Asking vs Begging God

Our previous letter was about the authority we have in Christ.

 The conclusion was that every day we do not do the works of God the way Jesus would have done it, is a waste of our time.

One of the biggest obstacles to my personal authority was because of John 14.

John 14:13-14:  “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son. If ye shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” 

In the 12th verse, Jesus says that we will do greater works than He did.

I wonder how many people reading these verses have asked and not received.

The Strong’s number For the word ASK is “G154” and it means beg, require, and crave.

This must be why the Afrikaans Bible uses the words beg and pray. It should be noted that Jesus never begged the Father. In Joh_16:23, “in that day ye shall ask Me nothing,”

I have had a personal experience where I begged God to help one of my children but God rebuked me. He told me that I am a joint heir with Jesus, a son of God. Sons don’t beg their Fathers for things.

After studying this verse out I found that the Greek meaning of the word

‘ask’ has a few different meanings. It can mean ‘beg’ but it can also be DEMAND. I would suggest that you study this out for yourself in the Vines translation. I also know that someone has written a book about it because it turned into a great discourse.

If we put all the different scriptural contexts together about who we are in Christ, the word ‘beg’ has no place in the prayers of believers.

Jesus took all the sins of the world upon himself and crucified them on the cross so that we would do the works that He did on the earth. In Mark 11:23 we are told to speak to the mountain of problems, we would command it to throw itself in the sea. We are not told to beg God for anything. The sons and the daughters of God lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. Mark 16.

God is a good God! He wants our Earth to be like Heaven. God wants us to take authority over our circumstances. We do this by telling circumstances what the Word of God says about us. God is not talking to circumstances anymore. We must do it!

What is your take on this? Start the discussion below!

Until next month!


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3 thoughts on “Asking vs Begging God”

  1. When daughter was about 3, she was crying because of an ear infection. I had a very important meeting in JHB the next day. I needed to make the morning flight there by morning from Richards Bay. We tried medication but she just would not stop crying. Frustrated I actually put my hand in her ear and in a forceful voice commanded the ear infection to leave my child immediately in Jesus Name. I was desperate. Surprisingly she stopped crying. I thought it was from shock that I had raised my voice. So I started apologizing to her about raising my voice. But she fell soundly asleep within 15 minutes after that. I made the trip to my meeting still concerned about my daughter at home. When I finally got home I found her playing like she never had a problem. I must say that the ear infection had been her problem for a while before the day I’ve mentioned. She has never had problems with that ear since that day.

    Your message today mentioned something about talking to the problem and not begging God to make it go away.

    1. Yes, that is exactly what I was talking about! We have authority to rule and we should be doing the talking and commanding, not begging God. Thank you for sharing your story! Praise be to God!

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