February 2021 – The Heart

The Heart referred to in the Bible is not the Physical heart.

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I have been making a study of the word heart in the Bible. The word is used  seven hundred and sixty five times in the Bible. As far as I can make out it always refers to the spirit heart and not the physical. We must remember that the Bible is a spiritual book that must be discerned spiritually. This is the reason  that the carnal intellect does not understand the Bible. When intellectuals try to explain the Bible it makes no sense to anyone. This is the reason that there are so many interpretations of the word of God. I believe that the Holy Scriptures are written is such a way that it remains a mystery to all people until the Spirit of God interprets.

This being said there is one truth that must be applied to understanding the word, that all things that are physical are also spiritual.

God uses physical things to explain spiritual as in the parables Jesus used to explain the Kingdom of God. The Bible teaches that we are like trees planted by streams of water in Psalm 1. Other places we are like trees worshiping God and others like mountains. We look a lot like the earth for we are also three quarters water. As the earth is surrounded by sky we are surrounded by heaven. We are a city on a hill, the light and salt of the earth. We don’t see this because we are born physically with physical needs and are ruled by what we feel and see in this realm. We can be spiritual and are ruled by spiritual forces that are mainly out of pride or self.  When we finally decide that we need help to lead a successful fulfilled and happy life we turn to God. This is when we give the heart to God. This heart is the spiritual heart  which is referred to as imaginations and thoughts of the heart in Genesis 6:5. But we still point to our chest when we talk about the heart.

We do this because the physical heart is full of the life of God. We are awed by the statistics of the heart that pumps millions of litres of blood during our life time. We think about the physical heart as something magical and beyond understanding. We think about the heart as deep, mystical and full of wonder and very personal. However even animals have a heart. We need a heart to live in the earth. But to have spiritual understanding we need a spiritual heart that is as large as the universe. The heart is able to imagine that it has access to heaven where God is ever present loving us and waiting for us to enter His courts with prayers and thanksgiving so that we can live on earth as Jesus did; who while on earth lived in heaven in constant companionship with His Father.

 Our Father God wants us to prosper and be divinely healed all the time. God wants us to be the light and salt of the earth by showing His love to others. God is pleased when we bear much fruit. (John 15:5) He wants us to prosper and be in health even as our souls prosper.(3 John 1:2)   The word soul here points to the sinful fleshly nature that bows to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Every knee shall bow every tongue confess Jesus is Lord. (Rom 14:11) When Christ is completely Lord of the heart we have entrance to heaven. Martin Luther says that Christ must be enthroned in your conscience. When this happens to the heart all of heaven is our home. Heaven hears us, sees us and responds as we have need.


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2 thoughts on “February 2021 – The Heart”

  1. Baie danki v die email. Ons besoek aan die skoen was n belewenis en n deur wat oop gemaak het v ons om beter te kan verstaan. Ons is besig om die boeke die gewete te lees en die lyn en dit laat mens soveel beter verstaan hoe om te lewe. Baie dankie v die kennis wat met ons gedeel word. Ons het groot waardering

    Mag die Here u ryklik seen
    Ida Spang

    1. Dankie vir jou boodskap Ida. Ons is bly julle het waarde geput uit die toer deur die grot. Ons is dankbaar dat julle hier was en vertrou dat die Here julle kennis sal verbreed en vir julle wysheid en verstand en kennis en bewaamheid gee van allerhande werk!

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