Book 8 – The Conscience


 F.B. Meyer:  “Their obedience: As soon as they understood the words they heard, they began to put them into practice. No wonder there was joy, for in the keeping of God’s commandments there is great reward. It was during the Feast of Tabernacles that our Lord spoke of the Holy Spirit entering the heart to remove its thirst, and to pour forth as rivers to a dying world (John 7:37-39). We cannot do much apart from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Only through Him can we be right with God; only through Him can we be really glad; only through Him can we pass on joy and comfort to others.”

Although I have been a Christian for many years I have always had this one little sad corner in my heart and I always wanted the Lord to fill it. With the knowledge of this book a feast of tabernacles came to my heart

“How much more shall the Blood of Christ, who through the Eternal Spirit offered Himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?” Heb 9:14.

The greatest spirituality a Christian need to achieve is to always be aware of the state of the personal conscience. It should be like walking on a crystal sea right into the morning sun.

(Our burdens are the trespasses against the conscience.)

Allot of the drawings that you will find in all our books we give thanks to the Strong’s concordance, Strong was also criticized for his work because he was not fluent in Greek and I know that there is a school of thought who rejects his work. I do hope however, that the many proofs that I have received from God in the form of drawings prove themselves over and over again. I also hope it will strengthen those who use this concordance, for I believe Strong was Spirit led.

Strong’s Concordance was created by J. Strong (1822 – 1894) he was an American Methodist biblical scholar and educator, Professor of Exegetical Theology.  He did not construct it by himself but with the help of more than a hundred colleagues.  

A short biography of Ron Van Zyl

This book was written by an artist who gave his life to God at the age of five and saw heaven for a moment. From that day he was conscious of the difference between a heavenly and earthly life but had no one to guide him into these truths. The traditional teachings children received at that time were of no value in his quest to find that place again. He recalls the calm of the heavenly place which he saw and it was as if he received the message, that to be calm in all situations is what God requires. Unfortunately, the environment he grew up in was not acquainted with self control.

After six years as a sailor in the South African Navy he established himself as a road side artist close to his family in the Eastern Transvaal on the tourist route, which today is called ‘the Panorama route’.  Conversations with tourists whilst on holidays, always led to the subject about God. Questions like, why do so many good people die? What was the reason for wars, cancer and the uncertainties in life? Thus it came about that the author set himself the goal of finding the answers to these questions. 

He created the 15 meter rock sculpture depicting HELL on the one side of the rocks face and lots of other works for tourist attraction, not knowing that all this would eventually be part of the answer to all the questions he was seeking. There after he met Yvonne and married. The two of them set about living an experimental life in faith without outside interference and preconceived religions and traditions.

Ron had nothing but he built a house for his wife with his own hands out of indigenous rock.  He made sculptures and she played house while learning to cook, which would come in handy later when they built the guesthouse at the SHOE. In the meantime they had no water or electricity. Nevertheless they were content. The year was 1975, and together they learnt life’s lessons. After a few years of living there they had to break down their home. They rebuilt it on land a farmer gave them in a nearby area. This time they actually had water and electricity. Together they built a wooden house and also a roadside store out of which they sold Ron’s sculptures and curios. Here Yvonne patiently listened to the problems people shared and offered advice out of their personally acquired experiences during a time when financial crisis’s were setting into SA.

While sitting outside one night he saw a cave in a vision that he had. It was so real that it felt as if he was personally walking through a cave that explained the spiritual world. He saw people moving through the rooms which were lit with many colored lights. They would walk in with a frown and walk out with a crown. It never occurred to him that he could create such a fantasy for they did not own any property and no sure income.

Their children Aldo and Michel were born into these unique circumstances and in 1990 the family bought the property where they built the SHOE and guesthouse.  When all was in place and there was no debt, Ron felt that he was released to dig and build the cave. The only problem was that he was so tired after all the building and construction of the cave, together with his carving to provide for his family. He was by this time going through the actions of creating without being personally involved, which turned out to be the door through which the Holy Spirit would create a work of art which no person at that time understood. The size of the cave rooms depended on finances. To Ron’s disappointment, the rooms were large enough for only twelve people at a time. The children were still young but helped as they could and three and a half years later they had build and completed seven underground rooms with what their own physical powers allowed.

Aldo at the age of thirteen guided the first group of people into the cave over an Easter weekend. People cried and others were upset because it was not possible to satisfy everybody. The Van Zyl family suffered much criticism. However, much praise also greeted them and this was the encouraging factor.  At first there was confusion as people would unload their burdens and bring their problems to the Shoe Cave.  The family worked hard for they were alone. There were never people who understood their criteria and mission from God. For this reason it was impossible to get help even if there was enough money to afford help. Eventually they decided to try and sell the place. They believed that anyone could tell the story that they thought was in the cave. They were so convinced of this move that the children left their parents for jobs in England and Johannesburg for they were sure the place would sell, but it did not. After the children experienced life outside, they came back. Shortly after this Ron painted the first painting and God revealed “THE LINE”. A spiritual division between the two spiritual Kingdoms! This revelation led to the cave and the work done in it by the Holy Spirit to be understood for the first time. This also led to masses of revelation which eventually earned Ron a Doctor’s degree in divinity. The children also followed with pastoral degrees and the ministry is evolving and becoming a Bible school.  The family was trained by the Holy Spirit and also rewarded by the Holy Spirit. With personal revelation throughout the years of abuse, slander and judgment by the public, in the midst of this they stood their ground for the Kingdom of God. Together they have a vast store of information on every doctrine, theology, religion, tradition, every person’s philosophy and mythology that could be dreamt of. They are open to the public and will talk to anyone earnestly looking for solutions.    

This book is written as a summary of all the information received up to date, but for deeper insight you need to read all seven of the books that were written in the way revelation was imparted to the family. These books will give you the only shortcuts there are to sanctification, spiritual awareness and it will lead you into the Kingdom of God. This is the great commission— Mat 6:33  “But seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (KJV)



Part 1  –  The Line by Michell

It was amazing and a life changing experience to grow into this painting with my family.  We guided in the cave for 6 years before this painting came and when it did it changed our entire tour.  The sculptures and paintings never change but as we grow in the Spirit so we understand more. We are actually the ones who learn the most here. We are three guides in total and all three of us have developed our own unique ministry.  I, myself like to keep things as simple as possible so that even a child can understand.  So I am asking the reader to accept what we say in this book with your spirit, and allow the Holy Spirit to reveal to you. Just as He has and still is revealing to us. The first thing we learnt was that the Bible was written for children and being intellectual about it won’t get you anywhere.  After my Dad painted this painting we learnt that there is a picture language in the Bible and without it we couldn’t understand the Bible.  As you can see the centre on the painting is Jesus, the cross and the mountain (A).  This mountain is called Mount Zion.  Mount Zion is a spiritual mountain. It represents the hard times of life.  If life could be compared to climbing a mountain we would all agree that we are aiming for the top. We want to become kings of the mountain.  I asked the Lord once, “Why is it that He doesn’t place us at the bottom of the mountain so we can immediately start to climb”?  He answered “We should all choose if we want to climb this mountain”. Once again it is a matter of choice.

We started studying the Psalms.  Psalm 1 says that we are trees planted by streams of water.  This is the tree with the water pool at number E on the left of the painting. Just above it you see the hand of God in the cloud.  We come from God, and through his hand we are born into the world.  The cloud represents the water with which we were surrounded in the womb.  Through God’s hand we are born into this world and we start off at the Psalm 1 tree.

Ps 1: 3:  “And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.”

I remember that Psalm 1 was one of the Psalms we used way back when I was still a youngster. I also remember that we never really understood the meaning of it, until we started learning about the picture language of the Bible.  God taught us that the tree represents us, and the water is the Word of God. When we are rooted and grounded in his Word (water) the hard times (A-mountains) would come but we would continue to bear fruit in season.  The Psalm made sense for the first time.  Then the Holy Spirit started leading us through the Psalms and revealed Psalm 2 to us:

Ps 2:6 -9:  “Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion. I will declare the degree: the LORD hath said unto me, Thou art my Son; this day have I begotten thee. Ask of me, and I shall give thee the heathen for thine inheritance, and the uttermost parts of the earth for thy possession. Thou shalt break them with a rod of iron; thou shalt dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

In my own words the Psalm says that we will become kings of mount Zion (M) and we shall rule over the earthly things (G). We all understand that God wants us to rule and become kings of the mountain but we are still at the Psalm 1 tree.  We think that the desert (I) will be a shortcut to the mountain but in fact we get lost in the desert.  We asked the Lord “Why is the desert such a hard place”?  He answered, “Because I doesn’t really want you in the desert”. That is why it is a hard and terrible place but He never leaves us and you can see the hand of God (J) once again in the cloud above the desert.  This time there is thunder and lightning underneath the hand. At the bottom of the painting on the left are examples of things that happen to us in the desert.  At the letter (H) you see a deep waterfall. There are two main types of people being described by this painting. The first type is the ones who are always looking for the truth. They would call themselves ‘the seekers’. They use to camp out by the Psalm 1 tree. They tried to understand the Word of God but couldn’t, and so they went in search of other truths.  At the deep waterfall they found ‘deep truths’ when they started studying other religions and eastern philosophies.  The other type is the ones who stay in the materialistic world (G).  They are the ones who try to be good and go to church, hoping that they too will understand the Word of God. They spend their time accumulating earthly things but with these earthly things the roaring lion comes along and causes terrible problems.  Sometimes these problems get too much and like the guy in the painting would run to the pub each night hoping that he would at least sleep peacefully. In the end he lost his head. (Bottom left)

All of this is what happens in the desert.  We only mentioned two examples here but we have all experienced some kind of desert before.  Eventually we realize that we shouldn’t be in the desert we should be climbing the mountain!  We fall off the cliffs and start to climb the mountain from the bottom (K).  For instance we would go to church but then we would meet all these demons, they live in churches too! Here in the picture above you see (1) judgment, (2) accusation and (3) sickness. These things keep us from climbing the mountain, but eventually we do get past the first stage and we get to the halfway mark (L).  This seems to look like a prison or jail.  When I asked my father about it he said it represents the Pentecostal and Charismatic church.  I didn’t grow up in a church. Living out here far away from towns and cities; I had no idea what he was talking about.  When I prayed about it I was told that it was like the church service that I liked to watch on TV.  So I went back to the TV and this time watched my favourite church service, the whole time thinking to myself; what would make this a prison? When the service was over the Holy Spirit asked me if I would physically go to that church and why?  My answer was, “Yes I like the music”. I know this sounds funny to others but my personal reason for going to church would be for the music.  I ended up in my room with the same music in my CD player and I was worshipping God.   By the third song I was standing in worship and suddenly saw myself on top of a high mountain and the cross was there with me. (M) After discussing this with my father he pointed out that the mountain in the painting is not only Zion but it also represents Golgotha because of the cross standing on it.  The word ‘Golgotha’ means ‘the skull’.  With this in mind my dad said, “Imagine the cross is standing on a skull”. Now I say, “The blood is atonement for the soul.” He said it a few times because I couldn’t understand it.  Eventually he said to me that the blood of Jesus is for the forgiveness of the mind of man! The blood of Jesus fell on the skull to bring forgiveness to the mind of man. (Lev 17:11)

We ended up making a study of the word ‘soul’.  A guy once said his soul is in his big toe. Very few people understand what it is.  The complete study can be found in book 2, The Short Sword, in the series The Line, written prior to this book.  The study comes down to this:  The second time the word ‘soul’ is used in the Bible is when God blew breath into Adam and Adam became a living soul. (Gen2:7) This word ‘soul’ is translated by the Strong’s, Hebrew and Greek dictionary as will, intellect, emotion, lust and animal.” This sounds terrible.

Then the word ‘breath’ of God is translated among other things such as: “spirit and soul.”

We made the conclusion that God blew into Adam the ability to be spiritual minded and to be soulish. In other words, God blew into me, life. This life gives my mind the ability to hear the voice of God and to be like God, dwelling in his presence and He in me. With this very same mind I can think dark thoughts and have evil imaginations.  This is the reason why the soul (mind) of man needs to be forgiven.  To be blunt; if you are soulish, your mind is dark, but if you are spiritual your mind is focused on God. This is actually what Jesus came to do on the cross. He came to save you and me from dark thoughts.

We only learnt this much later on. At the time I asked my dad what happened that I was able to stand on top of the mountain when I was in worship?  He explained that if we focus our entire mind on Jesus and awe  Him (look only to Him), we become a king of the mountain.  Just like in Hebrews 12:22-26:  “But ye are come unto mount Zion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,  To the general assembly and church of the firstborn, which are written in heaven, and to God the Judge of all, and to the spirits of just men made perfect,  And to Jesus the mediator of the new covenant, and to the blood of sprinkling, that speaketh better things than that of Abel.”(KJ)

The only thing we knew at that stage was that if I wanted to be a king of the mountain I had to focus my mind on Jesus.  This would make me a king. It was not difficult to be a king. It was difficult to stay a king all day long for we can’t keep our minds on Jesus all day long.  An hour after my quiet time in the morning I would be off and about fighting with my brother. Going to church helps us in the sense that it brings us into the presence of God. In other words it makes us a king of the mountain because we are all focused on God while we are in church. After the service we return to our normal lives down at the bottom of the mountain.   We started realizing that God was calling us higher.  He wants us to become holy as He is holy.  He wants our minds to belong to him as well as our thoughts.  I remember someone once said that we can’t say what we want but we can think what we want! In this case God is saying I sent my Son to die for your mind so that your mind can be a holy place which belongs to Me! (Amen & Selah!!) 

The problem was that we knew we were supposed to keep our minds on Jesus but we had no idea how to do it. I became frustrated because I knew I was spending more time at the bottom of the mountain than what I was at the top. One morning I threw a tantrum at the cross.  I said to God that I intended on staying here at the cross in worship until he showed me how to stay a king all day. Hours later Jesus came and picked me up off the floor, where I was begging him to do something, at the foot of the cross. He took me and hooked me onto the cross so that I was hanging on it just as He did.  As I said before I didn’t know anything about the soul yet. Jesus just told me that He is the way the truth and the door to the Father, and told me that if I wanted to live at the top I had to give him my mind, and that He would keep it safe for me.  As I surrendered to Him on the cross, giving him my mind, I became like that breath of God and I passed through the cross like a breath into the chest of Christ.

The next moment I was standing in front of the throne of God (N) looking like this man (O) wearing the armour in the painting.  We once thought we knew what the armour (Eph 6) meant. We had to learn that we put Jesus on, every piece represents Jesus. We are now in Him, and we look like him, that is what the armour is for.   Jesus started washing me with His blood which was dripping from the cross above me.  There I was standing right in front of the throne of God and actually God looks at us through the armour and the blood with which we are washed. He doesn’t even see us as we see ourselves, He sees us as His son.  We look like Jesus to Him.  The next moment the Holy Spirit represented by the long hair of Father, came and sat around my hips like the belt of Truth.  He said that He was going to lead me and teach me what righteousness (breastplate) means. I was just about to start complaining about not wanting to learn a lesson right now…when suddenly my mind started wondering off and thoughts of what I was going to do later that day entered into my mind.  Thoughts of what I would cook for lunch, thoughts of yesterday and the movie that I saw the previous night, when the Holy Spirit very gently reminded me that I was now back at the bottom of the mountain.  Thinking to myself how impossible this is to keep my mind, I asked the Spirit what I should do now.  He replied that I should return to my previous state.  I then started to fill my mind with God and His wonders, the next moment I was back in my position in front of the throne.  Amazed at this, I asked the Spirit how this was possible.  The Holy Spirit led me into a study of righteousness.  During the study I found out that the word ‘righteousness’ means ‘to stand right in front of God’.  He taught me that because I entered in through the cross-door. I was forgiven and able to stand right in front of God all day long and that nothing could keep me away from this position.  I entered into Christ and that makes me the righteousness of Christ.  Righteousness means that even if I did allow my mind to wonder off into darkness, I could come back just as easily and continue as if I never left. This way I am able to be a king all day long, but tomorrow morning I make sure that I enter in correctly, through the cross again.

At that stage my dad told us that he had dreamt about the horizontal sword of the angel on the far right side of the painting.  We studied the sword but couldn’t see anything.  Eventually we noticed that the sword of the angel on the right of the painting and the cross beam of the cross makes an exact straight line if it were to connect them.  As you can see in the picture, here it seems like the painting is now divided into half.  All the heavenly images are at the top and all the earthly dark images are at the bottom. That next day we woke up with: Heb 4:12:  “For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing apart of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

There is a division between the Kingdom of Light (heaven) and the Kingdom of Darkness (earth). This division divides between soul and spirit! We wanted to know where this division came from. We could understand that there should be a division because in Genesis it says that God made the light and the dark then divided it from each other and it was good.  Then after reading Hebrew 9 we understood that the blood of animals was sprinkled for cleansing. Just like that Jesus entered into the heavenly (spiritual) un-seen tabernacle. There He sprinkled His blood for the forgiveness of all man’s souls. This line that you see in this small picture is the blood of Jesus.

Now we can get some perspective. In other words when we wake up in the morning we wake up at the foot of the mountain. We are naturally dark, we are flesh.  The word ‘flesh’ means ‘dark inner nature’. The thing is we try to be good and holy. We immediately start to pray when we wake up but we are mostly praying about the problem. Our minds are dark! We are thinking about the problem while we are in the problem.  We have no power down here at the foot of the mountain. We are not in Christ and we have not died or risen yet.  Therefore what we should do when we wake up in the morning is to fill our minds with Christ.  Personally I like to worship him and think about how wondrous He is. By doing this I am climbing the mountain and when my mind is completely focused on Jesus, I become a king of the mountain.  I have just conquered the mountain. I have just conquered my own self and pride, therefore I am mount Zion.  Do yourself a favor and go read through Psalms, you will see that God loves Zion, He abides in Zion and His habitat is Zion.

In order to stay a king today I must enter into the cross-door.  I can only do so by dying the same death Jesus died. I will then rise in Him and live the same life he lives.  I go and hang on the cross and put my head there where Jesus’ head would have been.  I also crucify all my problems here, as well as the things that caused me to look down the previous day. As I surrender all the problems and my whole mind to God there on the cross, the blood of Jesus comes and sits under my chin, the blood of Jesus now seals my mind from the below, dark world.  My mind becomes a Holy Place in which God comes and lives.  The whole right side of the painting of the throne now resides in my mind.  If we look at the picture of the first painting, the size of one’s mind there on the cross is only tiny. The whole top part of the painting fits into my mind that is because it is as big as we can imagine!  We are His image and were created in His likeness.  Yes, we are allowed to imagine all of heaven in our mind. We are now the Kingdom of God. It is amazing to see how all this new knowledge about the line, has changed the way we think and do things. 

Prov 23:7:  “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:”

This word ‘heart’ used in this text above has the Strong’s number of H5315, and other than the fact that it means almost the same as the word ‘living soul’ in Genesis, it also means ‘mind’.  The ‘heart’ God refers to and the ‘heart’ we speak of are two different things.  The whole study on this subject “The heart” can be found in the 5th book: A Room with a View. This heart the Bible speaks of refers to the centre of our minds.  This is also the most important place, for it is suppose to belong to God. The very first commandment says we should love the Lord our God with our whole mind and our whole heart. It is also this very first command that we fail to obey for our hearts belong to our pets, family, friends and money.  When any of these things depart from our lives we are heartbroken.

We need a complete new mind!  Therefore it is essential for us to die to all these things daily. Then rise in Christ and rule over them. When I enter in through the cross I have the boldness to stand in front of the throne of God because I know that the blood of Jesus has washed me and sealed me from all the darkness below, I am righteous, I am crowned with loving kindness and I am protected.  While I am standing here in front of the throne we use Psalm 103.  When we read the Word here in this protected position, the Word finds entrance into us and our souls are quickened. We understand the Word of God.  When we speak the Word of God here in this position of authority and righteousness our Angels will do everything we command them to do.  The last verse of Psalm 103 says that the Angels listen to the voice of God’s Word. I look like Christ when I am standing here and therefore I sound like him too!  I give my Angels charge over myself to protect me and I declare that I am an overcomer.  When I do this, they go and make my enemies a footstool for my feet.  This causes every knee to bow (R) and every tongue to confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.  This changes our whole perception because if I try to fight the enemy I allow them into my mind. Therefore it is not my job to fight the enemy but it is my job to stand in authority, righteous in front of God and rule by looking like Christ and abiding in Him.  Some people would ask, “But what about the sword which is part of the armour of God?”  The sword resembles the knowledge that I have of the Word of God.  The more my knowledge the longer my sword will become.  No, the sword is not for fighting, the sword is for dividing.   The sword of the Spirit will help me to divide between soul and spirit, to know when I’m looking down and when I’m looking up.  

As we were learning these things we would try and come to the throne daily.  One day I stood there in front of the throne, and as I spoke the Word of God, my angels started running off into all directions.  I saw how they brought down the strongholds and suddenly I thought to myself: “But what am I suppose to do now?”  As I turned to Jesus with this question, He answered that I should come and sit with Him, just like the child in the painting.  He said that He missed me and wanted to spend time with me.  I realized just how selfish we really are.  We run into the throne room of God, give our orders for the day and go on with our day. In the meantime Jesus longs for a relationship with us.  He made us in His image and therefore only we can be His friends. He longs to make us like Him and to have fellowship with Him. Here Jesus taught us how to love.  We were reminded that love is the biggest and yet the most important principle of this entire truth of the cross.

Here on His lap we discuss with Jesus the day that lies ahead and we become totally calm about all the tasks we must go and do. After giving the day to Jesus, we go and do the things in calmness and we experience how everything goes according to plan. Here I sit with Jesus and share with Him my heart.  (You know what the ‘heart’ means now.) Here I would sit with Him and He would ask me what the desire of my heart is, because He wishes to give me all the desires of my heart. How would you know what God’s desire is or His will for you? Since we have learnt how to enter into this fellowship through the cross we have entered into a deeper and higher will of God for our lives.  We simply sit here and imagine.  At first we will imagine how we drive that amazing car, but later that will become less important and we would start to imagine how we help other people.  Now that is the will of God for your life.  It is also here on His lap where we learn how to hear the voice of God.  We came across a book written by Madam Guyon – In this book she suggests that one should go sit quietly by yourself and read the scriptures back to yourself as if God is saying it to you. By doing this we learn to recognize the voice of God and later on we won’t need to use this method. You will be able to hear His voice because you have grown to know the character of God.  We always read books or listen to sermons of people who had an encounter with God, and then we wish we could have that too. Unfortunately we tend to walk around with a dark conscience and even when we do come into the presence of God we feel that we are not worthy of Him and we have a dirty conscience for we lack the knowledge of the blood of Jesus.   Now we can all have these encounters with God.  These people who we hear of or who’s books we read, they humbled themselves to God in such a way that He allowed them to enter into this place above the line, and they saw God. Now we have the knowledge of the cross and we understand that it is the cross and the blood of Jesus that saves us from our dark nature, so that we too can dwell with Him above in His presence.

One day I came to sit with Jesus and even after been to the cross with this problem I had, I still felt like I needed to do something about it. I started talking to Jesus about this person who is giving me a hard time and it was like He was turning His face away from me.  I immediately stopped and asked Him what I did wrong.  He said that we should not bring the problem into this Holy Place above the line.  The cross is where we leave the problems when we come to Him we should come in faith.  Faith is to see that which is not as if it is. In other words, I am to sit with Him and then together with Him I will imagine how this person walks up here with the Holy Spirit blowing over him and how his entire attitude changes.  We will see how he loves the people around him. How he reacts towards them and me with kindness. We see the end result as to how we want this person to be.  A week later that very same person came to me and apologised for his behaviour. The same thing with the things we need.  We will see it up here with Jesus.  Personally I like to imagine a pond of water here. I have big trees and beautiful gardens with plants and flowers I have never seen before.  As a family we refer to this place as the ‘Garden’. Remember it is as big as you can imagine!  This is also the same place to which Jesus referred when he told the parables.  Each parable started with, “The Kingdom of God is as…” a sower who planted in the different soils. The good soil refers to this place above.  Whatever we sow in the good ground we will get a hundred fold in return on earth. This place is the vineyard he spoke of and can be compared to a mustard seed.  When Mary saw Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane after his resurrection she called him the gardener.  He is the Gardener of this Garden place, it is under the shadow of God’s wing.  It is called the Kingdom of God and has many other names.  All these names can be found in the fifth book, ‘A Room with a View’. What we can see up here in the Kingdom of God is what we will have down there on the earth.  As we think so will our lives be (Pro 23:7).  We should seek first the Kingdom of God and the rest shall be added.  Whatever this person in the painting see’s and speaks up here, flows into him like streams of living water, then flows out of his belly and fills the earth (bottom right corner) with God’s glory.

This knowledge of the line has changed my life!  I remember how I use to get up in the morning determined to be like Jesus and make a difference in the world.  Just to be overpowered by my own emotions and dark thoughts at the end of the day. I also had ‘blue Mondays’ just like anybody else and I made no difference at all. I use to feel defeated and lousy. How is it possible that I call myself a Christian but my life is no different from any other person’s life? The answer is: before I had no knowledge of the blood of Jesus and I didn’t know that the blood seals my mind so that the darkness from below cannot enter into my mind. Now I understand what the blood of Jesus does for me and I make sure that I die to self and my own pride on the cross, so that I can rise up in Christ and rule over the darkness below. The Holy Spirit will help me to divide between soul and spirit and continually call me back up and remind me to look to Jesus.

One of the biggest mistakes we made was to run past the cross straight to Jesus. The time we spent with Him was so wonderful that we couldn’t wait to get to the Garden. These experiences in the Garden just became hard work again. If we don’t die to self we won’t be able to adhere to the leading of the Spirit and our own will, will come in again.  The things we do now will be Ishmaels.  (Not God’s will but mine)

The cross is not a quick fix. It is a way of life – a new mind set.  If we don’t use the cross we will end up praying, imagining and doing all the things we do down there at the foot of the mountain.  Our prayers will be prayed in our own will. It won’t have power or authority.  Only a clean conscience can pray the prayer of faith.

Now Ron will explain the painting and also show you how this line runs all the way through the cave.

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