April 2021 – Agreement


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When doing a building job or new project on our property, I have to know if the Lord is in it. Secondly, I need agreement from my family. Many years ago we learned the power of agreement because of Mathew 18:19.

 Mat 18:19  “Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.”

We took this scripture to heart and wrote a physical contract of agreement. At the top, we write Mat 18:19 and then begin to write down the things we need to accomplish the task. Our first contract had basic things like our own property. A truck to transport wood out of the mountain, Yvonne needed curtains and the children had some needs. Michell was unhappy because they did not choose her for athletics and wanted to run and win the 80 and 60 meters. I remember it was a long list that we as a family agreed on as we had communion together and anointed each other with oil. Each of us gets a copy to take to our quiet time after everybody had signed it. It is a document of agreement. Do not come and tell me it is not going to happen this time! I will hold that document before you and show you where you agreed with everyone.

The Lord gave us those things from the top to the bottom of the list exactly in that order. Michell was chosen for the team and went on to become the captain of the team. The same girl they said could not run.

The reason why it works; is because we fill our minds with it. If I wake you up in the middle of the night you must tell me what you are believing for.

 The word is sown in the heart and we guard our hearts so that it is never stolen from us.  If you really want something it takes this kind of commitment. I have already built buildings without any money or material. If my family agrees I will dig the foundations by myself and begin to bring rock out of the mountain and begin to build as if I had cement. One morning someone brought me a pocket of cement and the next day a laborer arrived and did not want money, I must teach him to build. I have trained many people to build this way, teaching practical skills that anybody can do. As we worked the man wanted money to go to the witch doctor because his walls keep falling over. I teach him that he is not cursed it is because he does not understand that rocks are not held together by cement but by making sure each rock stands firmly on the next by itself.

In this way, the man is set free from thinking his ancestors are against him to realise that we can do all things by hard work and logical thinking. These people go on to change the lives of many others.

 I have built our first house this way and have never stopped building and it becomes a monument of faith.

Many times God is waiting for us to do something and as our faith works all of heaven gets involved to make a testimony to glorify God.

Everything we own is from God, for God, but we had to do the work ourselves. We are also responsible for keeping everything in working order for God, He is not going to do it, we have to.


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