Are you living in the Blessing?

I inquired of one of our guests, how things were in this New Year and he responded in the following way. “I work very hard for my boss but he does not want to increase my wages. My boss said that everything is more expensive and he can’t afford to pay me more”. This is the way the conversation went as I began to realize that the man’s focus is his boss. He can’t put too much pressure on the boss because he could lose his job. Strictly speaking, his boss is his provider.  I wonder how many people have this same problem at this time in our country? So many of the men are working in other countries while wives and children are alone at home.

This does not sound like the blessing that God promised His people. It sounds like a curse.  

 I would like to suggest shifting the focus.

 Stop focusing on being the provider, only focus on guarding your heart. Read the following carefully word by word.

Pro 4:23:  “Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.” 

This proverb is saying that all the issues of life come out of the state of the heart. Finances is only one of the issues that we have.

The heart is the conscience and we must love God with all our heart, we must keep all His Commandments if we are going to love Him. If we should do this all the blessings that is written in Deuteronomy 28 is ours.

Deut 28:8:  “The LORD shall command the blessing upon thee in thy storehouses, and in all that thou settest thine hand unto; and he shall bless thee in the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee.”

God will bless everything you do if you make the heart your first priority. God is our provider! Let’s face it, we cannot trust people. People might have good intentions but they are only people. Never think that people can provide for us, even if they might want to, they are subject to change but God never changes. God made the world and the universe with a word, don’t you think the least we can do is to keep our heart from sin so that He can live in us constantly and be our provider? If you worry, you are not keeping your heart. Then God is no longer the ruler of your heart, fear is ruling in your heart. It’s idol worship.

God loves us, God wants to provide all the issues of the heart. God wants to bring ideas to us, the earth has never seen, but He cannot find a guarded heart. Our negative emotions and feelings walk in and out of our hearts.

The way we think causes the curse and not the blessing.

If we make the heart the focus of our lives God provides in many creative ways. If you love only God as in the first commandment, the second commandment follows automatically. To love your neighbor as yourself. Because God does bless you, you are automatically a blessing to your workplace and to your colleagues. God will show you how to bring extra income to that business that will cause you to be promoted. You will be a blessing in everything you do!

Go and be a blessing!

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2 thoughts on “Are you living in the Blessing?”

  1. Dankie oom Ron, ja ons hart moet op Vader gerig wees, om in Blessing te wandel moet ons Vader se wil vir ons lewens in ons harte ervaar. Die grootste problem vandag is die mens het fokus verloor op die Voorsiener, en vertrou die mens en soek natuurlik die guns van die mens as wat hulle die guns van Vader soek.

    1. Ja Johann dit is so. Ek dink mense sukkel om te assosieer met God as ‘n vriend en voorsiener omdat hulle nie ‘n skoon gewete handhaaf nie. En dus het hulle nie die vrymoedigheid om na ons Liefdevolle Vader toe te kom nie. Dit maak natuurlik dat ons ook geen autoriteit het nie. My gebed vir alle mense is dat hulle die kennis van God se liefde kan opdoen en met vrymoedigheid Sy poorte betree.

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