Guard the heart against Pride

Dear friends last month I wrote about Who is my neighbour?

I would just like to add a short note to this subject before continuing on with this month’s subject which is How to Guard the heart.

We are told to love our neighbour as ourselves and the conclusion of the previous letter is that our enemy is the sinful nature that is in all of us. If we can teach our fellow human being what sin is and how to deal with it we are fulfilling the second commandment.

 The word “love” is a verb. That means we are working for our neighbour, if we can, by example self-control. We can teach others that this is the way to guard the heart so that God can bless us.

 To self-control completely is impossible, to live above our sinful nature is our greatest challenge,  but we can help each other guard the heart against the wickedness of the personal lower nature.

I have personally experienced how I lost God’s blessing when I lost my temper. After a long time of praying and fasting God taught me to die to anger. He taught me that this bad thing is inside me and that it is for me to rule over it. He taught me to crucify what I look like when I am angry, I learnt to use my imagination and to follow Jesus daily, by laying down this lower life of self at the cross. It changed my life!  I teach it to everyone I meet. This is the way I love my neighbour.

 The sad thing is that it took so long for me to understand this simple teaching of self-control. I should have been taught how to rule over myself in Sunday school.

It takes less than ten minutes to explain it to children. Grownups take a lot more time because they have preconceived ideas of how to love their neighbour. I teach children that when you walk away from a fight you are the overcomer. But the world calls you a coward.

To live this life of dying to self is hard to do. This is why we must love one another. We can agree to help each other guard the heart so that God can bless us! If we do not deal with our conscience continually the heart becomes hard. We no longer have a hope of a perfect future, we do not receive instruction and revelation from God. We do not hear the small voice that warns us of sin that must be dealt with.

The original sin,  and greatest enemy of man is pride. It is me!

To love God with all our hearts minds and soul is the greatest of the commandments.

God is the only owner of our hearts. When we give our hearts to God it is His property.

We are not to ever give our hearts to people.

Do not give it to worry.

Do not open it to personal feelings and lower emotions.

The heart belongs to God, it is His dwelling, we are the temple of God, His tabernacle. We are the city on a hill the light of the world and the salt of the earth.

 The heart is the garden of God. The heart is like soil, it brings forth whatever we sow into it.

The soil must be ploughed and the thorns and thistles must be uprooted. We do this by doing introspection daily and dying to the lower self.

As we read the Bible it becomes boring as we see the children of God walking in His blessing, only to lose it. The Israelites saw the most incredible miracles as the Red sea opened and God supplies their every need. Then all of a sudden it is as if they can’t remember the miraculous, and want to turn back to their previous captors. The heart is veiled o the truth.

 But we are still exactly the same as these people were when we allow pride to enter our hearts. I have seen how couples swear to love one another and then quickly turn and want to divorce. Jesus calls this a hardened heart. It is because they gave their hearts to each other. They thought they would fulfil each other. This is an empty life, filled with frustrations. Always expecting something from the other person instead of giving and loving.

This is the work of pride. God is not the Lord of the heart. To have a successful marriage we have to continually die to self. To be strong in our faith we must continually die to self. Less of me, more of you Lord.

Jesus showed by example what we are to die too.

The heart is the kingdom of God. All of heaven lives in a blood-washed conscience.

The below painting shows what a clean blood washed conscience looks like. Like a crystal floor that reflects heaven.

Still, God is fair, the choice remains ours to make. Will the heart belong to God or will pride rule? This is what most believers do not understand. They give a part of the heart to God and then another part to pride, other parts to people, goals and the dog. The heart belongs to everything and everyone. The heart is always broken and is considered to be the most vulnerable and inner deep place where people feel indescribable hurt and pain. It is considered right to take your hurts to heart and cry over the hurt with a deep longing for release from the sufferings of this world.

My dear friend, if you still believe what I just said above, you are not saved.  Yes, you gave your heart to God but you are not saved from yourself nor from the past and from wrong teaching.

We all remember how great it was when we first gave our hearts to God, we will never forget it. Your sins were forgiven, and the Holy Spirit became your Lord, friend and guide. However, no one taught you how to guard your heart. The heart is now God’s property, now you have to guard your heart against the sinful self. Against the wilfulness of pride. Against the thoughts: “What about me!!? I have feelings and emotions, I have a will and an intellect.”

No! when you give your heart to God you are being led to die to these things of self and then you gradually become the will, intellect feelings and emotions of God.

You learn to die to self, to live your life in Christ. You become a new creation. One who rules over the sinful nature in Christ by dying to it daily in the same way Jesus died at the cross.

Did I explain it in an understandable way? Please comment below and let us know.


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2 thoughts on “Guard the heart against Pride”

  1. Did I explain it in an understandable way?
    Yes absolutely!!
    Thank you!
    Merry Christmas 🎄🎁
    Kind regards

    1. Thank you Willa! Great to hear from you! So happy that you understand how to guard your heart!
      My dad used to say to me: I love my family but I am not emotional about them.
      Those words helped me to understand how to guard my heart.
      Merry Christmas to you too!

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