December 2019

December 2019

Ron wrote:

The subject of our monthly letters is guarding the heart.

Pro 4:23:  “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.”

This scripture is saying that all things pertaining to everything that happens in our lives is subject to the state of the heart.  The heart is the conscience; it is where the Spirit of God resides right inside our spirit.  The heart is where we pray and see in the imaginations and thoughts of the heart. In Genesis 6:5 – God saw that the imaginations and thoughts of the hearts of all the people on earth were continually evil. For this reason this evil generation was destroyed by the flood. In the New Testament this is a type of spiritual death.

Many of us are struggling to hear God’s voice and receive revelation from God because we do not make the state of the heart our first priority. Some people are tired of waiting on God to answer prayers but do not realize that hearing God only happens if the heart belongs to God. If we take part in daily sanctification of the heart we can confidently be everything the Bible says we are. The Bible says we are sons of God, but is it really possible to be sons of God if the heart is full of worry for instance?

The place we receive instruction from God is in the heart!

If this is true then the very least we can do is to have daily Communion. Guard your heart by dying to the things of the flesh. Crucify those things that are continually occupying God’s property. Take thoughts captive and nail time wasting thoughts to cross. Our thoughts should be full of the Word of God. The word is near you it’s in your mouth it’s in your  heart. Romans 10:8. Instead of allowing the words of people to circulate in the mind like a washing machine think on scriptures that have power to change your future and those of your friends and family.

Keep the word of God in the midst of your heart—it is life to them that find it, healing to all their flesh and marrow to their bones. Prov. 21-22. This is the way to have the mind of Christ; A saved mind!

See, just because you gave your heart to Jesus it does not mean He is going to maintain the heart. No if we are going to love God with all our heart—the heart should be focused on God.

I truly believe that our purpose as believers is to overcome fleshly or carnal thoughts that come into the spirit and heart. We do this in the same way Jesus showed us, take up your cross lay down your life and do it daily.  Luke 9:23.  In Romans 8:36  Paul says he dies all day long

We cannot approach God in the natural for they that worship God must do so in spirit. John 4:26.

To be in the spirit, the flesh must die and we do this by using the cross. In other words the door to the spiritual realm is the cross. If you want to understand what God wants you to do, get into the spirit and stay there by keeping the mind stayed on God. Isaiah 26:3.

Have a blessed Christmas season!


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