Book 4 – The Mystery of the Ages

Mystery of The Ages


The Mystery of the Ages is of course the spiritual realm. Christian churches still cannot answer the question: How is it possible that I am so holy in the morning and a demon in the afternoon? We have the best intentions, but somehow loose our cool during the day.  We get sick and I have known many Christians that suffer from epilepsy, bitterness, depression and die of cancer. We believe in God, but have few answers for the world, which makes fun of us.

What is it that makes us different from all other religions? 

 And where is heaven anyway?

These are the some of the questions this book will answer for you.

Personally, I had been taught that heaven is on another planet, and that I would go there if I’m good.  Just hold on my brother and sister, one day we will be in glory land.

The only reason why I stuck out as a Christian is because when I was about five years old my mother read me Bible stories,  she said that if I wanted to, I could go on my knees and give my life to Jesus.  To me it seemed that Jesus was the greatest hero of all time and gave my life willingly to the Lord.  Immediately I saw this High place, it was golden and full of love.  Jesus was there and it was a place where you did not worry, and could have anything. As a child I could not stop talking about this wonderful place, thinking that all people knew about it. 

My mother cornered me one day and asked me about this place, I kept talking about.  I explained to her that it is in my mind.  She said that I should never again do this, for meditation is eastern, and of the devil. 

I asked her why she went to church, at which she answered: they told me, I won’t go to heaven if they do not bury me. When I went to church the first time the preacher looked like batman and didn’t look like Jesus at all, and I was uncomfortable in that church.  Looking back now, I should have tried another, for some preachers and their wives are like angels in this world. My father hated the church and called them swindlers, he invented his own religion and called it; ‘be good, do good’.

He encouraged me to clean the chicken run on Sundays, so I never attended church but still picked up religious concepts and traditions at school and so on.

I went through life searching for people who could tell me about this place I had seen as a child. I measured everybody on what I had seen in the High place. 

I joined the navy and met many people throughout the world and no one knew about that place.  Sometimes the elderly would understand, but could not explain how to get there, or how it works. I left the navy after six years and lived in the bush where I was completely dependent on God. If I died in the process, it would also have been acceptable, at least I tried to prove a point. My philosophy is; let God be God, and give God a chance.

It was better than living a day to day life, with manmade rules and laws, and preconceived ideas of who God was and how one should earn a living. Trouble was, I was generally sick of the social structure that had so little knowledge of how a person could survive and be happy without being dependant on the bank and a nine-to-five job, it is so unfulfilling. Does God really want us to be little puppets on somebody else’s string?

 I dreamed that one could be self sufficient, do everything myself, and be completely dependent on God as my source. I wanted to be the architect, builder, plumber, electrician and carpenter of my own house.  At the same time I would provide for my family with the work of my hands and in the process find out who God was.

 I dreamed that my children would look at our life and say; “this is the real deal”.  I wanted to live without pretence and give God a chance to be God. I believed if I could achieve this it would help the many people we met who had no answer to life and its many facets.

 Later I met Pentecostals and Charismatic’. They taught me about the devil, and they would fight the devil and drive him out, but he would always come back.

If there is a devil, I wanted to know; where is he? I was taught that he could be anywhere, live in a door handle, or cause the car to break down. I was taught everything bad was the devils fault; but is it?

So I would spend days and nights fighting the devil, but this also did not help me in my quest to care for my family and help others.

One night I challenged the devil to kill me if he had so much power.  But he couldn’t do that either.  At least this proved he has no power, at least not to kill me.  All that was left, was to find out how do so many bad things happen to me if the devil was powerless.

I tried to avoid all nonsensical teachings and live my life without religions and traditions with foregone conclusions, telling me what God says.  I said: “If God is God and if He is real, let Him talk to me, and teach me His rules”.

And this is what made me decide that if I was going to devote my life to finding out life’s secrets, I needed to get to know God personally if I was going to hear from Him. I was willing to work hard and enjoyed building a house and watching God supply the building material.  When I started to sculpt, I was being led by an inner knowing.  It said: “If you are going to sculpt, then learn human anatomy”.  I did as I was told.  Strangely the right books would always be there at the right time.

I noticed that when I was willing to start a project, He would supply. When I started painting, I had to learn to put paint on the canvas, and leave it before my bed before I went to sleep. When I woke up, I would see figures and so on in the colours, and these are the things I painted. Only trouble was I started painting things I did not understand, I was doing things I had no scriptural knowledge of at that stage, and would years later realize that I was painting the Garden.

Later when I started feeling lonely I asked God to give me a wife. Firstly, I have never seen a happy marriage up until that stage, and secondly, I knew that no person could make that choice. Where would I find somebody mad enough to marry me in any case? I thought of myself as a social misfit, but convinced myself I was unconventional. But this story was told in my book ‘The Line’. 

We could sense that we were being led, and together Yvonne and I went from strength to strength. Somehow however, I started working so hard physically, sculpting hard wood and building new houses and businesses, supplying for my family and listening to the problems of by passers, that I could no longer hear God, because of continued hard slog.  When finally I had finished what I thought I should do for Jesus, I was tired and dying.  I asked my wife, Yvonne, to agree with me that I should ask the Lord to take me home to Heaven. For I had done more in that 30 years, than 10  people would have in a life time. The Lord in His gentle way started teaching me that I could partake of Heaven right now. 

At this stage we had finished building our home and business on our present property, here at the Shoe, and had finished the Cave. The Cave was helping people, and I thought I had done what I was supposed to do with my life.

Yvonne and the children could live here and carry on, being a friend to the lonely confused and depressed.

 But I was tired and could not hear God anymore, and so I set out to find someone who could.

We drove all the way to Cape Town, a thousand eight hundred kilometres away, where an elderly lady folded her hands in her lap and asked the Lord why he wasn’t talking to me anymore. Eventually she looked up and said the Lord says: “Tell him I am not talking to him”.  The lady said; “I have never heard of such a thing.” And so we drove all the way back home. On the way back she phoned and gave me Job 11:16, which basically say: When morning sun comes, trouble will go away.  We were very confused.

I went home and built a room where I could be alone and wait for God. Two weeks later He came into that little room with a vengeance, claiming back my mind which I had given over to hard work.

He said:  “I died on the cross so I could always be with you!”  He had me in tears for weeks.

Since that day, I have given the first three to four hours of every day to Him, and this is how I got the knowledge I have been able to share with you in the previous books, and now finally in this book the Mystery of the Ages.

The ‘morning sun’ referred to in Job is one of the names for the Kingdom of God. (According to Strongs Greek and Hebrew dictionary) The other names are ‘happiness and lightning’.

The first time this is mentioned in the Bible is when God said: “let there be light” (illumination) Genesis 1:3.

 This book will give you insight into:

  • What happened at the crucifixion in the spiritual world, and show why Jesus had to die.  No person could ever give me a satisfactory reason for the cross.
  • It will show you how deep we are.
  • Why do bad things still happen to me when Jesus is the Lord of my life?   
  • Where is heaven, and what does it look like? 
  • Where is hell?
  • What is epilepsy?
  • Can the power of heaven work in my life now?

You will find all these answers written between the lines, and the Spirit who lives in you, will explain all as you read prayerfully. I promise you, many myths will be laid to rest.



his book is a result of spending a month with the Lord. I could see perfectly in the spirit how my friends and family were but did not receive any revelation knowledge during that time.  This book helped me personally as I always wanted to know what happened in the spiritual realm during the crucifixion.  If you feel the passion movie did not do it for you; this book will complete the picture.

It is written as if for a movie script for I was only writing down the things I saw in the spirit.  I thought it was something like ‘The Lord of the Rings’, only problem was that no one could understand the book and that is why we ended up writing the first three books to explain this book.  Also the painting you are about to see was given to me, because of the book and will help explain the book.  

We have no problem with having demons outside us, but what happens if you look at your inside, and find you know this place all too well?

This is the mind of an unsaved person…


Man still wants to build towers and make a name for himself.  It’s for self! (Pride) (Figure A1)

Is 30:25:  “And there shall be upon every high mountain, and upon every high hill, rivers and streams of waters in the day of the great slaughter, when the towers fall.”

This word ‘tower’ is translated by Strong’s dictionary as: pulpit, castle or flowers.

Remember Jesus comes to look at your flowers at night.  

The J.F.B commentary says: (Is 30:16) “towers,” that is, mighty men (Is 2:15). Or else, the towers of the Assyrian Sennacherib, or of Babylon, types of all enemies of God’s people.

When we do not have Jesus we are self centred.  We dream our own selfish dreams and set our own goals.  This is the mind of an unsaved person.  You can see this person is dreaming a personal dream, or have set a goal for himself.  He can of course achieve his dreams although it takes a lot of discipline to keep your eyes on the goal.  Such a self centred person will force his will on everybody and will have difficulty keeping relationships.  Divorce will come or his family will fall on the way.

His dream is continually under attack from self.  These people are so absorbed with themselves that they say they don’t need a God.  Therefore give no honour to the Creator deep inside them.  There is a cry and a longing for light in the dark hours. 


The tower is under attack, this person might be attaining his goal but he is under attack.  It might be self-doubt; it could be jealousy from another person.  It is becoming more difficult to stay focused. (Figure A2)

These people are willing to live according to the world system and don’t ask questions.  They see the material things and work for nice things all their lives. They measure everything materially.  It is your house or your car and that must make you happy.  They are in dept all their lives and don’t mind it, because it’s the world system.  They live for adoration and applause because of their own achievements.

Satan is the prince of the world system.  The cross is the end of this world system

– If you choose.

We used to walk in the world according to the power of the AIR.  This word, ‘air’s meaning is also ‘breath’ or ‘Spirit’.  Is 30:28 says: “It is my breath; it is for the sifting of the nations”.

This word ‘breath’ or ‘Spirit’ is not only good.  It can also mean ‘anger’.  The breath of God can mean both good and bad things.  God created the earth and all in it.  Things don’t evolve. 

The Psalm writer says we live only a while and then die.  What’s the point of life if I can’t live for a reason?  Life is not about self; we have a deep longing inside to worship this Creator and live for Him and bring glory to His name.  Most people want peace or peace of mind as they call it. The mind has all the power.  For normal everyday people, fluttering around with different whims, fashions and self-indulgence will not get to use a fraction of the mind’s power that is available to all.  Some go to extraordinary lengths to get it.  They go and live in convents, where no rage or anger can affect them.  But no matter how far we hide we are still stuck with ourselves.  How can I get away from my own thoughts?

How can I be so holy in the morning and a devil by lunch time?  Why can’t I keep my mind?  Sometimes it feels as if there’s a fire inside me, and my head hurts.  Mostly I can’t decide which way to go.  This is the mind of an unsaved person.

And we are calling ourselves ‘the saved’, are we much better off? During times when I show these paintings in a seminar I see the dread on the faces of the people when I pull this one out, they take a deep breath and hold themselves because we all know what goes on in our minds at times. 

Many people ask me:  “Why does God allow bad things to happen?”  This is the question that is being answered in this book.  For now remember God made good and bad, the Kingdom of Light and Darkness, and we have a choice.

The Mountain on the left

Do you remember the Hebrews 12:22 mountain, (the place where we meet every morning together as the city on a hill, described in the third book, The Garden)

This Mountain of this unsaved person is off to the East where the cherub is still closing the Garden until this day. There is no water on his mountain, no revelation of the Word. (Figure A3)


Morning sun, happiness or lightning is flashing in the east.  The knowledge of the gospel of the Kingdom of God is flashing in. Light is coming into the darkness.


The valley is lurking despair and the bones of dreams that never came true.  It looks like hell.  Perhaps it is. (Figure A4)

The corpses of unfulfilled dreams are falling out of the heaven of the mind and landing in rotting piles, where various demons crawl out of their lairs to feed on the unfulfilled dreams and excreting into the valley floor adding to the rotting mess. 

The demons are hysterical because of the lightning flashes and immediately rally together to block the light out.

The temple

The temple is in the chest of this person. This is where the demons congregate every evening for the gushing. The gushing is a result of who won in the valley today. Was it fear, pride or perhaps bitterness?

Some people have conversations with their demons.  And we discuss them among ourselves.  We are born jealous and we know every demon personally.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a cool mind all day long?

(Figure A5)

Some people worship gods.  There are so many of them.  They are all different mythologies and all figments of our imaginations.  If this person worships Buddha for instance, he will have to calm his demons by acknowledging that they exist and pay homage to them.  They burn a candle tonight and all is calm.  But tomorrow morning they are alive and well!  They are placing this god in their centre (the centre of their minds) and believe for healing or wealth.  Remember other religions do get miracles.  All people have power in their minds. 

Whatever we set our minds on we can have.  It’s a matter of discipline.  There is however no salvation.  Only Jesus can take you High and teach you to be cool.

When we are trying to get things by some other way we are placing a foreign god in our centre.

When our minds are set only for materialism we are worshipping money – the root of all evil is money.

If I want to keep my mind, I need salvation to be saved from my enemies.  (Luke 1:71)

No person on earth can keep their mind on their own, for we naturally have Babylon-minds.

Many people have asked me why they cry when they think of Jesus.  It’s because you have given your life to Him but are not living for Him.  You are crying below the line and he is crying above. There is a place in the Garden where I have seen Him many times standing on a rock with a sea of people below. He stands there waiting for an arm to be stretched out and will pull you up high immediately.

One morning coming into the Garden I saw the Lord standing on this rock looking down and it seemed he hadn’t noticed me at all. Then I noticed this sea of people who had these books in their hands and they were coming to Jesus, to the rock, washing up against Him in waves.  It was great to see and there was a lot of joy everywhere, just as the Lord had promised me this a long-long time ago. But even He seemed amazed at the amount of people who were coming. 

Tribulation in the Old Testament means; narrow, tight or sorrow, which sounds like the dark (wicket, sorrow) that was separated from the light in Gen 1:4. This painting certainly looks like this Tribulation.

Jesus said to the Pharisees; I am from above and ye are from beneath. Your father is the devil.  He (Jesus) is the light of the world.  They (Pharisees) were of course dark.

The mercy seat was above the ark. God met with his people on the mercy seat with people who could look up.  Remember the snakes in the wilderness, and the snake on the pole which they had to look up to.  If you can’t trust God at least look up.

In Jacob’s dream with the ladder, the Lord stood above. Showing him there is a High place in his mind where he can dream where God would give him the desire of his heart, if Jacob would trust God.

 If you have read the three previous books you are now fully prepared, and equipped to read and understand; The Mystery of the Ages.

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