able to eat any more and following the doors the Lord opened to a surgeon. When they pushed me into theater I was spilling over with healing scriptures and when I woke 90 minutes later I was emerged in a sea of pain.  I could only hear the Word of God softly above the roar of the pain.  I was thinking who could ever survive so much pain? And then I realized that Jesus survived much more than this for He took all sicknesses upon Him.  This was only the pain of a gallbladder removal.  I immediately started yelling for morphine and had to do so a few more times during that night.  As it happened the operation had no effect on my discomforts and the report came back that it would require an even bigger operation to remove stones in the stomach.  This was devastating news and would certainly have strolled off in the mountain with my pistol to finish this quietly if I had been at home.  But I was cornered, there was only one way out and it was through that door again.  I phoned the children and asked them to back me in prayer; I mean serious prayer! And they in turn got everybody praying storming and breaking down the gates of hell.  It was amazing how all of the staff members at the hospital were moved with compassion to help.  When I woke up after the second operation it was as If I had woken up after a good night’s sleep.  Not a single pain stiller was necessary and I could eat solid food the next morning. I had since received a prophetic word that I would receive a healing anointing which the Lord confirmed. 

Two points I am trying to make with this letter.  One is obviously the power of agreement in prayer.  The other, don’t you think we should be careful about the things we ask from the Lord? It seems that nothing comes the easy way, everything has to do with growth of the spirit man.


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